New iPod shuffle contains tiny DRM?? chip in earbud

When the new iPod shuffle was introduced last week it got a voice, but that's not all. Websites like BoingBoing Gadgets began taking the new device apart to see what secrets its innards might reveal. During the deconstruction, a chip identified as 8A83E3 was discovered in the earbud of all places. Immediately everybody began claiming "DRM, DRM!" However, was that chip really part of some new DRM? Or is it something else entirely?

Sony leaned on by game publishers: Lower the price of the PS3!

Sony has launched into defensive mode following the announcement of Nintendo's 100 millionth DS sale after a mere 4 years 3 months on the market. It took Sony a full 5 years 9 months to achieve the same sales record. Analysts say Sony is heading toward a price cut with its PlayStation 3, and it's anticipated that Sony could potentially reduce the price anywhere from $50 to $100 in the next couple months.

IBM ships 50 millionth 90nm Wii CPU

Not to be outdone by AMD's recent achievement of shipping 50 million Wii GPUs (and GPUs for Xbox as well), IBM has announced that their CPUs have now powered all 50 million Wiis built to date.

Is the Wii about to enter the set-top box arena?

Chicago (IL) - Unlike Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, the Nintendo Wii is both user friendly and family oriented. Nearly anyone can utilize it. The use of the device as a streaming media player would surely not only boost sales, but it could also give other console manufacturers a run for their money. Currently in the United States, there are 16.2 million Wiis. This number compares to 12.8 million Xbox 360s and 6.3 million PS3s. In fact, the Wii has the potential to dominate the market.

Nintendo DS hits 100 million in unit sales

Nintendo has managed to sell its 100 millionth Nintendo DS portable game console sometime this week. The 100M figure includes cumulative sales of Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi since its launch in early 2005. While the growth curve remains consistent, the number of game titles selling above the 1 million mark is increasing, now at 83.

No recession here: NPD says U.S. gaming industry in good health

The U.S. gaming industry appears not only alive and well, but also recession resistant. Even as we await a new batch of games to kick console sales into a higher gear -- like the eagerly-awaited Resident Evil 5, we are still buying more games in 2009. And now a new trend is being seen, we are increasingly using our consoles for more online game play.

Sony and NBC partner for PlayStation content

As of yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America is now offering television programs and movies from NBC Universal. The deal expands content to 1,300 movies and 4,500 TV episodes which can be purchased or rented on Sony's PlayStation network.

Verizon's FiOS TV adds Turner and Sony content

Verizon's FiOS TV (Fiber Optics television) service has struck a deal with Turner Networks and Sony, and will now be providing additional on-demand content to their regular lineup.

YouTube UK to block music videos on failed negotiations

YouTube UK will begin blocking most of its premium content music videos from UK viewers after negotiations with the Performing Rights Society (PRS) for Music have failed. YouTube claims the asking price was just too high and that they would've lost money with every video play.

Resident Evil 5: Zombie basher saves the day for console makers

Traditionally, January and February have always been slow periods for the gaming industry, but new data suggests a rebound. It only took couple of games to nudge the ailing console sales into a higher gear and revitalize interest in both the PS3 and Xbox 360. New releases like Killzone 2 and Yakuza 3, which launched earlier this month, are already showing a positive impact on not only game sales but also PS3 hardware. But it was last Friday's launch of Resident Evil that have sent the sales up of both PS3 and Xbox 360.

StripGenerator: An example of ever changing web technology

The Internet is changing the way in which artists, musicians and writers alike are able to conduct business and publicize their work. StripGenerator is an excellent example of how this changing technology gives writers an opportunity to share their comic musings with the world by creating their own comic strips. launches video game trade-in store

Have an old video game you want to trade in for a new or different title? You could always stop by your local GameStop retail store and barter away. Or, if you don't like to leave your house (except, of course, to go to the local UPS store and drop off your exchange package) you could turn to's new game trade-in service.

Google creates Tip Jar, help consumers save money

Google has created a Tip Jar designed to help consumers "discover the most effective ways to save money." The tools is an experiment, and is being powered by Google Moderator. With Tip Jar, people can share their deepest trinkets of helpful knowledge. Buddy, can you spare a tip?

The Beatles go digital with MTV, sorta

The Beatles is the last big name in music that has not arrived in the digital age yet and we recently got word that the organization behind the Beatles’ music, Apple Corps, are not ready to release their music to iTunes at this time. But the group will make their music available in a new video game scheduled for launch later this year. And just in case you wonder: There are more than 46 years between the first Beatles album release and the introduction of this video game.

Amazon Video on Demand launches on Roku

On Tuesday, Roku announced it would add over 40,000 movies and television programs to its online video service via Amazon Video on Demand. In May, the company launched its $99 digital video player with Netflix as its initial streaming partner. The deal between Amazon and Roku now allows for the delivery of a larger content library, in addition to new titles.

CBS launches iPhone television application has been released by CBS Mobile, the new free mobile application will allow iPhone and iPod touch users to view full episodes of select CBS television shows and other programs via a Wi-Fi or 3G mobile network.

Blu-ray gets simplified licensing

Occasionally it just takes a lot of time to get something right. Blu-ray is not quite where we would've expected the now sole high-definition video format at this point in time, but it seems at least licensing will become much easier. Panasonic, Philips and Sony announced that they have agreed to create a "one-stop-shop" product license company for Blu-ray, which should positively impact the availability of Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray players and recorders in the market and in consumer homes.

Report: World of Warcraft is as addictive as cocaine

A soon-to-be published Swedish report by the Swedish Youth Organization and The Youth Care Foundation has determined that World of Warcraft plays a serious role in gaming addiction, being as addictive as cocaine. They even cite that there is not a single case of gaming addiction where World of Warcraft is not involved.

Netflix to begin offering streaming-only plans

On Wednesday, Netflix announced it will be launching a brand new, stand-alone streaming service. The company will offer customers a fixed monthly fee for accessing the company's DVD categories via web-based streaming only. There are no specific details as to when the new service will launch or how much it will cost, though many predict it wil be in the third quarter.

Panasonic has first DivX certified line of 1080p HDTVs

DivX corporation announced today the first line of DivX certified HDTVs for Panasonic, which are currently available in Europe. There are nine models in the Panasonic VIERA Z1, V10 and G15 series which allow full 1080p resolutions with DivX video formats output directly onto the TV by the TV's built-in encoder and a front-load media slot.