Wii pre-orders sell out in day one

Grapevine (TX) - GameStop today announced that it officially stopped taking pre-orders for the Wii by the end of Friday, 13 October, the day pre-orders first became available. Click here for pictures of the Nintendo Wii console...

New York City celebrates Final Fantasy XII Day

New York City recently wrapped up official celebrations of the upcoming Final Fantasy XII game. The city's tourism organization declared October 11th, 2006 to be Final Fantasy XII day and invited fans to their Times Square offices for a party and a question and answer session with Final Fantasy producers.

Wii preorders start tomorrow at EB Games and Gamestop

Culver City (CA) - Hardcore Nintendo fans will probably want to skip school and call in sick from work tomorrow because EB Games and GameStop will start offering pre-orders on the upcoming Nintendo Wii console. Customers will be able to reserve the new console for a $50 deposit, but they better line up quick because it's first come, first serve.

Activision to sell Call of Duty through Valve's Steam

Activision and Valve today announced a joint agreement to bring four new PC games to Valve's Steam platform, which allows users to purchase games and download them immediately. Activision's Call of Duty 2, GunT, Call of Duty, and Call of Duty: United Offensive are all now available.

Havok provides physics for next-gen Sonic game

Havok, a company focused on technology for real-time physics in video games, announced that it will be the provider of in-game physics technology to the multi-platform release of the next-generation 'Sonic the Hedgehog' game. Set for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, it will be the first foray into the new era of video games for Sega's iconic character.

World of Warcraft expansion pack beta test - Update 4 High-res gallery of Silvermoon

Sharpen your swords and buy those healing potions because the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack has entered closed beta testing. A lucky few are currently downloading and playing The Burning Crusade which is WoW's first expansion pack. In addition to a brand new world, the expansion adds two new races and of course shiny and more powerful gear.

GameStop/EBGames launch online digital distribution

The online stores of retail chains GameStop and EBGames have launched a new channel for PC games that are available for download immediately after being purchased. Games range from $5 simplistic, time-killer titles to the latest $50 software. Games are sorted into "casual" and "core". With a growing infatuation with casual games in the country, EBGames is trying to tap into that market, while at the same time appealing to their main target, the hardcore gamers.

Want a PS3? That would be $2500.

Chicago (IL) - If you have missed today's pre-order frenzy of Sony's Playstation 3, but want the console in front of your TV before Christmas, you will be looking at a hefty premium over the already not so cheap price. The launch allocation is pretty much gone, but Ebay sellers are already putting their pre-order guarantees up for auction.

Superman Returns: The Videogame to ship on November 20th

Electronic Arts is putting the finishing touches on its Superman Returns: The Videogame. Expected to ship next month, the game gives players almost complete freedom to move Superman around the 80 square miles of Metropolis while battling the familiar villains in the DC Comic universe.

Blizzard "finalizes" character abilities for WoW expansion pack

World of Warcraft fans finally are getting a glimpse at the new Hunter spells and talents. The upcoming WoW expansion pack: The Burning Crusade will include new abilities for all of the classes. In the past months, Blizzard has released proposed changes for most of the classes and saved the hunter for last.

Europe gets Nintendo DS Web browser

Europeans can now get their hands on the Opera Web browser for the Nintendo DS, leaving the United States as the only major country still without an official DS Internet browser application.

Battlefield 2142 demo available

A demo of the online game Battlefield 2142 was made available to gamers over the weekend. The whopping 1.1 GB demo gives users an idea of what the Electronic Arts/Digital Illusions game will look like when it is released on 17 October. Battlefield 2142, which we first tested at this year's E3, takes place in the aftermath of a future ice age. In each game, up to 64 players can battle online to take control of the desolate land.

Warhammer expansion Dark Crusade shipping

Video game publisher THQ today announced that the latest expansion pack to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Dark Crusade, is shipping. The $30 PC title acts as both an expansion to current owners of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, as well as a standalone version of the game for those who don't have the original game installed on their PC.

Lucas Arts, Sony offer free 14-day trial for Star Wars Galaxies

In an effort to attract new and more users to Star Wars Galaxies, Lucas Arts and Sony have launched a new campaign promoting the online adventure. Users can play the game, including "An Empire Divided" and its first expansion "Jump to Lightspeed" free of charge for a period of 14 days. Screenshots from Star Wars Galaxies ...

Logitech intros Chillstream controller for PS3

Fremont (CA) - Logitech today introduced the Chillstream controller for the Playstation 3. Designed with a built-in fan, the manufacturer says it is built to keep gamers' hands cool and dry. The drawback is that it is not wireless and has no motion sensor, thus taking away some of the key features of other PS3 controllers.

Burger King to release Xbox games

Miami (FL) - In the first move of its kind for a fast food chain, Burger King today announced that it has teamed up with Microsoft to offer three exclusive video games that will be compatible with both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 console. How Burger King's Xbox games look like ...

Nintendo Wii kiosks to be exclusive to GameStop

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, playable in-store kiosks for the Wii, Nintendo's next-generation video game system, will initially be available only at GameStop retail stores. The kiosks are planned to be available before the Wii launch on 19 November, giving GameStop a monopoly on attracting Wii interest.

Gangs of London for PSP hits the streets

Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced that its Gangs of London viudeo game for the PSP is now available in retail stores throughout North America. See images of Gangs of London ...

Virtually strafe your workplace with Goggles, a Google maps flight simulator

Culver City (CA) - Frustrated at work? Now you can relieve some stress with Goggles, a flight simulator game that uses Google Maps. The Flash-based game, played inside a browser, lets players fly a World War I era biplane over Google Maps' satellite imagery. Players can bank, dive, climb and even strafe terrain.

Need for Speed Carbon, Madden NFL 07 available for launch of Wii

Electronic Arts today announced that Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon will both be available for the Nintendo Wii when it is released on 19 November.