Surprise: No Blu-ray for the Xbox 360

Opinion - Microsoft squashed speculations that there is a Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360 in the immediate future. But is the announcement really a surprise? Is there an immediate need for a Blu-ray drive in the Xbox 360 right now? While we believe that Microsoft has to take some responsibility for the failed HD DVD format by not offering an integrated drive for the console, we think it is not the worst decision to leave Blu-ray alone right now. What do you think? Here is some food for thought.

HD DVD: Time to quit?

Opinion - The HD DVD camp suffered two major blows today and no matter you look at it, begins to look like the certain loser of the high-def format war. HD DVD better has a secret weapon that it can aim at Blu-ray now. Otherwise Toshiba can only hope for a miracle or actually admit defeat. But it is not only Toshiba that loses.

E for All Expo is a ghost town

Getting a front row parking space is a minor miracle at most convention centers, but that just isn’t possible at the Los Angeles Convention Center… or is it?  We’re just finishing up the first day at the new E for All game expo and this place is just a ghost town.

Dirt is just what the Playstation 3 needs

Opinion – I have been criticizing Sony for its PS3 strategy and game publishers for their PS3 game strategy pretty much since the console was released almost 10 months ago – despite the fact that I always felt that it is the console with the most potential out there. If you don't believe me, have a look at Dirt. It is the best sign yet that there is hope for the PS3.    

Paramount and Dreamworks go HD-DVD: Sony’s curse continues

Analyst Opinion - Rob Enderle takes another look at the current high-definition media situation: Does Paramount's and Dreamwork's decision have the potential to turn the market?

Playstation 3 kills HD DVD

Opinion - Just a few months ago, the high-definition arena looked like we were in for a lengthy battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD. That impression surely has changed: Blu-ray is capturing the market where it counts – movie sales, which apparently are driven by Playstations making their way into the market. Will the game console break HD DVD's neck?

Game consoles 2007: It's Nintendo's market to lose

Analyst Opinion - If you think about it, this will be a fascinating fourth quarter. Nintendo Wii, to pretty much the surprise of everyone, is the product to beat, Sony, the old champ, is on life support but getting a short term uplift, and last week even the Xbox Core unit (which has never sold well) sold very well.

E3: Sony, Microsoft stuck in the now, Nintendo already in the future

Opinion – We have listened to the visions of each of the three game console companies out there and the information begins to sink in. While we always have to wait how each strategy will actually work in reality, I am fairly sure that Sony will soon be in big trouble in a market that is rapidly changing. Microsoft is caught in a trap of compromises and Nintendo will define our future of video gaming. Here’s why.

E3 media briefing: Sony goes for the overkill

Opinion - Sony had something new to say about the PSP, PS3, and Playstation Network, but instead of being blown away by all the stuff that was shown, it felt like a bunch of mildly upgraded content was being shoved down the audience's throat.

Wii's first attempt at online gaming falls short

Game Review - Nintendo recently released the first Wii game to offer real-time online multiplayer, but it still has a long way to go just to catch up to where its competitors were in the last generation.

Preparing for E3: Expectations are running high

Opinion - The glitzy E3 of years past may already be etched into history books, but this month's event will still bring all the surprises and announcements that gamers have come to expect from the industry's crown jewel of trade shows.

Game Review: Big Brain Academy doesn't make the grade on Wii

Review - Bringing the industry-shifting genre of Nintendo's "brain games" to the revolutionary Wii console seems like a great idea, but Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree fails to bring anything spectacular to the Nintendo platform.  Check out our gut reaction on this disappointing Wii title.

PSP online features edge out DS

Opinion - In the past week, new services for both the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP have pumped up their online presence, making it a perfect time to take a second look at the two handhelds' Wi-Fi features. Quite simply, when it comes to additional Web-based services, Sony is the frontrunner.

Wii Virtual Console: 100 classics or a missed opportunity?

Opinion - Nintendo today announced that it will break the 100 game milestone on the Wii Virtual Console next week, but the collection is so littered with vintage titles that weren't even worth three bucks the first time around. Is this just an artifically inflated number to attract your attention - without any other value?

Analyst opinion: Shrek 3 and the magic of tomorrow

There is nothing like a studio preview of a new movie.  I grew up near Hollywood and actually thought once about becoming an actor.  Things didn’t work out that way but, for me, this is still one of many roads not traveled. So it was with a great deal of excitement that I found myself over at DreamWorks last Thursday.  The purpose wasn’t to see the movie, the very entertaining Shrek 3, but to be briefed on the massive and very successful partnership between three players behind it.  

Opinion: Blu-ray not even close to winning format war

We're soon approaching the one year anniversary of each format, and despite the extrapolated outlook for Blu-ray based on where it stands now, there is no end in sight.

Game review: Enchanted Arms is anything but enchanting

Despite its fun characters and impressive cutscenes, numerous flaws in Enchanted Arms prove that there's still much room for improvement in PS3 role-playing games.

Preview: Hot Shots Golf 5 looks nicer, plays about the same

Hot Shots Golf, one of Sony's biggest cult hits, may not be the most visually intensive PS3 game in the pipeline, but fans of the series will likely enjoy the HD overhaul nonetheless.

F1 Championship Edition for the PS3: HD on the cheap

A few years ago we stared into tubes displaying grainy TV pictures. Today, we have TVs that weigh less than half at twice the picture size, present lifelike pictures and audio systems can pump out cinema-rivaling sound. Not just TV and video, also games gain from this development: The PS3, for example, promises a world of HD games – and delivers. Well, at least sometimes.

Opinion: Who needs DRM?

I am not a big fan of Apple and not of Steve Jobs in particular. Yes, Apple products look nice, but they are for people who drive to the grocery store in a Lexus rather than a Toyota. And Steve Jobs still doesn't blush when pocketing all those standing ovations for a new product, although there may be hundreds of other Apple employees who would deserve that recognition much more.