Supreme Court justices show refreshing gaming knowledge

The landmark trial opened yesterday between California and the Entertainment Merchants Association over a reckless state law that would put new restrictions on retailers selling violent video games. The Supreme Court showed just how blatantly silly the law was by pointing out a whole bunch of loopholes and rhetorical questions.

Game Consoles: No new hardware!

New console form factors don't count! And what's up with the lack of stuff for girls at E3?

Kinect just doesn't connect

It's been a year of hype, a year of hope, and a year of Xbox fanboy imagination run rampant, but now that Microsoft's motion-controlled camera is actually heading to the real world, the result is quite underwhelming.

Avatar is bad news for movie lovers

While the world struggles to find new adjectives to describe the wonderfulosity of James Cameron's 3D epic, Avatar, the more sober amongst us reckon that film lovers should be afraid - very afraid - of what its runaway success means.

CES - it's all a heap of crap

Opinion The foremost shock 'n' awe tech show in the world is a complete and utter waste of time.

Sol 3 - the best game in the world?

Everything else is just a toy

Games haven't improved for ten years

Says our resident curmudgeon

TG Daily: A readers' Guide

Opinion: A few months back, we took the brave - some might say daft - decision to allow readers to post comments on TG Daily stories without an editor approving them first. Not many sites do this. OK, no other site does this. Here's why. You may wish to have a dictionary to hand for some of the more challenging words.

Why play a plastic guitar when you can have a real one?

Opinion: Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman reckons that games like Rock Band stop young people from practising real musical instruments - and he's right.

Apple’s Cocktail: How to make you buy what you don’t want

Opinion - I always found it amazing how certain sales people can talk you into buying virtually anything, even if it was be sand on a beach. Now it seems that the four largest music publishers will have to rely on the best sales guy in the industry, Apple, to sell consumers what they really do not want any more – entire music albums with music you may never listen to. Will Apple convince you?

Dead discs: Blu-ray’s failure to launch signals end of spinning media

Analyst Opinion - As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t help but think the era of spinning discs is coming to a close.  

E3 attempts to resurrect the glory days of gaming

Opinion - The 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is poised to kick off on June 2 at the LA Convention Center. Organizers are apparently hoping that this year's shindig will help resurrect the glory days of gaming.

Outsourcing wave to hit Hollywood actors

Opinion – Every time a new processor announced, we often wonder what we could use this new horsepower for besides a few more frames in games and faster Photoshop filters. Ten years ago, a 450 MHz (single-core) CPU sounded like overkill, and in ten years we may be wondering what that heterogeneous many-core chip might be good for. You know what I mean. We are typically looking for those new types of applications the hardware vendors tell us have not been invented yet. However, for the next generation of hardware, I will make a prediction: Multi-core processors and capable graphics hardware will enable movie production studios to outsource Hollywood actors, and keep Angeline Jolie as young and attractive as she is now for as long as they want. And there may even be more uses for this technology.

Sony schedules GT5 for Christmas 2009, prays for a miracle

Opinion – There is no other game title that is as important for the Playstation 3 as Gran Turismo 5 (GT5), yet it appears to become a title that may seal the console’s fate as the losing platform of the current-gen console battle: A Spanish Sony executive recently said that GT5 will finally be launched in the Christmas time frame – that is the good news. The bad news is that it will be Christmas 2009.

Blockbuster’s video rental box: Too late, too expensive

Opinion - Blockbuster and 2Wire today announced a small set-top box that is designed to stream movies from Blockbuster directly to your TV. Would you choose this service over Netflix? I doubt you will.

Videosite Joost reinvents itself to become a Hulu clone

Opinion - The Internet probably could have gone without another website designed to do nothing more than play old reruns of “Mary Tyler Moore”, clips from “The Steve Colbert Show”, and recaps of “The Hills”. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Joost, the overly hyped up Internet video service is ready to deliver.

Is Facebook really a place to watch TV?

Opinion - On Wednesday, Slide, the Widget start-up primarily responsible for delivering individuals photo slideshows and videos announced that it would be hosting video from CBS, Warner Brothers, and Hulu on Facebook. This is the beginning of a new Facebook application that is being worked on in partnership with FunSpace Channels that will open today. Facebook and TV? Does that go together?

What Microsoft does not want you to know about Netflix streaming

Opinion – Earlier this week, Microsoft and Netflix announced that movie streaming will be coming to the Xbox 360. This could be a big deal. But if you are really interested in watching Netflix content on your Xbox, you don’t have to wait and you don’t have to pay twice. If you have an Xbox 360 and a Windows Vista PC, you have everything you need to stream Netflix movies already.

DVDs come under pressure from the-same-day iTunes digital releases

Analysis - Movie rentals and purchases in iTunes Store are catching up with DVDs big time with today's announcement that Apple's online media store will offer new and library titles the same day as DVD releases. The fact that you're now able to purchase a movie on iTunes the same day DVD hits the retail channels is a major milestone in the digital movies development. Wal-Mart isn't going to like this at all...

Sony’s new rumblepack: Worth the price?

Opinion – We have now had a few days with Sony’s new Playstation 3 controller, but are uncertain whether its new feature set justifies its high price tag. Your take??