Formula 1 goes to Codemasters after Sony unrest

After Sony refused to pay the licensing fees requested by the Formula 1 car racing association, England-based Codemasters has stepped up and nabbed the former Sony-exclusive license.  Codemasters has gained the global rights to the racing label, promising to bring Formula 1-branded games to consoles, PC, and handheld gaming platforms.

Playstation 3 nabs 40% of Grand Theft Auto IV

Despite Sony's PS3 console being outsold by the Xbox 360 by more than two to one in the US, it managed to grab a healthy amount of the Grand Theft Auto IV sales.  GTA IV broke game records around the world when it came out a few weeks ago, selling 3.6 million copies in the first day and six million copies by the end of the week.

Video games don’t turn children into blood-thirsty killers – Harvard research

A pair of Harvard researchers say violent video games don’t turn children into killers.  According to a newly published book, ‘Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do’, psychologists Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson dispel common myths about violent games.  In their two-year study, they found that there was no data to support any causation between games and real-life violence.

New Congressional bill to require ID for all MATURE-rated video games

With Grand Theft Auto 4 selling like hotcakes and making over $500 million in the first week, a Republican and Democrat have introduced a bill that would make it a bit harder for teenagers to buy mature games.  Republican Representative Lee Terry from Nebraska and Democrat Representative Jim Matheson from Utah introduced the Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act which would require retailers to check IDs and not selling ‘Mature’ or ‘Adults Only’-rated games to anyone under 18-years-old.

Electronic Arts to make fitness game for Wii

There's a new Wii game that will allow users to step on a unique controller and complete fitness exercises.  No, we're not talking about Wii Fit; that's yesterday's news.  EA is the new story when it comes to Wii-powered fitness regimens.  It is really a blatant copy of Nintendo's Wii Fit game, which comes out to the US next month.  EA doesn't shy away from this fact, though.  

Ubisoft caught in a little Assassin’s Creed scandal

TG Daily investigates - Amidst talk that the PC’s days as a major gaming platform could be counted blockbuster titles such as Assassin’s Creed are welcome signs that show just the opposite. Sadly, it is very likely that this game will be remembered for a controversy that dances around a strange decision to remove support for DirectX 10.1 and handed transferred an initial performance advantage for ATI’s Radeon cards over to Nvidia. Did Nvidia have its hands in this one? We looked a bit closer to find out.

Sony's Playstation 3 Home delayed again

When and if Sony finally releases its online world "Home" for the Playstation 3, many gamers will likely still be resentful over the countless delays they have endured.  The software has now been scheduled for the "end of the year," a slightly less optimistic outlook than the previously announced release window of autumn 2008.

Wii's "Nintendo Channel" open for business

Nintendo today released a firmware update for its Wii video game console, adding a new feature to the main menu that allows gamers to access game trailers and demos.  After downloading the update, users can find the "Nintendo Channel" in the Wii Shop Channel, available as a free download.

Grand Theft Auto 4 surpasses $500 million in retail sales

Apparently a life of crime does pay off and in the case of Take-Two Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto 4 video game, it’s paid off big time.  The company has announced that retail sales of the ultra-violent Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 game have surpassed $500 million dollars in the first week.

Wii, PS2 to get Rock Band "downloadable" content

When Rock Band was announced for the Playstation 2 and subsequently the Wii, one of the most obvious question was, "What about the additional downloadable tracks?"  Because neither the PS2 or Wii has the infrastructure to allow publishers to release downloadable content, it was widely assumed that the song list for those versions would remain static.

UPDATE: License clash between Sony and Formula 1 Boss means no F1 games

Formula 1 isn’t exactly as popular as Nascar or Indy cars, but there is no denying that it is the premier motorsport event around the globe and it looks like Sony won’t be publishing any more Formula 1 game titles for no: Apparently, the gap between what Sony is willing to pay for a license and what Bernie Ecclestone’s company is demanding is too wide.  

Germans launch ultimate Porsche 911 Turbo game steering wheel

If you are a fan of the famous German sports car brand, or dream of driving a "Porscha", this one may be for you. Endor is bringing a Porsche 911 Turbo gaming steering wheel to the market.

E3 in trouble - Major game publishers skip show AND drop out of organization

E3, the formerly fantastic game expo where tens of thousands of people attended, just keeps getting smaller and lamer.  According to GameSpot, Vivendi has announced that it will not be attending this year’s E3 show.  This also means Activision won’t be attending the show this coming July.  But the bad news doesn’t stop there, because the companies also announced that they will be dropping out of the Entertainment Software Association, the organization that manages E3 and lobbies for the video game industry.

Take-Two offers 12-step program to fix PS3 GTA IV

With the much-publicized problems of the Playstation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto leaving PS3 owners upset, the game's publisher has released details on how to fix the glitches, and it's not an easy process.

Blu-ray on Xbox reportedly set for September

Microsoft is moving forward with plans to bring Sony's Blu-ray format to its Xbox 360 console, according a report from Chinese newspaper Economic Daily News.  The paper claims that Microsoft has placed orders for an Xbox 360 console with a built-in Blu-ray Disc drive and is expected to ship them in the third quarter of this year.

Falling dollar leads to cheaper Canadian prices on PS Store

The last couple years aside, most Americans would probably only remember a Canadian dollar that was less valuable than the American dollar, sometimes even comically so.  Recently, though, the tables have turned and Canada's currency was at one point more valuable globally than that of the US.  As a result, Sony Computer Entertainment America has decided to adjust the prices of content on the Playstation 3 online store to reflect the new price discrepancy.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are against GTA IV

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has issued a statement calling for the newly released Grand Theft Auto IV to be pulled from store shelves and assigned an "Adults Only" rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.  The activist group takes particular offense to the fact that it is possible for players to allow in-game characters to drink and drive.

Grand Theft Auto IV smashes one-day sales record in UK

In its first day on store shelves, more than 600,000 copies of Grand Theft Auto IV were sold in the UK, which is more than any video game in the past.  Grand Theft Auto is one of the most powerful franchises in the gaming industry, and is the crown jewel for its development company Rockstar.  The new installment, which is the first for the Xbox 360 and PS3, was expected to be even more successful than previous titles.

Uh-oh! Problems abound for PS3 GTA IV

In previous generations of video gaming, when a new title was released on multiple platforms there was rarely much discussion over which version to get.  If you were a PS2 fan, you should go ahead and get the PS2 version, etc.  However, with widely varying online services, different display and rendering technologies, and differentiated control schemes, multiplatform games are posing more of a debate, and Grand Theft Auto IV is showing that right out of the gate.

Crytek, Epic lost billions of dollars because of piracy

My former colleague Igor “Iggy” Gajic got the chance to interview Cevat Yerly, co-founder and CEO of Crytek. During the interview, Yerly was keen on keeping the lid of future projects, but he did not refrain himself from stating his views about the current state of PC gaming industry.