PlayStation 3 launches in Europe, Sony gives free 46" TVs

After numerous delays the PlayStation 3 has finally launched in Europe at a price of €599 / £425 ($835) with one million units available across the continent.

Xbox Live not hacked, insists Microsoft

The Xbox Live service was not compromised; Microsoft's Major Nelson has been insisting following on from rumors that user data had been compromised by hackers.

EA to get down with Boogie for Wii

Electronic Arts today announced details of its latest Wii game, Boogie, one of the first Wii-specific dance/rhythm games.

Virtual worlds become a billion dollar industry

Games like World of Warcraft and Second Life have pushed the market for online gaming to a billion dollar a year industry, according to an independent study conducted by Screen Digest.

Handhelds to outpace consoles by 2011 - report

Rising prices for home consoles and increasing interest for casual games will put handhelds ahead of the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3, according to analyst firm DFC Intelligence.

Gears of War gets movie-bound

Gears of War is heading to the land of Tomb Raider, Doom, and Super Mario Bros as a successful video game that is on its way to becoming a feature film.

Italian retailers break PS3 street date

While a good chunk of the world is still waiting for the PS3 to go on sale, some Italian consumers have already purchased theirs.

Google dives into video game advertising

Google is getting into video game advertising with its purchase of Adscape Media for an undisclosed amount of money. Mountain View (CA) - Google is getting into video game advertising with its purchase of Adscape Media for an undisclosed amount of money. Adscape and the search engine giant have released a joint FAQ on Adscape's website, but are keeping most of the details under wraps.

YouTube rolls out virtual red carpet for awards

The few YouTube users who have managed to become virtual celebrities will be honored at the first annual YouTube Video Awards.

Nights Into Dreams to make Wii comeback - rumor

Nights Into Dreams, one of the few notable titles from the Sega Saturn, will receive a long-awaited sequel on the Wii, according to media reports.

Koei CEO resigns

The top executive at game development company Koei has resigned.

Nintendo DS Web browser set for summer in the US

Opera Software has announced that the overdue US release of the Nintendo DS Web browser will hit store shelves on June 4.

New PS3 update adds download queueing, Folding@Home

Corresponding with the European launch of the PS3, Sony will launch one of its biggest firmware updates for the console on Thursday.

Sony launches Euro PS3 backward compatibility site

People from areas of the globe that will see the PS3 for the first time on Thursday can now check to see if their PS2 collection will work on the next-gen console.

Nintendo "struggling" to meet Wii demand

Nintendo says that it is trying very hard to meet the unexpected demand for its latest game console.

Nintendo Wii remains the top selling console in February

The Nintendo Wii has continued to outsell its rivals the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during the usually quite lean month of February according to data released by the NPD group.

Nintendo sets price, date for official DS headset

Corresponding with the first DS titles to have online voice support, Nintendo has set an April release date for its official headset for the portable device.

Wiki, Malware and Technopreneur enter Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary has released its latest update, and new words entering the lexicon officially for the first time include "wiki", "malware" and "technopreneur."

Eidos lets off some Steam

Eidos today announced a new digital download agreement, allowing users to download PC games from Valve's Steam service.

Delutube allows you to view deleted YouTube videos

A site called Delutube has taken advantage of the fact that "deleted" videos on YouTube apparently remain available for viewing up to an hour or so after they can no longer be accessed on itself.