Sony planning video downloads for PS3

Sony is working on a video download service for the PS3, similar to what the Xbox introduced in November.

Crytek to demonstrate Crysis game engine at GDC

Frankfurt (Germany) – Crytek, developer of the first person shooter “FarCry”, today said that it will demonstrate the middleware of the upcoming “Crysis” game at the 2007 Game Developers Conference (GDC), which will open its doors in San Francisco on March 5.  

World of Warcraft starts worldwide contest

Who is the best World of Warcraft player in the world? Blizzard wants to find out and is starting their inaugural worldwide arena tournament.

New PS3 demo, PSOne game hit Playstation Store

For the first time in months, a PS3 demo and a PSOne classic will both be making their way to the Playstation Store as part of this week's update

Take-Two exec pleads guilty to stock fraud

The man in charge of the company that published Grand Theft Auto has pled guilty to falsifying financial records and faces a potential sentence of prison time and more than $7 million in fines.

Sell virtual gold like the big boys with Sparter

Culver City (CA) - Virtual gold trading used to be confined to eBay and a select group of real-money trading (RMT) sites, but Sparter is now allowing the regular joe to buy and sell currency for many popular games. Think of it as a Peer 2 Peer trading sites where World of Warcraft, EVE and Everquest 1 and 2 players can buy virtual money and also put up excess loot for a modest 10% commission. To protect customers, Sparter puts all real money into escrow until the completion of the trade.

Fling Stormtroopers through walls in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Lucasarts has announced a new game in the Star Wars saga that will let players use the force and fling people into and THROUGH walls.

Nintendo quietly unveils new Wii voting channel

Nintendo has opened up a voting platform that allows users to look at poll results in their area and around the world.

Turtle Beach launches Wii headphones

Turtle Beach today announced the availability of the Ear Force W3 headphones, a pair of wireless headphones designed for use with the Wii.

Battlestar Galactica coming to Xbox and PC

Sierra Online is bringing the popular sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica to the Xbox Live network and PCs in a new video game this fall.

The Sims Life Stories makes retail debut

After letting The Sims run its course as one of the top-selling PC game series, EA today launched a new installment in the franchise that offers a more casual, story-driven focus to the basic Sims framework, in an attempt to expand its reach to the non-gamer crowd.

eBayers cash in on NASA scandal

Culver City (CA ) - Inventive eBay users are taking advantage of NASA's astronaut scandal by selling autographed photographs of astronaut Lisa M. Nowak along with other humorous merchandise.   One 8 X 10-inch photo being sold by "lolavanbean" is currently fetching $10,000 and the price could go much higher. Other eBay users are selling "Astronaut Love Triangle" shirts and even Nowak-branded Astronaut diapers.  

Zelda becomes Wii's first platinum title

In less than three months, Nintendo's major launch title for the Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, has sold more than one million copies in North and South America, making it the first standalone title for the Wii to earn the platinum distinction.

Toyota launches real Scion models in Second Life

Toyota has launched an updated Scion xB model and the new xD in both real and Second Life.

Nvidia posts game profiles

Nvidia is offering a shortcut to configure your graphics card to the best possible settings in a video game.

Microsoft to open Xbox Gamerscore rewards program

Loyal Xbox 360 owners who have managed to climb into the Gamerscore stratosphere will soon be able to get some sort of benefit for their efforts, when Microsoft opens up its Reward Challenge program later this month, with smaller awards available for users who haven't logged as much time on their console.

Comcast and Facebook partner to make "Facebook Diaries"

Comcast and Facebook are partnering up to gather and share user-created videos in a new television series. Starting in March, Facebook users can submit video diary segments which will be viewable on both Facebook and Comcast's site. The videos will also be viewable on Comcast's ON DEMAND service. Some of the best videos will be used in a new television series called "Facebook Diaries".

Microsoft to share Casual Games ad revenue

Microsoft Casual Games has unveiled a new revenue sharing plan that would let game developers grab a share of in-game advertising money. The new "Ad-Share" program will give a percentage of gross advertising revenues in the form of monthly checks. Microsoft estimates that annual amount could be substantial and thinks the top five MSN Games could pay out $250,000 a year.

Unreal Tournament can improve vision - study

Remember all the grief your parents gave you for playing video games? Well now you can tell them that action-based games can actually improve eyesight. According to a University of Rochester study, people who played action games for a few hours each day improved their vision by as much as 20%.

Jack Thompson faces Florida bar over questionable conduct

The colorful, outspoken lawyer/activist Jack Thompson, well known for his lawsuits against the companies behind violent video games, is finding himself on the other side of the courtroom, facing allegations of unprofessional conduct and disobeying a judge's order.