Running Linux on the Wii?

Persistent but clever hackers have finally discovered how to circumvent the Nintendo Wii's encryption safeguards, opening up the possibility of running 100% homebrew software on the little console.

World of Warcraft gamers plan virtual Ron Paul march

Sporting champs receive Wii consoles

Parents buy Playstation 3, end up with phone book

The Burns family has learned a valuable lesson about buying a video game system from the EB Games in Thousand Oaks - make sure the box actually includes the system instead of a local phone book.

Video MP3 player loaded with porn given to 10-yr old girl

Grinch puts phone book in teenager’s PS3 box

Wii's "Nights" fails to meet the hype

Game Review - For years, the creator of the original Nights Into Dreams game said he did not want to make a sequel because he feared it wouldn't live up to the game's grandeur, and now it appears his fears have come true. See screenshots of Nights: Journey of Dreams

84-year-old woman wins Wii bowling tournament

Nancy Davies, an 84-year-old woman living in a retirement community, defeated a real-life bowling champion in a Wii Sports tournament in the nation's capital.

Consumers beginning to drive the HD market

Van Nuys (CA) – Blu-ray is gaining traction in the adult film industry: The format is still too expensive for the industry to be generally adopted, the director of “Pirates” told, but consumer demand and brisk PS3 sales are beginning to break down the production barriers created by the Blu-ray camp.

Porn industry snuggling up to Blu-ray

A major porn movie studio today announced that it will be releasing its first Blu-ray title on January 4. “Pirates”, says director by company founder Joone, will be the largest epic in the history of adult films.

DivX, Blu-ray 1.1 capability added to Playstation 3

Sony has released the firmware v2.10a update for the Playstation 3, which improves the video feature set of the game console. The PSP also received an update and can now stream Internet radio content.

Orange Box finally opens up on Playstation 3

The epic collection of games from Electronic Arts and developer Valve is now available for the PS3, after it was pushed back somewhat due to production delays.

Harry Potter Blu-ray set accidentally includes HD DVD

Harry Potter fans may want to think twice about buying the special edition five-disc set of theatrical movies that came out this week, as numerous sets include an HD DVD in lieu of a Blu-ray Disc for the fourth film.

Sony hardware sales jump in November but lag behind competitors

Playstation 3 sales nearly quadrupled last month compared to October, with PSP and PS2 seeing similar jumps, but all three remained at the bottom of the list compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.

Blu-ray "300" takes top title at high-def disc awards

Blu-ray Disc movies took four of the seven competitive categories presented at the High-Def Disc Awards, including the "high-def title of the year".

Harmonix says Activision is blocking Rock Band patch

Harmonix created a patch that would allow Rock Band players to use the Guitar Hero III controller in the game, but says Activision has voiced objections that prevent the patch from being released.

Study says 63% of Americans are video gamers

An expansion into the casual video game market has helped to expand gaming to 63% of the US population, according to NPD.

Former PS3 exclusive Gripshift comes to Xbox Live Arcade

Part of this week's Xbox Live Arcade update may look familiar to Playstation 3 owners, as the arcade racing title Gripshift becomes one of the first cross-platform digital download games.

Annual Nintendo DS sales top six million in America

Nintendo says this year's Thanksgiving weekend set a new sales record for the DS, pushing the portable system's total sales to over six million in North America this year alone.

Wii Virtual Console unwraps "gifting" feature

Nintendo has launched a new service that allows users to buy a Virtual Console game and send it to another user's Wii console wirelessly.