THQ cancels Conrete Games studio, cancels title

British High Court prevents Manhunt 2 from UK release

The British High Court has ruled against the Video Appeals Committee's decision of releasing Manhunt 2, yet again preventing the game from hitting UK store shelves.

Sony partners with MTV to bring out fresh UMD content

In one of the most unexpected PSP announcements to date, Sony has created a partnership with MTV to create new UMD video discs, a format that has been considered dead for well over a year.

Wii injuries make headlines

A rash of injuries from the Nintendo Wii have been recently reported, citing osteopathic doctors who claim that middle-aged parents are at the highest risk.

HP, Sony in DVD deal

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has licensed “select” catalog titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) for production and distribution via HP’s “DVD manufactured-on-demand” service.

Update: Grand Theft Auto IV gets release date

Rockstar Games, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series, the latest installment in the violent street life simulation franchise has just been confirmed for release on April 29.

Warner extends HD DVD support

Warner Home Video announced this week that it will continue to release titles on HD DVD for three weeks longer than it originally anticipated.

Hot Shots Golf 5 gets release date, new name for US

The latest installment in Sony's highly popular golf game franchise, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, has finally been confirmed for the North American market.

World of Warcraft hits 10 million users

Over 10 million active subscribers are now part of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

EA launches free games initiative with Battlefield Heroes

Electronic Arts and developer DICE have announced Battlefield Heroes, a free PC game that is paid for by in-game advertisements and monetary transactions that take place inside it.

Silent Hill PSP game headed to PS2

Konami announced today that it is working on porting the PSP title Silent Hill Origins to the PS2, in the first handheld-to-console transition of its kind.

Guitar Hero becomes a billion-dollar franchise

Activision has announced that its Guitar Hero series of games has reached total sales of over $1 billion, claiming it has reached that milestone more quickly than any other game franchise.

White Playstation 3 coming to the US

The first new colored version of the PS3 is headed to North America, according to a filing with the FCC.

HBO to make Internet debut

Sony gives a closer look at PS3 DVR functionality

London (England) - Sony has released more details on PlayTV, the service that allows users to turn their Playstation 3 into a digital video recorder and TV tuner. There is a new trailer for PlayTV that details how to connect the service to the console.  Users will need a special PlayTV set-top box, which receives the TV signal.  The box connects to the PS3 via USB.  It uses the PS3's hard drive, so users can have dozens of gigabytes worth of recorded videos.

Wii, DS finish 2007 on top

Once again, the Nintendo DS and Wii were the two top selling video game platforms in December 2007, earning combined unit sales of over 3.75 million.

Blu-ray outpaces HD DVD by more than 6-to-1 last week

Last week, Blu-ray had its best week ever with 85% of the high-def disc market share, according to trade publication Home Media Magazine.

Rock Band reaches 2.5 million song downloads

In just a couple months, users have downloaded over two million additional songs for the rhythm game sensation Rock Band, surpassing MTV's own expectations.

Bioshock nominated for 12 video game awards

Bioshock has received 12 nominations for next month's gaming awards at the DICE Summit, a new record, including game of the year.

BBC says it will still support both high-def formats

In a time where every HD DVD supporter seems to be expected to comment on recent events, BBC Home Video has said it will continue to release titles on both formats.