Next-gen digital downloads: Wii sets the standard

While each platform offers advantages for different user groups, we learned - after spending a great deal of time (and money) with the three platforms - that it is the Wii that offers the best user experience at this time.

Opinion: To buy or not to buy a PS3

For some reason, Playstation 3s have been popping up around the country here and there. You still need to have some luck to come across a console, but there's a good chance that you'll run into available units on your last shopping day before Christmas. And question will be: Should you buy it? What it is all about: The PS3 in detail ...

TwitchBlog: The only way to stop internet TV piracy - give the shows away

El Beeb has been fussing over the topic of piracy of TV shows over the Internet. "Ohh woe is me," says the TV industry, "for how can I make money with ad-free pirated versions of shows going online mere minutes after broadcast?"

Comparing Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 execution: Focus makes the difference

This week one of the big items in the news is the Yahoo Peanut Butter Manifesto: Yahoo's marketing boss takes the company to task for being spread too thin and not being focused enough. Strangely enough, when you compare the working strategies for game systems between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, in the end it is focus, or the lack of it, that differentiates the efforts.

Opinion: Payday - The $15,100 PlayStation 3

Myself and Wolfgang Gruener have just sat, with our mouths agape, as a Playstation 3 bidding war on Ebay reached $10,001.00 a few minutes ago. We nearly fell off of our chairs when it went to $15,000 with mere seconds to go; and finally the winner of the hotly contested bidding war, which began at $1, was a user from the UK who bid $15,100 to become to proud new owner of a Playstation 3.

PS3 teardown: Gambling with fire

The hours tick down to the imminent North American launch of the PS3. And a lot of hot air it is.

Twitch Blog: Who bears responsibility for game mods?

I pose a question to you: If I create and release an innocuous game which is modifiable by anyone, and somebody creates a sexually explicit add-on for the game, am I responsible for this user generated content? At first many gamers might say "No, because you didn't create the content yourself."

iTV vs. Microsoft Media Center vs. PS3: The Big Battle of 2007

iTV vs. Microsoft Media Center vs. PS3: The Big Battle of 2007. More ...

Is Sony coming back?

This has not been a great couple of years for Sony. We had the rootkit catastrophe late last year and the Sony Battery disaster this year. A number of us have been increasingly concerned that the Playstation 3 would be a stillborn and even the PSP didn't start particularly well. However things can change: It looks like Sony has hit the bottom and, and with the exception of batteries (which may be a dead division), may be on the way back up. Let's have a look at a few interesting items:

The "Next-Gen in video game entertainment" is a sham - opinion

If we sit back and take stock of what this "next-gen" in gaming has delivered, and will be delivering, to us I would say that the entire thing is one major cock-up, and gamers have been fools to be taken in by it.

E3: Los Angeles Is Dead. All Hail E3: Las Vegas

It was bound to happen. We predicted it would happen. It's happening... E3 has been shrunk down to size, and now somebody else wants to replace it with a new show, exactly the same as the old one. Big, glitzy, expensive, and ultimately self-defeating. Possibly not in the first year, or even in the second, but eventually it'll just become the untenable thing that E3 was this year.

Educating kids with video games - a laudable, but doomed, idea

According to a recent Ipsos MORI poll in the UK, three in five 11 - 16 year olds are in favour of using video games in the classroom. I'll let Eurogamer break down the numbers for you, but suffice to say this is a bit of legitimacy/ego self pleasure for the video game industry.

Team Fortress 2 and the Resurgence of Class-Based Gaming

Yaknow considering how much we in the tech press like to have a go at 3D Realms over Duke Nukem (it'll take) Forever, I think that Half-Life creators Valve get off extremely easy for their own vaporware transgressions - namely Team Fortress 2.

"Now son, are you sure this will work on your PC?" Mam, it's an Xbox game...

I like restaurants when they're quiet, like when you've left a movie at 11 pm and you slip in for a plate of chips (fries, yank.) But I absolutely, completely and utterly, unequivocally, bloody well hate them during peak times, such as during lunch.

There's No Such Thing As Enough Hype In Gaming

If there is one thing that video games are not particularly good at doing, it is convincing storylines. If there is one thing that the video game industry likes to think that it is good at meanwhile, it is raising a pot of boiling hype around even the most lackluster of games.