EA has high hopes for Mass Effect sequel

One of the "biggest games" of 2010

EA's Saboteur infiltrates the Third Reich

Derails train in Nazi-occupied Paris

Sony previews PS3 firmware update

Data transfer and "mini" support

AMD runs Dragon Age: Origins at 5760x1200

RPG eye candy

EA resurrects Dead Space 2

Die another day

Iron Will deploys Peregrine gaming glove

A plug-and-play weapon of mass destruction

Weekly game roundup

Suicide-bombing "glitches" and DiRT 2 for DX11

Gaijin launches Wings of Prey beta

Large-scale aerial combat

'Orchestra' to perform on iPhones

Lowering the tone

Sony to offer soccer World Cup in 3D

Duck, here comes the ball

YouTube slims down bandwidth requirements

Feather feature aims to reduce latency

EA redeploys Medal of Honor to Afghanistan

Covert ops in a war-torn land

Scientists say all men watch porn

And they really needed to do research to find that?

XBL threatens ban over MW2 javelin glitch

Play fair or not at all

Video game industry caught in downward spiral

Rebound not expected until 2010

EA shifts focus to online and mobile gaming

The end of an era

Dominion invades EVE Online

Titan class ships and Doomsday devices

Codemasters optimize DiRT 2 with DX11 support

An "unparalleled" racing game experience

First adult app store opens

Button up your raincoat

Buy every song in the world for €4 a month

Well, it's a plan, I suppose…