Amazon gives away seven HD DVD movies with Xbox 360 Elite bundle

Customers who purchase the Xbox 360 Elite and HD DVD drive from Amazon will receive seven free HD DVD titles, curbing virtually the entire cost of the player.

Best Buy bumps up Xbox 360 accessory prices ahead of Halo 3

Headsets, cables, and controller charge kits for the Xbox 360 are all going for $3 more than they used to at Best Buy, with demand for these items expected to jump for the release of Halo 3.

Dr. Phil to talk about video game violence

TV psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw will be a new high profile commentator with an assumed negative outlook on violent video games, reports Game Politics.

Wii firmware updated again to fix online issues

In the quickest side-by-side firmware updates for the Wii so far, Nintendo has updated its console for the second time in as many weeks.

Xbox Live user tally reaches seven million

Over seven million Xbox Live accounts have been created, accounting for nearly 70% of all Xbox 360 consoles.

Xbox 360 Rock Band bundle reportedly priced at $200

MTV's ambitious music game Rock Band will be the most expensive Xbox 360 title to date.

NES Metroid, Metroid Prime 3 preview debut on Wii

Gearing up for its first big title since the Wii's launch, Nintendo has added a preview of the new Metroid Prime game as well as a downloadable version of the first title in the series to the Wii Shop channel.

Boogie brings down the house on Wii

Game Review - The unique, addictive, and varied gameplay offered in Boogie easily makes it one of the most enjoyable Wii games to date.>> In Pictures: Boogie game preview 

Sony offers refunds for defective games

Customers who purchased specific titles from the Playstation 3's online Playstation Store will receive a full refund because of defects in the game emulation.

Universal bypasses iTunes with DRM-free music trial

Following a similar announcements made earlier this year by EMI, Universal Music Group will be releasing music tracks without an integrated technology that restricts the use of the music files.

World in Conflict hits gold status

Vivendi's Sierra Entertainment announced today that the PC strategy game World in Conflict has gone gold, meaning development is complete and it's ready to be mass produced.

Computers visualize airflow in Nascar drafting

Chicago (IL) - Computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed software that is incorporated in new technology allowing television audiences to instantaneously see how air flows around speeding cars. The "DraftTrack" application debuted in late July during the Brickyard 400 race in Indianapolis, where the effects were during an ESPN broadcast.      

Study: Gamers unaware, don't care about additional game console features

Most gamers just want to play games and don't really care about all the extra expensive goodies packed into the multimedia consoles, according to a new survey from research group NPD.

Blu-ray, HD DVD topple VHS sales

High definition discs became the second most popular video medium in the first half of 2007, officially overtaking legacy format VHS.

Halo 3 hits one million pre-orders in record time

Microsoft's ultimate cash cow for the Xbox 360, Halo 3 has eclipsed one million pre-orders more than six weeks before the game is scheduled to be released.

Xbox 360 Pro gets new HDMI port

Along with a cheaper price, customers who purchase a new Xbox 360 Pro will get to make use of a newly implanted HDMI port, previously exclusive to the top tier Xbox 360 Elite.

UK bans PS3 ad, warns Sony

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has issued a warning for Sony, forcing it to remove a controversial Internet ad.

New firmware update adds features to Wii Shop

The most rarely updated console of the big three, the Wii today received a new firmware upgrade to add a few tweaks to the system's Internet-powered features.

Microsoft cuts price of Xbox 360

Microsoft will reduce the price of the Xbox 360 by up to $50. The Halo 3 edition of the console will sell for $400.

80 GB Playstation 3 goes on sale

Sony said that the Playstation 3 with the upgraded 80 GB hard drive is available now, while the remaining, price-reduced 60 GB models delivers a healthy sales increase for the company.