NeuroSky and Square Enix demonstrate brainwaved-controlled video game

NeuroSky, a developer of wearable bio-sensors, is showing off a brainwave-controlled video game as a concept being jointly developed with Square Enix. It is being displayed at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 in Makuhari, Japan, on October 9 and 10.

New NBA season, new NBA games

With the new National Basketball Association (NBA) upon us it also means it is time for another round of NBA basketball games to light up our video game consoles.

Lightsabers: Now a Nintendo Wii Accessory

Video game accessories manufacturer dreamGear has unveiled a new lightsaber accessory for Star Wars fans who own a Nintendo Wii. It is called Dual Glow Sabers and you'll find it pricing around around $25 for a pair.

Sony’s expands 66-cent-per-song music attack at Apple

Music industry giants show more and more effort in supporting digital music download services that compete with Apple’s iTunes. Universal Music Group this morning announced that it will be supplying its music catalog to, which plans to be offering over-the-air DRM-free MP3 tracks. The cost per song is well below iTunes pricing: A 15 song package is sold for $10.

Sony to transition to 9 megapixel movies, eyes 3D cinema

1080p is yesterday: Sony gets more aggressive in promoting next-generation movie theater technologies, including 4K resolution movies as well as a new 3D adaptor for its high-end 4K projectors, which should provide crystal clear 3D movie experiences.

Sony announces pricey e-book reader

There has been lots of activity in the ebook reader segment lately. Following Amazon’s Kindle, we recently saw the Plastic Logic’s stunning device and it appears that Sony will also try to take another shot at this market. The company will soon be selling an updated version of its Reader Digital Book, which now includes a touchscreen.  

Apple updates iTunes, Apple TV, MobileMe

Apple today updated MobileMe, the iTunes jukebox software and the Apple TV firmware. The updates fix several annoying bugs and bring new features like Genius and On-The-Go playlists for Apple TV, in addition to a new standby mode, performance and reliability improvements in iTunes 8 and support for syncing more than 2000 contacts in MobileMe.

Is Facebook really a place to watch TV?

Opinion - On Wednesday, Slide, the Widget start-up primarily responsible for delivering individuals photo slideshows and videos announced that it would be hosting video from CBS, Warner Brothers, and Hulu on Facebook. This is the beginning of a new Facebook application that is being worked on in partnership with FunSpace Channels that will open today. Facebook and TV? Does that go together?

Nintendo rolls out much more versatile Nintendo DSi

Game consoles are not just for gaming anymore. If we look at devices such as the iPhone, which also wants a share of the gigantic mobile gaming market, it is clear that mobile devices will have to become universal entertainment devices with much more functionality of current devices: Nintendo made a huge step into that direction with the unveiling of the new DSi today. The new console merges gaming with some practical applications (web browsing, shopping) and entertainment (camera and image editing). Extra: SLIDESHOW

Nintendo preps a new sub-$189 DS

Following on the heels of Sony’s recently announced update for the Playstation Portable, Nintendo said it will be refreshing its DS mobile gaming console. The pimped DS is scheduled to be introduced this Thursday in Japan and wills port a camera, a music player capabilities and enhanced wireless connectivity.

Start backing up your music: Wal-Mart shuts down DRM servers

Wal-Mart informed its customers that it will be shutting down its DRM servers on October, which should be perceived as good news by customers. But some users may be left with somewhat useless music files that were purchased before February of this year: DRM-packed songs that will not be backed up until October 9 cannot be transferred to another PC thereafter and cannot be recovered in the case of a system crash of a new installation of the PC.

SonyEricsson to fire up unlimited music downloads

SonyEricsson is getting into the unlimited music downloads arena with the pending launch of its new PlayNow plus service. You'll have to wait for it though in most markets, as it will initially be kicking off only in Sweden with mobile operator Telenor by the end of the year.

SlotMusic: Can microSD cards replace audio CDs?

There is little doubt that music downloads will take over most of the audio CD sales volume sooner or later. The music industry seems to have accepted that trend and while it may give up on the audio CD, it isn’t ready to give up on physical media sales yet. Four major publishers announced a new media format that will be compatible with PCs, cellphones and other portable devices: Flash memory cards will soon be sold with preloaded, DRM free music.

Next Crysis franchise title about to retail

Electronic Arts and Crytek are set to deliver the next Crysis game to PC owners September 18. The new title is Crysis Warhead and will be available for around $30 in North America and Europe. Crysis Warhead, according to EA, occurs alongside the events of last year's franchise title.

WoW to unleash Lich King on November 13

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is a highly anticipated expansion pack for the most popular MMORPG of all time. The big question on gamers' minds has been: when will it come out? Blizzard Entertainment finally answered that question, saying today the pack will be available November 13 in North America and other global markets, followed by more world releases in the days immediately following.

Warhammer finally has its Age of Reckoning on September 18

Mythic Entertainment, a division of Electronics Arts acquired back in 2006, continued to say today all is set to roll with the upcoming MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. This title is now shipping to retail and will see a September 18 kickoff.

Mac sales may hit record highs despite decline in consumer spending

Rising energy and food prices may finally show their ugly face in the retail space, as consumers are adjusting their spending, ChangeWave suggests. It’s once again the time for discount retailers, which will grab market share from established chains, the market research firm said. Consumer electronics spending will be weak over the next 90 days, according to the forecast, but it seems that Apple might see little impact – and some of its products may actually see record sales. 

EA withdraws Take-Two bid, stock tanks

Electronic Arts has dropped its hostile takeover bid of Take-Two Interactive.  The two companies have been going back and forth on bids for nearly seven months with Take-Two saying that it was being undervalued by EA.  As you can expect, Take-Two’s stock price has dropped nearly five dollars and is currently trading at just under $17 a share.

A new try of buy once, play anywhere – without Apple

The effort of making legal digital media available to consumers in convenient ways across many devices has been an industry disaster defined by piracy paranoia, lawsuits, exaggerated copy protection policies, locked down technology platforms and corporate interests that mostly ignored consumer interests. Now there is a new industry organization that aims to come up with industry standards to enable consumers to acquire and play content across a wide range of services and devices. 16 key players from Hollywood and Silicon Valley are part of this initiative. Notably absent is Apple, which obviously has not much interest in creating an open media download spec.

UC Irvine given $100,000 to study WoW players

The National Science Foundation has given $100,000 to the University of California at Irvine for a study on World of Warcraft players.  Bonnie Nardi, a UCI informatics professor, will examine the differences in play habits and culture between WoW players in the United States and China.  She already has some interesting observations.