Sony, Amazon kick off VOD service to Sony TVs

Sony and Amazon, which a few months back announced plans to carry Amazon's Video on Demand service on Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video Link module, said today this service is now live. It promises to bring "immediate access to premium, commercial-free movies and television shows purchased or rented by users."

Get Ready For F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

We first took a very brief look at the chilling video game F.E.A.R. For the Xbox 360 back at E3 in 2006. The popular title's sequel, now in development, has just spawned a name from developer Monolith Productions – it will be called F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

Tom Cruise says his web site now iPhone friendly – huh?

Normally we'd ignore something like this but it feels too strange to pass up on a brief mention of. Tom Cruise, that Scientology loving actor who, despite some weirdness, is still a pretty major Hollywood presence, has announced his official Web site is going iPhone friendly.

Microsoft Christmas games: Xbox 360 for $199

Following a previously announced price cut for the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft today said that it will reduce the price of the console for U.S. customers as well. For the very first time, you will be able to buy an Xbox 360 for less money than a Nintendo Wii and for half the price of a PS3.

Nokia launches digital music service

Xbox 360 gets drastic price cut in Japan

Refreshed PSP to launch in Japan for $180

Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) will see its first major feature update next month: Scheduled for an October 16 launch in Japan, the new PSP-3000 is positioned to challenge Nintendo’s DS console, which currently outsells the PSP by almost 3:1 and has a substantial lead in total units sold.

Babes of NVISION gallery

Ok so NVISION was mostly about computers and games, but as is common to most trade shows companies bring out their best booth babes to lure in the crowd.  Following in the great TG Daily tradition of providing great booth babe coverage, here’s our gallery of the finest girls at NVISION.  We’ve also included a few shots of Tricia Helfer, star of Battlestar Galactica, when she appeared at Jen-Hsun Huang’s keynote.

Behold the five radiators, six graphics cards and 50+ fans “DayWalker” system

While many of the case mods we saw at the NVISION conference and LAN party were extraordinary, the “DayWalker” Blade-themed case - or more accurately towering, human-sized, case – impressed us the most.  Created by Richard “DarthBeavis” Surroz, a computer maniac and noted case modder, the DayWalker contains several radiators, dozens of fans and six graphics cards.

NVISION LAN party sets world record

Hundreds of very tired attendees at the GeForce LAN party pumped their fists and gave a weary cheer when they broke a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous LAN party.  The event was part of the NVISION conference hosted by NVIDIA and had hundreds of people playing video games for 36 straight hours.  For their efforts, the “winners” – if you can call them that – received “gold medals”, had their LAN party entrance fees refunded and their pictures taken for posterity.

TiVo, EW hop into content bed

Nvidia to become a software publisher and a digital distribution giant?

Sony enhances the screen of the PSP, adds microphone

Cases from hell at the NVISION GeForce LAN party

Regular folks are just happy to own a working computer, but the attendees at the NVISION GeForce LAN party aren’t regular folks.  From glowing LEDs, water cooling blocks to a Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun case, these guys and gals love showing off their computers while they blast each other in the latest first person shooter games.  Several hundred attendees are also trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people at a lan party in a 36 hour period.  However it really doesn’t look good so far as many of the seats in the world record section are empty.

Palit shows off upcoming video cards and artillery at NVISION

Palit is showing off some serious graphic firepower at the Nvidia NVISION conference and LAN party over the next couple days.  An upcoming Nvidia GTX 280 card will feature an integrated water block so you don’t have to mess with those pesky cooling kits.  Another card, that’s available now, is a 9800 GTX+ with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM.  While the cards are certainly cool, Palit had some other toys that attracted much more attention.

10 ways to modify your Xbox 360

Feature - As a self-proclaimed tech-nerd I do not believe I own one piece of technology that I haven't taken apart, modified or hacked into. The Internet is booming with hacks, cracks, and mods, I try as many as possible on my gadgets. Here are my top 10 recommendations for the Xbox 360.

Mario goes Baseball for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is bringing its popular franchise character Mario and company to baseball for the Wii with the launch of the new interactive title Mario Super Sluggers. It will cost you around $50 when it hits retail shortly.

Load faster, kill faster, win more – Intel touts SSDs for extreme gaming

A solid state drive, more specifically an Intel SSD, could mean the difference between killing your virtual opponent and taking a dirt nap on the electronic battlefield.  At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel engineers touted the speed of their upcoming flash drives saying that they can keep up with the bandwidth demands of modern CPUs.  They also boldly claimed that competitive gamers could get in the first kills while their spinning platter hard drive using opponents were still on the loading screen.

Logitech premieres force feedback wheel for Wii

Wii owners holding out for a dedicated force feedback racing wheel will be happy to note that Logitech is debuting one this November here and in Europe. It is called the Logitech Speed Force Wireless and will cost about $100.

Takei, Curry, McCarthy, others starring in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3