Namco Bandai announces two "Tales" games

Namco Bandai's popular series of "Tales" role-playing games is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and in commemoration the publisher has announced new games for the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Obtain citizenship, avoid jail in illegal immigration game ICED

Los Angeles (CA) – Suki is a Japanese student on the run from US immigration authorities and you can experience what he is going through in a new game called ICED.  Short for I Can End Deportation, the game places players in New York where they must avoid police and do good deeds to gain citizenship.  The makers of the game say it’s an educational tool aimed at teens, but critics claim it trivializes illegal immigration.  

Nintendo to charge for online Wii services

Nintendo has confirmed that it will offer "Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play" on the Wii, a feature that will have additional online functionality but at an added price.

Guild Wars passes the 5 million mark

Blizzard's 800-pound gorilla World of Warcraft isn’t the only relevant game in the MMORPG genre.

Playstation 3 Dual Shock controller dated, priced

Sony today announced a firm release date and MSRP for the "Dualshock 3" controller, the first PS3 controller to include the rumble feature.

“A LAN party by gamers, for gamers” – PDXLAN 11

Portland (OR) – Getting smacked in the head with a ball usually is a bad thing, but for hundreds of PDXLAN attendees over President’s Day Weekend it was a chance to have fun and win gigabytes of RAM sticks.  For four days, more than five hundred avid gamers descended upon Portland Oregon to virtually kill each other and win thousands of dollars in prizes in wacky contests – like vegemite eating, chair holding and yes, even dodgeball.  I’ve attended other LAN parties, but my first visit to PDXLAN showed me how a large party can still be fun and “homey”.

Eye of Judgment expansion announced for Playstation 3

Sony has announced details, including a firm release date, for the second set of cards for the Playstation Eye killer app "The Eye of Judgment".

EA offers $2 billion to take over Take-Two

Electronic Arts is trying to expand its gaming chops by attempting to acquire Take-Two Interactive, the publisher best known for the Grand Theft Auto series.

Worldwide president of Sony Computer Entertainment resigns

Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, has announced his resignation ending more than 15 years with the Sony corporation.

Game console players set themselves apart at GDC

Opinion - In the past week, we've seen all three video game consoles become more polarizingly differentiated than ever before. Microsoft pushed an independent developer-friendly message, Nintendo emphasized a non-straying family gaming approach, and Sony maintained an heir of superiority over both that may or may not be justified.

VIDEO: Neurosky MindSet proves TG Daily editors are Jedis

At this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Neurosky showed off their new MindSet headset which turns brain waves into game inputs.  By concentrating on objects and entering a zen-like state, attendees and TG reporter Humphrey Cheung managed to push, pull and even burn on-screen objects.

Square Enix admits lots of faults as WiiWare pioneer

San Francisco (CA) - Square Enix said it has been receiving comments from people surprised at its initiative on Nintendo's new WiiWare platform.  As a company so used to enormous-scale projects, a bite-sized Final Fantasy game at this day in age was actually a rocky challenge.  We have details on the game, including some you won't find anywhere else.

VIDEO: Behind the scenes of Wii Fit

San Francisco (CA) - We had the opportunity to get an unvarnished look at the process behind Wii Fit and the unique Wii Balance Board controller.    

Sony shows off "sketch and scan" technology with PS3

San Francisco (CA) - All the console players are out in force at this week's Game Developers Conference, but Sony has arguably the most technologically innovative concept thanks to its Playstation Eye peripheral. It's not often you find a high-tech demonstration at a trade show that involves Sharpie markers and a blank piece of paper.  That's what makes Sony's GDC showing so eye-catching, pun intended.

VIDEO: Epic shows off updated Unreal 3 engine

At Microsoft’s GDC keynote, Epic technical director and CEO Tim Sweeney showed off the updated Unreal Engine 3 in a graphics buzzword-filled presentation.  The new engine will power the upcoming Gears of War 2 and promises great things like hundreds of bad guys on the screen, dynamic shadows and better character lighting.

EA sheds light on first expansion to Sim City Societies

Electronic Arts has unveiled Sim City Socities Destinations, the first add-on pack to the new Sim City PC game.

Commodore 64 coming to Wii Virtual Console

The Wii's Virtual Console will be expanding with the addition of classic Commodore 64 titles, which will arrive first on the European version of the digital download service.

VIDEO: Fable 2 demo highlights game's breadth, innovation

During a brief walkthrough of Fable 2's main features, there was more than enough to whet the appetite of fans from the first installment.

VIDEO: Microsoft opens up Xbox 360 to indie developers

During Microsoft's Game Developer's Conference keynote this morning, one idea shined through higher than all else - the push to bring Xbox 360 development to everyone.

Portal named "Game of the Year" at GDC Awards

Valve's futuristic game Portal beat out other mega hits like Super Mario Galaxy, Rock Band and Bioshock to take the highest honors at this week's Game Developer's Choice Awards.