Warhawk flies into the US

The game that Sony hopes can fully unleash the online power of the Playstation 3, Warhawk, is now available in stores and on the console's digital download store.

Best Buy suggests Xbox 360 Core unit with HDMI coming soon

Best Buy has raised some eyebrows with a new listing on its website for an "Xbox 360 Core system w/ HDMI."

Revised Manhunt 2 receives "M" rating, October 31 release date

Rockstar Games has announced that Manhunt 2 will be released in the US on October 31, with an "M" rating given to a new "toned down" version of the gruesome horror title.

Wii steals the show again in July while PS3 gains traction

Though the Wii was the runaway winner yet again last month, the more interesting story is that PS3 sales were on an upward swing in July.

Microsoft brings Ubisoft on board to Games For Windows

Ubisoft has signed on to publish upcoming games under the "Games For Windows" label, the latest bump for the Microsoft-backed PC game brand.

PSP goes all out with messenger, GPS, and video download functionality

The PSP received an unexpected boost this week with announcements of three major new features heading to the portable system in the coming months.

Playstation 3 TV tuner, DVR officially announced

Leipzig (Germany) - Following an preliminary announcement earlier this year, Sony has officially unveiled PlayTV, a new service that transforms the PS3 into a digital video recorder.PlayTV incorporates a dual digital tuner to the PS3 to receive two cable or satellite feeds.  It includes an on-screen program guide, high definition capability, and basic DVR controls like the ability to control live TV.

Wii eclipses Xbox 360 in console sales

The Nintendo Wii is now the best-selling next-gen console, according to a report from VG Chartz.

Microsoft introduces customizable LCD gaming mouse

Leipzig (Germany) - Microsoft today announced an update to its Sidewinder line of gaming mouses with a new set that includes customizable controls and a LCD.Announced at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, the new Sidewinder model delivers numerous updates over previous versions.  Among the new features are a wider scroll wheel, two vertical side buttons, and a built-in macro that lets players more easily search their in-game surroundings in the middle of a quest or battle.

Paramount announces first HD DVD title following exclusivity decision

Paramount has announced it will be bringing the 2007 drama "A Mighty Heart" to HD DVD, the first official new movie announcement since the studio opted to back HD DVD exclusively.

Playstation 3 Folding@Home client updated for PSP support

Sony and Stanford have updated the Playstation 3's Folding@Home client, adding among other things connectivity with the PSP.

Teen nearly kills himself trying to fix overheating Xbox 360

A 14-year-old boy was knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital as a result of trying to cool off his Xbox 360 over the weekend.

Brain Age 2 is a worthy sequel

Game Review - The unlikely video game phenomenon is back and better than before with Nintendo's newest entry in the Brain Age series. In Pictures: Challenges in Brain Age 2

2K unleashes Bioshock

2K Games announced the availability of its first-person shooter Bioshock for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 console.>> In Pictures: Bioshock screenshots  

Silent Hill PSP demo leaked

A demo for the upcoming PSP Silent Hill game has illegitimately made its way to the public, available to download from the PSP's mobile Internet browser.

MTV, Real Networks, Verizon Wireless take aim at iTunes

MTV Networks, Real Networks and Verizon today announced that they will be forming "Rhapsody America", a new company that will be offering an "integrated digital music experience" for PC, portable music players and cellphones.

Paramount, Dreamworks go HD DVD

The HD DVD camp today received an exclusivity commitment from two major movie studios – a welcome commitment the group needs in its battle against Blu-ray.

EA sends out four games for Macs

Delivering on its promise to bring more games to the Apple computer platform, Electronic Arts today shipped four new Mac titles./div>

Wii movie playback unlocked

Video converting specialist X-OOM Software has released a new application that allows users to format movies that will playback on the Wii without modifying the console.

Future Xbox 360 games may require hard drive

Microsoft is allowing developers to have games use the Xbox 360 hard drive, a requirement that could systematically weed out owners of the Core version of the console.