DICE preps more Battlefield gaming fun

The gaming developers behind the popular title Battlefield: Bad Company are getting set to bring a few more Battlefield titles to market in coming months. DICE, an EA studio, has plans for a sequel as well as a new online multi-player title.

Netflix on Xbox 360 races to quick success

I have to admit, I had my doubts about Microsoft’s strategy to turn the Xbox 360 into a universal entertainment console. And when I heard that Netflix streaming would be limited to paying Xbox Live subscribers, I wasn’t quite sure whether the person who sabotaged Microsoft’s Zune strategy with a brown color scheme was back and took a shot at the Xbox. Apparently, I was wrong: Netflix screaming on the Xbox 360 is already a big success.

Rockstar prepares open-world Western gaming title

Rockstar Games is getting set to bring to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game platforms a new open-world style Western game. The follow-on to Red Dead Revolver, the new game will be called Red Dead Redemption and will be available in the Fall. EXTRA: SLIDESHOW

Zune-MEAN's business: Cinemash gives digital cinema a new twist

Microsoft today announced it has partnered with the bi-monthly MEAN Magazine to produce an innovative concept which will exclusively be available to Zune subscribers, and then later for MSN and Xbox LIVE. Called Cinemash, the effort will take classic scenes from popular movies and allow actors to re-enact them - often in comedic fashion, and potentially with alternate actors in the roles.

iPhone users account for 14% of mobile gaming downloads

 The iPhone is slowly but surely gaining a presence as a gaming platform. Individuals who own iPhone accounted for 14 percent of all mobile game downloads in November, according to market research conducted by comScore.

Amazon enters downloadable PC game industry

 Online retailer Amazon.com has stepped into another online shopping segment - video game downloads. With the unveiling of its new downloadable PC game store today, more than 600 titles are immediately available.

Chuck goes 3D with orange/blue glasses

 Tonight, the Chuck episode entitled "Chuck versus the third dimension" debuted in 3D. Glasses of orange/blue were available (sponsored by Intel) from local retail food stores and other outlets free of charge. This episode follows the recent SuperBowl "The 3D HD SoBe Lizard Lake Game Day!" commercial in 3D. And, having not seen that commercial previously, I was a bit skeptical about just how 3D the 3D would be. To put it mildly, I was impressed.

YouTube's AdBlitz channel wants you to vote

 YouTube has created a post-SuperBowl AdBlitz 2009 channel wherein they're asking for users to vote on their favorite SuperBowl TV commercial. With all commercials shown, users can vote on their favorites - or just watch the commercials for entertainment.

Survey: 49% of football fans would visit in-laws for HDTV

 Yesterday, Samsung issued a press release citing a 1,011 respondent survey they commissioned from Kelton Research which states: "More than four in ten (43%) football fans would be more likely to visit their in-laws if they had an HDTV to watch the game. Among this group, men are more likely than women to visit the in-laws if there was an HDTV waiting for them (50% vs. 34%)"

Nintendo stuns everybody, cuts fiscal 2009 profit forecast 33%

 In what's being called a "baffling and potentially very worrying" sign, Nintendo has issued a profit warning for Q4'2009 (ending March 31, 2009) citing one million fewer Wii units will be sold than was previously forecast. On DS sales of 96.22 million units, Wii sales of 44.96 million units, the company predicts to end the fiscal year (on March 31, 2009) with net income of 230 billion yen ($25.6 billion), down from 345 billion yen ($38.3 billion) predicted, down 33.3%.

Study: Gaming equals poorer relationships with friends, family

 Researchers at Brigham Young University have conducted a study which finds a connection between young adults' use of video games and poorer relationships with friends and families along with a greater frequency of risky behaviors, such as drinking and drug abuse. The 813 college student study's co-author reportedly was rather disappointed at his own findings.

Zune in Crisis: Holiday sales down 54%

Zune, Microsoft's iPod rival, is not having its finest hour these days. Holiday sales nosedived by a whopping 54%, eating into profits from the entire Entertainment and Devices Division. Pre-holiday price cuts didn't help move Zunes off the shelves, and Apple's stellar iPod holiday sales helped cement Zune's destiny. If Microsoft doesn't come up with a better business plan - one that should call for a touch-based model that could actually be a rival to iPod touch, and an App Store-like model with third-party applications - then Zune could easily never recover from this disaster.

AMD announces software toolkit for social issue game development

{mosimage} Today, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveiled a new software toolkit entitled, Let the Games Begin: A Toolkit 4 Making Social Issue Games. The move is part of the AMD Foundation's AMD Changing the Game initiative, which includes examples from successful games to help would-be developers get started more quickly on key game-design concepts.

Sony improves PlayStation 3 media capabilities, gets DivX 3.11

 If you own a PlayStation 3, it is important to note that the firmware update is now live. Sony has released the update mainly for the improvement of the PlayStation 3's media capabilities. Among other things, it allows the user to wield a new set of tools for sorting through and displaying their personal collection of digital photos.

Sony exec claims Xbox lacks longevity, PS3 destined to finish first

 Sony's Computer Entertainment chairman, Kazuo Hirai, has expressed strong feelings and opinions regarding the gaming console industry. Hirai feels that the PlayStation 3 is well on its way to outselling and thriving better than the Xbox 360. He says Sony will "continue official leadership in this industry."

First the music business wanted to stop pirating, now it looks to replicate it

 For years the music industry has been making great strides and taking extreme measures to prevent pirates from illegally copying and downloading its content.

YouTube now accessible by television via Wii and PS3

 On Thursday, YouTube announced the launch of the YouTube for television portion of the website that has a new user interface designed for simplified viewing on television screens. The service will be enabled in beta by users with either Wiis or PS3s.

Blockbuster's streaming movie device - not all it's cracked up to be

 The concept of having one set-top box which is capable of delivering to your television set newly released video and film is very appealing. Companies such as Apple have shown that delivering a service of this caliber is almost impossible today, at least until better technology is developed. Even though this type of service might be a far cry from being fully developed, companies are still attempting it - and most recently Blockbuster.

Nintendo sold record breaking 10.2 million Wiis in US in 2008

 According to NPD Group's statistics, in 2008 Nintendo managed to sell 10.17 million Wii game consoles in the United States, breaking sales records. Nintendo's DS handheld game device also sold 9.95 million units last year, the success of which is largely attributed to the DSi's delay in this country.

Nintendo DSi coming to U.S. in April

 IGN has started a rumor that the successor to Nintendo's DS Lite, The DSi, will hit U.S. store shelves in April for $179.99. The devices have already sold more than one million units in Japan for the equivalent of $211.