Some Second Thoughts On the Lego Car

Okay, so we just reported that two grown men have spent a considerable amount of time building a full sized Lego car, and one of our writers found this a bit disturbing. Now here’s a different point of view…

Are These The Worst Movies of the Year?

I try to avoid bad movies as much as I can, and not bad movies that are fun, like Plan 9 From Outer Space. I mean really bad sh*t like Armageddon, movies that you wouldn’t watch again to get out of debt. In fact, it was that film, Batman and Robin, and the ’98 remake of Godzilla where I really had to draw a line in the sand and vow never to sit through anything that awful again. 

Nothing weird about grown men making life size Lego cars for fun

The legend of Lego lives long in air-powered locomotion courtesy of grown men who will need to be kept away from your kids at all costs. However, this life-sized Lego car is a marvel of Lego-gineering from the lads.

Can Drones Do Santa's Job?

Okay, hope nobody really young is reading this right now, but we all know there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, although it’s always been a wonderful myth. And in today’s day and age, it fun to think of the logistics required to travel around the world and give all the kiddies their toys. 

New Star Wars Free to Play Game to Launch Next Year

There was a point where the Star Wars video games were considered the way of the future, as innovative as the first movie when it was unleashed in 1977. Some even felt they could have picked up the mantle for Star Wars story telling where the movies dropped the ball.

The Story of Twitter is Heading to TV

The Social Network, the story of Facebook, was a hit film for David Fincher, and at one point it even inspired Brett Ratner to try and make a movie about the development of MTV using the same template. Now the story of Twitter may be using the same formula as well, this time as a television series.

FX Master Phil Tippett to Return to Jurassic World

If you’re a self-respecting geek, Phil Tippett is one of those names in FX that everyone in our brethren knows, along with Rick Baker (Men in Black), Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead), and many others. Tippett is the FX innovator who first broke through doing stop motion animation for Star Wars, and he also provided FX for RoboCop, Starship Troopers, and The Twilight films. (Please don’t hold that against him.)

Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg

When Steven Spielberg first broke through in the movie biz, it was inconceivable that somebody that young could be a director. And indeed, this was a period when young people were finally breaking through in Hollywood and telling their own stories, and the big Spiel made his mark pretty early.

Dolph Lundgren, Robots, Zombies: Do you really need more?

Suck it, Sharknado! We thought you had brought together the greatest confluence of B-movie cliches known to man. Well, you lose to this Battle of the Damned trailer. And, as a bonus, it is not too shabby looking.

Avatar Meets the Godfather?

So now we know that the next three Avatar films are going to be shot in New Zealand, and principal photography will probably begin some time late next year. This is definitely going to be an epic of science fiction, but Godfather epic? 

How Many More Pixels Do We Need?

In the age of Hi Def, we can see things sharper, and more realistically, than ever. But how sharp and realistic do we really need to see things? Are there times things can be so sharp they can feel unreal? And how much can the untrained eye really see? 

Apocalypse Preacher Meets Thy Doom

You may recall two years ago there was this preacher, Harold Camping, telling everyone the world was going to end on May 21, 2011. We hope none of you blew all your money, or did anything really insane like run down the street naked covered in blue paint because you thought the world was indeed coming to an end, because obviously it didn’t.

Joseph Gordon Levitt Confirmed For Sandman Adaptation

It was just announced that Joseph Gordon Levitt has expressed keen interest in the big screen version of Neil Gaiman’s classic graphic novel Sandman. Now it is indeed confirmed he’s onboard, not just as a star but as a director as well.

RoboCop Reboot to Open in Asia Before the US

As long time TGD readers know, we’ve been reporting on the importance of overseas box office for movies. Without the big bucks coming in from China especially, a lot of movies can’t earn their money back, let alone make a profit.

So It's Finally Come to This: Gilligan's Island The Movie

No, this posting is not a joke, although we wish it was, but Gilligan’s Island, the movie, is finally going to be made. I know, you can’t stop jumping up and down with excitement.

Xbox Series To Launch Next Year

Amazon and Netflix are doing it, so why shouldn’t Xbox have series as well? Makes sense, right? And rumor has it, the first series could be Halo.

The Best in Gaming 2013

We all know that websites love making lists of best, worst, and most unusual. With the end of the year just around the corner, what do the pundits consider the best games of the year?

Han Solo Origin Film May Be Ready By 2016

It’s been common knowledge since the Disney Star Wars deal went through that along with three more chapters in the saga, there will also be spin off films. Yoda, Boba Fett and Han solo films have been rumored, and now the talk of a Han Solo solo film have been gaining a little credence. 

The Kiss Army Wins the Band Their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Kiss have always called their fans The Kiss Army, and a true army of dedicated followers won the band their place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year, Kiss were eligible for induction, and they got it.

Why does the Mouse House hate Christmas?

How else to explain it suddenly pulling its Christmas movies from Amazon until July. Yup. You read it right. Christmas cartoons in July.