Should People Stop Filming Concerts With Their Phones?

Back when you wanted to tape a concert, you usually had to sneak in a bulky VHS camera, or a tape recorder, and the quality could be very dodgy at best. It was in the days before music was free everywhere and people didn’t pay for it. Today it’s surprising to realize that so many people are capturing concerts with their phones, and we see more glowing phones out there in concerts than cigarette lighters. 

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Finally Returns

It’s been in development for nearly twenty years, but Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin will finally be back as the Man From U.N.C.L.E. returns, this time on the big screen, next January. 

Critics Say Pompeii's the Pits

We shouldn’t be surprised that the critics aren’t nuts about Pompeii. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has never been a critics darling, and many are amazed his Resident Evil movies still keep getting made.

The Warriors Has a Birthday

Released in 1979, The Warriors didn’t have a long theatrical life, but it’s become a beloved cult film from video and cable. It’s hard to believe it’s 35 years old, but it’s now celebrating that anniversary.

Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine

Hugh Jackman came out of nowhere to land the role of a lifetime in X-Men, and it was a wonderful star is born moment when he exploded on the screen. No one in America had heard of him before, but there was no doubt he was the right person to play Wolverine. (The character was originally going to be played by Dougray Scott, the villain in Mission: Impossible 2, but he had to back out when that shoot went way over schedule.) 

Is Marvel Taking a Risk With Guardians of the Galaxy?

So the teaser commercial for Guardians of the Galaxy was finally aired on TV, and it all went by so fast, it hard to figure out what to make of it. Guardians is not one of the better known Marvel titles, but it’s a superhero team, and we’re willing to bet dollars to donuts that’s why it got launched in the first place, especially after the success of the Avengers.

Tarantino Script Leak War Continues

Several weeks ago, the screenplay for the next Quentin Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight, leaked, and he shut down the project in disgust. He also filed a lawsuit against the site Gawker for posting a link to the script. 

Vanilla Ice Resurrected Before the Ninja Turtles Reboot

For those who remember having to suffer through Vanilla Ice when he was on top of the world, it was indeed a very traumatic time in pop culture history. We’ve tried to forget it and black it out of our memories as much as we could, but like a lot of trauma, it sometimes comes back to us in bits and flashes from time to time. 

Fantastic Four, Terminator: Genesis, Gotham Casting News

Right now, there’s a number of major genre properties that are finalizing their casting. Star Wars, of course, is the big daddy, but there’s no official word on that one just yet. There is, however, finally official news on Terminator: Genesis, The Fantastic Four, and the TV show Gotham. 

JK Rowling Will Return With the Silkworm

After the incredible success of Harry Potter, JK Rowling could write practically anything and command huge money for it. But every artist wants to be recognized for new work, and not ride on the laurels of their past, at least not if they can help it.

Amazon Launches Its New Series of Series

We’ve reported on TGD that Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, is back with a new show, The After, and Amazon’s got him. They’re launching the pilot, and hopefully a full series will soon grow from it if it catches on with audiences. 

The Original Godzilla is Headed Back to Theaters

One of the most anticipated movies coming this summer is the reboot of Godzilla. As we reported here on TGD, the new Godzilla was the most watched trailer on YouTube, with over four million fans checked it out, and we really hope this new Godzilla will finally get it right. 

Angry Birds the Movie is Coming

While the whole Angry Birds thing is a pop culture phenom that’s never been on my radar, the brand is apparently still popular enough in popular culture that an animated movie is in the works at Sony.

Mourning the loss of Devo's Bob Casale

When Devo peaked in 1980, a lot of fair weather fans dug them because the song Whip It was a hit, but they really didn’t understand the concept behind the band, and a lot of people dismissed them as idiots. The band played dumb, because their name was a reference to mankind getting dumber, but the band and their music were both a lot smarter than many  realized. 

James Cameron Debating High Frame Rates For Avatar Sequels

There’s been a lot of controversy over high frame rates. A lot of people don’t think they make movies look better, but they sure do wonders for video games. Still, Peter Jackson and James Cameron feel high frame rates in movies are the way of the future, and Cameron is debating how many frames per second he wants to go for the Avatar sequels. 

The Simpsons and Ghostbusters Go Lego

The Lego Movie is doing amazing business at the box office, and although Legos have been popular children’s toys forever, they’re having a huge resurgence right now because of the movie’s success. Is this only the beginning of what could be a big resurgence in popular culture? We think so, and the fact that The Simpsons are going Lego is another big sign. 

Should republicans fear Obama's love of Game of Thrones?

When you’re the President, you can make a lot of demands and people will move heaven and earth to try to get it done. World peace is tough to negotiate, but how about an advance DVD of Game of Thrones?

Why Remakes Just Won't Quit

Every time a remake tanks, there’s always the hope that the reboot conveyor belt will eventually stop. Yet even with remakes like RoboCop, Endless Love and Total Recall not doing well, there’s still remakes being announced all the time, including the inevitable, Gilligan’s Island: The Movie. 

3D Printed Shoes Are Coming Soon

If you work a job where you’re always on your feet, it can be murder on your knees as well as your tootsies if you don’t have comfortable shoes. Other than investing in a good pair of Doctor Scholls, can 3-D printing create a more comfortable shoe?

Lost To Celebrate Its Tenth Anniversary

For those who grew up in the seventies, there’s anniversaries in the news all the time that make us feel old. So for today’s generation, here’s anniversary that’s going to make you feel old…Lost is hitting the decade mark.