China blocks YouTube without an explanation

YouTube has once again been blocked by the Chinese government. Google has been given no reason for the blockage, but discovered it themselves after noticing a decline in Chinese traffic around noon on Monday. Many believe the blockage relates to recent videos depicting alleged brutality by Chinese police in Tibet.

Are you ready for cloud gaming?

There may soon be another option to play video games at home, in a very different way we have been used to so far. Rather than buying a fairly expensive console or PC, a small box promises to deliver games through the Internet to your TV or PC, no matter how powerful your local hardware is. Will cloud gaming have a chance to break through the barrier of modern game consoles and high-end PCs?

Qualcomm backs Zeebo, a new game console

A new startup company called Zeebo is marketing a game console which only utilizes a wireless 3G network for downloading new games. The console, called simply Zeebo, was unveiled on Monday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and will be available to Brazilian retailers at a price of $199 with plans for a price reduction to $179 and potentially $149 next year. The target market for the device will be Russia, Brazil, India and China, the so-called "Next Billion" markets.

Facebook redesign causes 1.7 million users to revolt

Facebook recently underwent a major website and user interface redesign (its second within a year) which changed the layout and feature access significantly. The changes have users frustrated and furious begging to get the "Old Facebook" back. So far, 1.7 million users have joined a Facebook group called "Petition against the New Facebook". They request the site make smaller changes to allow for simpler user transitions, and represent 1% of the site's 175 million registered users.

AMD ready to demo Havok physics on its graphics cards

About nine months ago, we learned that AMD was partnering with Intel acquisition Havok to enable physics acceleration on its graphics processors. Now it seems that the company is ready to show what it has been working on. First Havok physics demos on Radeon GPUs are expected for GDC 2009, which starts today.

Clara County: Microsoft buys Yahoo!

Welcome to the second edition of Clara County, a comic strip portraying a fictional representation of real-world companies. It's a hub of activity and you never know who's going to pop up. In this installment, we meet Moblivious and Cahoo, CEOs of two huge multi-billion dollar corporations that may bear some resemblance to real-world companies. Prepare yourself to enter the world of Clara County.

First PhysX-enabled games arrive on iPhone

In character, Apple's allowed a different route than other companies like Sony and Nintendo. Rather than licensing Nvidia's PhysX technology and exposing it to developers via the iPhone SDK, they've allowed several independent developers who created PhysX-enabled iPhone games into their App Store. And while you can't overlook how the advanced physics comes at the expense of graphics quality, their use does serve as testbed example that iPhone too can run the Nvidia PhysX engine.

Apple upgrades iTunes store with HD blockbuster movies rentals and purchases

Apple is now offering box office blockbusters such as "Quantum of Solace" and "Twilight" in HD for purchase and rent. And yes, you guessed it, the privilege of owning such a movie isn’t cheap.

Online video game to offer real banking services

The Swedish Finance Supervisory has given preliminary approval in the form of a real banking license to video game maker, MindArk PE AB. Within a year, a person will be able to enter the online sci-fi video game Entropia Universe to conduct some real-world banking business -- forever changing the concept of online banking. Set on planet Calypso, there will be no lines, no hassles, and always the experience you'd expect with a friendly service from virtual bank tellers who never change.

Clara County: x86 cross-license dispute

Welcome to Clara County, a comic strip portraying a fictional representation of real-world companies. It's a hub of activity and you never know who's going to pop up. In this installment, we meet Inteligencia and Amdrose, two rival semiconductor manufacturers that may bear some resemblance to real-world companies. Prepare yourself to enter the world of Clara County.

Playstation 3 gets Nvidia PhysX effects

Sony has signed a license agreement with Nvidia that will enable registered Playstation 3 (PS3) developers to use the binary version of the PhysX SDK in their games.

Guinness World Record: Video game uses F-word 189 times, once per minute

A video game called "House of the Dead: Overkill" has now become the world's most profane ever, according to a Guinness World Records spokesman. It drops the F-bomb an amazing 189 times, accounting for a 3% of the game's overall dialogue, at a rate of about one use per minute.

New iPod shuffle contains tiny DRM?? chip in earbud

When the new iPod shuffle was introduced last week it got a voice, but that's not all. Websites like BoingBoing Gadgets began taking the new device apart to see what secrets its innards might reveal. During the deconstruction, a chip identified as 8A83E3 was discovered in the earbud of all places. Immediately everybody began claiming "DRM, DRM!" However, was that chip really part of some new DRM? Or is it something else entirely?

Sony leaned on by game publishers: Lower the price of the PS3!

Sony has launched into defensive mode following the announcement of Nintendo's 100 millionth DS sale after a mere 4 years 3 months on the market. It took Sony a full 5 years 9 months to achieve the same sales record. Analysts say Sony is heading toward a price cut with its PlayStation 3, and it's anticipated that Sony could potentially reduce the price anywhere from $50 to $100 in the next couple months.

IBM ships 50 millionth 90nm Wii CPU

Not to be outdone by AMD's recent achievement of shipping 50 million Wii GPUs (and GPUs for Xbox as well), IBM has announced that their CPUs have now powered all 50 million Wiis built to date.

Is the Wii about to enter the set-top box arena?

Chicago (IL) - Unlike Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation, the Nintendo Wii is both user friendly and family oriented. Nearly anyone can utilize it. The use of the device as a streaming media player would surely not only boost sales, but it could also give other console manufacturers a run for their money. Currently in the United States, there are 16.2 million Wiis. This number compares to 12.8 million Xbox 360s and 6.3 million PS3s. In fact, the Wii has the potential to dominate the market.

Nintendo DS hits 100 million in unit sales

Nintendo has managed to sell its 100 millionth Nintendo DS portable game console sometime this week. The 100M figure includes cumulative sales of Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi since its launch in early 2005. While the growth curve remains consistent, the number of game titles selling above the 1 million mark is increasing, now at 83.

No recession here: NPD says U.S. gaming industry in good health

The U.S. gaming industry appears not only alive and well, but also recession resistant. Even as we await a new batch of games to kick console sales into a higher gear -- like the eagerly-awaited Resident Evil 5, we are still buying more games in 2009. And now a new trend is being seen, we are increasingly using our consoles for more online game play.

Sony and NBC partner for PlayStation content

As of yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America is now offering television programs and movies from NBC Universal. The deal expands content to 1,300 movies and 4,500 TV episodes which can be purchased or rented on Sony's PlayStation network.

Verizon's FiOS TV adds Turner and Sony content

Verizon's FiOS TV (Fiber Optics television) service has struck a deal with Turner Networks and Sony, and will now be providing additional on-demand content to their regular lineup.