Playstation Portable hits 50 million units

Sony said that it has sold 50 million units of its Playstation Portable (PSP) gaming console, which is about half the number of Nintendo DS handhelds sold to date.

US cable companies: Web TV coming to the cloud this summer

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Comcast and Timer Warner were negotiating with cable networks such as USA, MTV and TNT in an attempt to put broadcast shows from those channels online. The shows will not be delivered for free, but instead will give paid subscribers a new way to access streaming video content online from wherever they are, taking the television out of the living room and on the go.

UPDATED: Apple rejects South Park app for iPhone over "offensive" content

Chicago (IL) - Boing Boing reports that the developers behind a new South Park iPhone application submitted it for approval four months ago. And now the developers have received a note from Apple which confirms the application has been rejected, citing "potentially offensive" content. And the irony is, Apple's iTunes Store carries seasons 11 and 12 of the TV show South Park: Uncensored, though admittedly with a TV-MA warning. Apple's message is this:  Watching potentially offensive content is okay. Playing with it in an application is not.

At least 400 TV stations have gone digital

This morning at midnight, over 400 broadcasters nationwide have reportedly made the decision to permanently shut down their analog signals and began broadcasting in digital only.

U.S. to get Nintendo DSi on April 5

Nintendo today said that it will bring its updated handheld gaming system DSi to the United States on April 5 (see our previous coverage). The third generation of the DS will be available in blue and black and will sell for $170 -- a $40 premium over the current DS Lite model. The extra money will get gamers a larger screens (3.25" instead of 3") a slimmer form factor (18.9 mm, compared to the 21.9 mm of the DS Lite) as well as features such as an audio player and an SD card slot, which replaces the GBA slot of the DS. EXTRA: SLIDESHOW

Some North Carolina TV stations turn off analog signals

As February 17, 2009 has now passed, the question on everybody's mind is undoubtedly: What's happened with our analog TV signals? Well, if you live in North Carolina you may be finding out that they just don't work anymore. Digital is the way to go for at least ten local TV stations.

DivX announces Mobile Theater Certification Program for HQ video

Today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, and in a parallel event in San Diego, CA, DivX announced a new Mobile Theater Certification Program for their video codec to enable "A home theater-like experience at standard definition resolutions on a variety of mobile devices."

Casinos warned: An iPhone app created to count cards

Nevada gambling regulators have recently been issued warnings about an iPhone application used in California casinos that can counts cards. The app works on iPhone and iPod touch and helps users tip the odds in their favor by keeping track of which cards have been seen in blackjack with machine accuracy.

Midway games files for bankruptcy protection

The creator of such popular games as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Spy Hunter, Tron, NBA Jam and the infamous Mortal Kombat, as well as over one hundred additional titles, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the late 2008 sale of Sumner Redstone's controlling interest.

Nintendo races toward 50% share in game console shipments

Nintendo once more led game console shipment numbers, according to market research firm NPD. The company accounted for 57% of shipments in January and is quickly approaching a 50% share of current-gen game consoles shipped overall – despite a one year market advantage of the Xbox 360. Of 39.5 the million consoles sold to date, Nintendo shipped almost 18.4 million units, and its share grows every month.

Amazon yanks inappropriate sim game from online store

A game released in 2006 by Illusion studio, a game maker based on Japan, has now been pulled from Amazon's online game store. The game, entitled Rapelay, allows players to simulate the act of raping girls.

Marvel to debut motion comics on the iPhone

Apple's iTunes Store is becoming the general purpose online platform for delivering all kinds of digital content, including those which go well beyond music into movies, audio books and applications. And now, Apple will play host for publishing powerhouse Marvel Comics who will soon debut motion comics on iTunes.

Sega closing locations, canceling games, laying off employees

Yesterday, Sega's Japanese main branch said that the company will be closing 110 arcades, canceling some games currently in development and potentially lay off 18 percent of its staff. The game publisher said these cost cutting attempts are due to expected record losses of 25 billion yen ($238 million) during their fiscal year, which ends on March 31.

Microsoft offers limited free Xbox Live access

With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, individuals may find some extra incentive to buy. Today, Microsoft made the announcement that in an effort to aid the sale of the first two 360-exclusive expansions, it would allow individuals six days of free online mode place to game purchasers at no extra charge. Usually playing Xbox Live online is limited only to individuals who subscribe to the "Gold" package, which is $49.99 each year. "Silver" subscribers pay nothing, but typically only have access to downloadable content.

YouTube spoof encourages online e-filing for Marylander taxes

Real Tax Payers of Genius - An official Maryland Comptroller video appeared on YouTube late last week. It's being picked up by countless websites today and shows the sufferings of not filing online in a ?? humorous way?

UK politicians want games to spread climate change message

Lord Puttnam, British politico wants individuals to be aware of global warming, its effects, dangers and how people can combat it, and he wants the video game industry to take part in the education of the masses.

Microsoft, Nokia: Two new app stores open for cell phone software

With the smartphone market growing, and cellphone application stores proving to be very popular, other companies are beginning to flood the market with new software titles made available by opening their own application stores - following Apple's lead.

UPDATED: Kindle 2 shows sleeker, richer device with Stephen King

Looking at the revamped Kindle 2 gives you the immediate impression its designers were solidly on about form and function. With the straight QWERTY keyboard layout, joystick-like thumb control instead of a wheel for scrolling around, and overall its thinner, lighter, more Apple-like footprint, the Kindle 2 could become a viable book replacement for those who didn't feel the same way about the original Kindle.

New Transformers video games coming for several platforms

It seems that with every major action franchise movie of late a new video game must accompany the latest sequel. Such is the case with the upcoming Activision title Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Guitar Hero world record set by 14yr old, Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson, a 14-year-old boy from Grapevine Texas set a world record on Wednesday in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, a game growing in popularity all over the globe.