Details emerge about PS3 EyeToy

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced details about the PS3's Playstation Eye, the successor to the cult PS2 hit known as the EyeToy.

Sony sends out PS3 Home Beta trial e-mails

Rollout for the Playstation 3's robust online community seems to be on schedule, as the first round of potential beta testers received e-mails to sign up for PS3 Home late last night.

PlayStation 3 doubles Folding@home capacity

Stanford University’s Folding@home distributed computing project has seen its capacity double in the last month to 700 T Flops thanks largely to the PlayStation 3, according to Sony

Online-enabled Excite Truck 2 heading to Wii

The first sequel to a Wii game will come as a new version of the launch title Excite Truck, bringing online multiplayer to the motion-sensitive racing game.

Plug-and-play TV company extends deal with Namco

Jakks Pacific, the nationwide market share leader in plug & play TV games, announced today that it has signed a new long-term contract with Namco to bring arcade classics like Pac-Man for several more years.

Hot Shots Golf team branches out to Tennis on the PS2

The team behind Sony's first-party Hot Shots Golf series is expanding its horizon, with the announcement of Hot Shots Tennis for the PS2.

PS2 game tops March sales charts

Sony's previous generation gaming console is still making waves, claiming the top-selling game last month over a handful of big next-gen titles.

Medal of Honor: Airborne given August 28 release date

The latest instalment in EA’s highly successful World War 2 shooter franchise has missed its two drop targets of Winter 2006 and Q1 2007, but now we are being promised the firm release date of August 28 2007, according to marketing literature.

Prey developer's studio goes up in flames

Human Head, a game development company most known for its stealth shooter game Prey, faced a devastating fire over the weekend, causing some intellectual property to be completely destroyed.

Wii takes top spot in March

Nintendo has scored a hat trick with the first three months of 2007, nabbing the title of top-selling next-gen home console in January, February, and now March.

No video games found in search of Virginia Tech killer’s dorm

Police and news media are still trying to figure out what caused Virginia Tech student Cho Seung-Hui to kill himself along with 32 classmates and teachers, but so far violent video games don’t appear to be a factor.

Blizzard offers 10-day trial of WoW expansion

Blizzard is now offering a 10-day free trial of its Burning Crusade World of Warcraft Expansion.

Pokemon DS pre-orders top 500,000 mark

Nintendo has announced that more than 500,000 copies of the new Pokemon games for the DS have been reserved, more than doubling the amount of pre-orders for the last wave of Pokemon RPG games.

Pac-Man world championship offers winner free sandwiches for 26 years

Boy do we have a contest for those hungry Pac-Man players out there.

Lost game due out later this year

Ubisoft is working on a video game based on the epic TV drama Lost, according to comments made by two of the show's producers in an official ABC podcast.

EA executives jump ship, form Jet Black Games

A group of Electronic Arts Canada executives have formed their own video game company focused on creating and porting games to the Nintendo Wii and DS.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to cut 160 employees

As many as 160 employees may be laid off from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), according to an internal memo that has been leaked to the media.

First Wi-Fi Sonic game heading to Nintendo DS

Sega today announced details about Sonic Rush Adventure for the DS, announcing it as the first online multiplayer Sonic game in the blue hedgehog's 15 year history.

PS3 hard drive may get an upgrade

With two weeks before the launch of a 120 GB Xbox 360, Sony said today that it is considering coming out with a Playstation 3 that boasts a larger internal capacity.

Xbox Live to award $100,000 in TV pilot contest

Microsoft is offering $100,000 to the budding TV producer in a contest that will put the winner's show on the Xbox Live Marketplace.