Independent developer XGen announces WiiWare plans

XGen Studios is one of the first to confirm it will create original game titles for Nintendo's digital download platform on the Wii.

Stranglehold video game advertisement banned

A watchdog group in the UK has prevented a violent ad from being shown on TV because it was "likely to be seen as encouraging and condoning violence."

EA's Spore will ship side-by-side on PC and Mac

Spore, the "universe in a box" game from The Sims creator Will Wright, has been confirmed for the Mac at this week's Macworld Expo.

Digital Playground drops HD DVD

HD DVD is losing support left and right, this time from the adult film studio Digital Playground.

Wii's Super Smash Bros Brawl delayed until March

Yes, it's true - Wii owners eagerly awaiting the video game mascot free-for-all will have to change the mark on their calendars from February 10 to one month later.

PC games playable on Playstation 3

Users with Linux installed on their PS3 can now stream any game from their PC to the gaming system.

Netflix launches all-you-can-eat movie streaming

Watching movies on your computer screen isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy watching films on your desk, then this may be the best offer yet: Unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes that is included with certain subscription plans.

Wii Fit hits one million sales in Japan

Nintendo's unique workout software for the Wii is already a smashing success in Japan, reaching a million unit sales since its launch last month.

Sony drops DRM on Amazon MP3

Sony BMG will be joining Amazon MP3 as the last of the four major music labels to offer music download without copy protection.

Sony cancels 20 GB and 60 GB PS3s in Japan

Playstation 3 firmware update to bring in-game "cross media bar"

Users will soon be able to access PS3 console settings, send instant messages, and scroll through other system options while in the middle of a game.

New Line crosses the line to Blu-ray exclusivity

New Line Cinema, a sister company of Warner Bros, has confirmed that it will follow the move to go exclusively to Blu-ray Disc.

Wii, MTV, Second Life among winners of 2008 tech & engineering Emmy awards

The 59th annual technology & engineering Emmy awards ceremony was held last night in the midst of all the CES madness, and we have details from some of the big winners.

CES: Blu-ray movies to be playable on PSP by year's end

Las Vegas (NV) - Despite a nearly unprecedented level of anticipation, there really wasn't much to take away from today's Blu-ray press conference at CES, but a couple of the interactivity features seem promising.The press conference actually started out in mild chaos, after countless people who pre-registered to guarantee a spot were not on the list.  Turnout ended up being quite manageable, though, so I'm pretty sure everyone was able to get in.

Skype comes to PSP

PSP owners will finally make good use out of the system's voice-over IP functionality, with the official addition of a custom version of the online calling service Skype.

Sony does not even say the words "Playstation 3" at CES press conference

Sony talked a lot about its less highlighted divisions at today's press event, but said absolutely nothing about the PS3 and only mentioned the PSP in passing.

Dragon's Lair to make a comeback on PSP

Largely unknown developer United Coders has announced it will begin work on a PSP remake of the arcade classic Dragon's Lair, set to come out late this year.

Xbox Live users to get free XBL Arcade game

Following sluggish connection times and a slew of log-in errors over the holidays, Microsoft announced this week it will offer free downloadable games to Xbox 360 users.

Pepsi sponsors "eat healthy" game in Mexico

The obesity crisis in Mexico is dangerously close to where it is in the US, and a new idea has popped up with two major ironic players - a junk food company and video games.

Nintendo DS game downloads to be powered by Wii

In the future, users will be able to download entire Nintendo DS games by accessing them on the Wii and then connecting wirelessly with the handheld device, according to Nintendo of America's president.