Sony chief downplays rift with Activision over PS3 price cut

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has downplayed a rift with Activision chief Bobby Kotick over the latter's demand for an immediate Playstation 3 price cut. According to Stringer, Kotick "likes to make a lot of noise."

Gaming industry experiences boom as recession worsens

The gaming industry has experienced a veritable boom despite the global economic recession. According to Nielsen, the number of hours that gamers claim to be playing has hit an "all time high." In addition, used game sales have increased to "record-breaking totals," while video game rentals have risen exponentially.

Shared Memory Graphics accuses Apple and Sony of patent infringement

Shared Memory Graphics has accused three industry heavyweights of patent infringement. The California-based company alleges that two patented graphic accelerators are currently used in Apple iPods, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PSP/PS2.  

Fans go Wacko for Jacko Memorial, Watch it here Live!

Since Michael Jackson’s death, Los Angeles has been flooded with individuals wishing to get closer to Michael Jackson. His death has been described as having the same emotional impact as the deaths of individuals such as Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, and even Elvis Presley. The outpouring of individuals mourning the pop star is magnified now via the web.

Sony, Panasonic get into 3D content

Japanese giants Sony and Panasonic are to separately set up dedicated units to create 3D movies.

World's first full-length talkie is 81 today

You know what the world's first full length talking movie was, don't you. Well, no, you don't. While Al Jolson has gone down in history as starring in the first talkie, the first movie with a full length soundtrack was The Lights of New York, released on July 6, 1928.

Rubik's Cube inventor gets round to new game

Being a one-trick pony isn't so bad as long as your trick is a really, really good one. But Professor Erno Rubik has long been looking for another gadget to match the success of his eponymous Cube, and is this week set to launch a new game which he hopes will spark another worldwide craze.

Battlefield 1943 to hit the virtual beaches

Electronic Arts says that Battlefield 1943, the download-only first person shooter game will be released on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next week. Xbox users can download on July 8th, and those on the PlayStation network can download beginning July 9th.

Microsoft introduces Kodu Game Lab for aspiring developers

Microsoft has introduced an application that allows aspiring developers to create their own Xbox 360 games. Built using Microsoft's XNA Studio, Kodu Game Lab offers users a simple image-based menu along with 200 different programming features.

PS3 slim and price cut rumors surface again

The Playstation 3 slim rumor is one of those rumors that just won’t go away. New pictures and information provided by usual “industry sources” that a new PS3 form factor may be on track for a release this month, along with a long expected price cut. Both rumors seem very credible, especially since Sony has to cut the PS3’s price and since it can shrink the size of the PS3 box due to a much less power-hungry Cell BE processor.

Joost retreats from consumer market

Joost, the online video startup, has decided to abandon the consumer market. Instead, it will focus on providing 'white label' online video platforms, allowing media companies such as cable and satellite providers, broadcasters and video aggregators, to publish video under their own brand names.

Irresistible Wii helps recruit female gamers

The irresistible Wii has reportedly helped increase the number of female console gamers in 2009. According to NPD industry analyst Anita Frazier, the year was a "transformative" one in terms of "defining the audience for gaming." 

Wii expected to dominate global console market

A veteran industry analyst has predicted that Nintendo will continue to dominate the global console market. According to Michael Pachter, the Wii's low price point, "innovative" controller and compatibility with standard definition television sets are likely to provide it with a "competitive advantage" over the next two years.

Obsidian mourns untimely death of Aliens RPG

Sega has reportedly halted development of an unamed Aliens RPG. However, Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines and Rebellion's Alien vs. Predator are still slated for a 2010 release.

Rumor: Sony plans major PS3 firmware update

Sony is reportedly planning a major Playstation 3 firmware update. According to VG247, PS3 Firmware 3.0 will offer a "completely new system" for the console. The update - described as a "huge overhaul" - was compared to the NXE (New Xbox Experience) "in some respects."

Apple bans "Hottest Girls" app for the iPhone

Club Cupertino has unceremoniously banned the popular "Hottest Girls" application for the iPhone. Unconfirmed rumors of an Apple ban began to circulate on Thursday when access to the erotic application was "temporarily" blocked  by developers in a desperate attempt to prevent a massive server collapse.

Wii too "last-gen" for Xbox 360 game ports

The creative director of Triumph Studio has claimed that the Wii is too "last-gen" for direct porting of Xbox 360 games. According to Lennart Sas, Nintendo's lack of graphic and processing technology prompted the studio to create a separate version of Overlord II for the Wii.

Iphone porn app frenzy causes server crash

Frenzied demand for an adult-oriented iPhone application has reportedly caused a massive server collapse. The latest iteration of "The Hottest Girls" app reportedly offers access to 2,200 images of women in advanced stages of undress.

PC version of Trine to arrive in summer '09

SouthPeak Interactive has announced that the PC version of Trine will be released in summer '09. The popular fantasy game recently won the GameSpot Editors' Choice Award for "Best Downloadable Game" at E3 2009 in Los Angeles.

ZeniMax creates FPS empire with id Software acquisition

ZeniMax Media - the parent company of Bethesda Softworks - bought  id Software for an undisclosed amount. The legendary game studio was responsible for developing a number of popular FPS (first-person shooter) titles, including Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein.