Weekly game roundup

Just Cause 2, Scivelation and Xbox modders suit

Microsoft tells gamers to ditch their TV remotes

The future is Natal

Call of Duty franchise exceeds $3 billion in sales

Modern Warfare 2 rings up $550 million in five days

EA and Dice delay Bad Company 2 PC beta

DX11 and dedicated ranked servers

Mininova takes down a million torrent files

Can't comply with court ruling any other way

Scott's Antarctic diaries posted on Twitter

It may take some time

Analyst claims Wii bubble is "deflating"

Drags down holiday software sales

TopWare confirms Scivelation for the Xbox 360

A dystopian future

Japanese gamer marries DS character

At least the divorce will be cheap

Iraqi government sets up YouTube channel

Nobody takes their kit off

Square Enix preps Just Cause 2 for March launch

400 miles of open-world gameplay

Games 'permit' over-eating, drug abuse and murder, reveals shock survey

First person shooters have it

Ubisoft sells 1.6 million copies of Assassin's Creed 2

But doesn't come close to Modern Warfare 2

TG Daily hack not beautiful - official

Beers before bedtime

Games haven't improved for ten years

Says our resident curmudgeon

EBay promises compensation after website crash

There's just too many bargain-hunters out there

Steam bans Modern Warfare "grey market" keys

Activision demands, Valve follows

Xbox modders unite in class action suit

Convenient timing, they say

Brain boffin calls for schools to get back to books

Unplug that PC now

Modern Warfare scriptwriter defends airport "massacre" scene

"A risk we had to take"