E3 2007 VIDEO: Nintendo brings back the Light Gun

Santa Monica (CA) – Nintendo unveiled a new gun-like housing for the Wii remote at its E3 2007 press briefing in Santa Monica today.  Vaguely resembling the company’s signature lightgun from the original Nintendo console days, the Wii Zapper will combine the remote and nunchuck into a single gun.

Update 3: E3 2007 game announcements and lineup

It can be difficult keeping up with all the latest game announcements and anticipated release dates, but we've put them into a single table for your reading pleasure. Update 3: Complete lineup of Electronic Arts added.

E3 2007 VIDEO: Halo theme music acoustic style

While Microsoft did not have any earth-shattering news at their E3 press briefing, the symphonic rendition of the Halo theme music was among the highlights of the event.

Getting schooled: Microsoft's unusual E3 location

It's still a mystery to us why the world's richest company decided to hold its landmark E3 press conference at a local high school.

Microsoft goes after Wii, PS3 territory

Amid the regurgitation of Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV, Microsoft showed a lineup of stuff designed to spread the horizons of the Xbox 360 at last night's E3 event.

Microsoft to bring Disney movie library to Xbox Live Marketplace

Microsoft continues to expand the family room appeal of its Xbox 360 console and announced that it will begin offering Disney’s movie portfolio in standard and high definition through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Game execs avoiding the new E3

Some game company executives are avoiding the new and slimmed down E3 gaming convention.

Playing World of Warcraft on the iPhone

No, Blizzard hasn’t ported World of Warcraft to the Apple iPhone, but Alan Joyce has managed to play the game with the help of some free Google software.

Civilization IV gets repackaged for Gold Edition

A special edition version of Civilization IV will make its way to stores later this month, offering an "impressive list" of exclusive bonus items.

Japan says no to Xbox 360 price cut

In response to Sony's recently announced PS3 price drop in the US, Microsoft's Japan division said it has no plans to change the price on the Xbox 360, but left North America out of the conversation.

Sony slashes PS3 price to $500

Just two days ahead of its E3 press briefing, Sony has brought the price of the Playstation 3 down from $600 to $500. An 80 GB model is also now slated for the U.S.

Sony prints full-page apology for Resistance in UK paper

Sony has paid for a full-page ad in the Manchester Evening News, apologizing for using the city's cathedral in the violent shooter Resistance: Fall of Man.

Galapagos documentary heading to Blu-ray, HD DVD

The BBC has announced it is bringing Galapagos, a documentary of the Galapagos Islands, to high definition DVD formats, hoping to catch in on the success seen by Planet Earth.

New Spyro game to hit five platforms this fall

Sierra Entertainment announced today that the flying purple fire breather will be the star of another Spyro game, in its first transition to the next-gen arena.

No price drop for you! – Sony president

Sony’s President Ryoji Chubachi has quashed Internet rumors about an upcoming $100 price drop for the PlayStation 3 console.

Microsoft falls short of fiscal year expectations for Xbox 360

During a conference call to discuss the new warranty initiative, Microsoft said it fell short of its fiscal year goal of 12 million Xbox 360s by the end of June.

Expanded warranty for Xbox 360 to cost Microsoft more than $1 billion

Microsoft today said that it is now covering Xbox 360 consoles with a 3-year warranty for general hardware failures and will reimburse customers who previously paid for certain repairs.

Xbox 360 Elite gets Japan-bound

The pumped up, HDMI compatible Xbox 360 is making its way to Japan.

EA to bring "Family Play" to Wii sports titles

Electronic Arts today announced an exclusive feature that will make its way to the Wii versions of upcoming EA Sports titles.

DS to get a digital camera

Kyoto (Japan) - Nintendo has announced that it is working on a camera peripheral for the Nintendo DS, with a flagship game designed to help improve skin quality. The camera will come with a game titled "Face Training", which will take users through various face exercises.  The game will prompt users to go through various facial gestures designed to help make their skin more elastic, reports Wired.