Lego Rock Band to hit store shelves by holiday season

Warner Bros. and TT Games have teamed up with Lego, Harmonix and MTV to create a new title known as Lego Rock Band.

Nearly one in ten young gamers addicted, says report

In yet more research pathologising widespread behavior, a Iowa State University psychology professor has concluded that nearly one in ten young players show "pathological patterns of video game addiction".

Microsoft on a roll: New Xbox 360 bundle announced

We have to give props to Microsoft. It has the oldest current-gen game console on the market, but the company has found an effective strategy to keep sales numbers high and the PS3 at a distance. Consumers will be able to purchase a new high-end bundle in May. Sony, are you watching?

Watch out Hulu: YouTube’s coming with video

Google’s YouTube video streaming site has announced a partnership with Hollywood studios, which will deliver both television shows and movies to United States viewers. Among the partners agreeing to deliver content to the site are CBS, BBC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lions Gate Entertainment, an independent film studio.

Nintendo pitches $20 Wiimote precision extension

How do you increase the price of a new controller for your game console: Simple. You market a new feature as additional hardware rather than as an integrated part of your controller. In Nintendo’s case, that would translate into a 50% increase, if you plan on adding the new Wii MotionPlus to your WiiMote – or 33% if you buy the Nunchuk as well. A fully decked out 4-person controller system for the Wii costs a stunning $320.  Too much?

Dolby adds 3D voice to online games

Two upcoming online games, Jumpgate Evolution and Mission Against Terror, will integrate Dolby’s Axon 3D voice platform, the company announced today.

Myst comes to the iPhone

Myst is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. The original developer, Cyan Worlds, believes that it can fit the entire game into teh device, including finely rendered scenery and animations, original score and sound effects. In fact, the iPhone port is promised to pack every aspect of the original Myst in pixel-perfect accuracy. EXTRAS: SLIDESHOWS

Nintendo not planning to cut Wii price

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo said that the video game creator does not plan to make any pricing changes to its Wii console  even though unit sales are declining in Japan. The company admitted that the Wii has hit its lowest sales level in the Japanese market yet.

Sims creator leaves Electronic Arts, joins gaming think tank

Will Wright, designer of such popular games as The Sims, SimCity and Spore, announced yesterday that he will be leaving Electronic Arts to run Stupid Fun Club, an entertainment "think tank" which he created in 2001 to help develop properties for video games, movies, television and even Web-based toys.

Sony films heading to YouTube?

Chicago (IL) – Rumor has it that YouTube and Sony Pictures are negotiating a content streaming deal. CNet is reporting that sources close to the discussion claim that an agreement between the two companies would make some Sony Pictures full length films available for free streaming via YouTube.

PS3 outsells Wii in Japan 3:2, Wii sales down 63%

Nintendo's dominance in game console sales has taken a back seat in Japan to Sony's PlayStation 3 this month. While Nintendo sold an impressive 99,335 units as of March 29, Sony was easily able to beat that selling 146,948 (48% more). Analysts are wondering if this trend will continue and reach Europe or the U.S.

Nintendo DSi on sale in United States

Today in the United States, Nintendo begins selling its much anticipated DSi portable game player. While the device has been on sale in Japan since the Fall, U.S. buyers will be able to shell out around $170 for a model in either blue (cyan) or black. The DSi includes front-facing 3.0 Megapixel and rear-facing 0.3 Megapixel cameras, two slightly larger screens, more memory, an SD card slot, and is backward compatible with DS line which, to date, has sold more than 100 million units. Nintendo hopes DSi will compete against the iPod touch as a viable gaming platform with its online DSi shop.

Hollywood panics! X-Men Origins: Wolverine pirated, hits web a month before official release

Late yesterday, an illegal copy of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked on the web -- one full month ahead of the official premiere slated for May 1. Naturally, it sent shivers down many Hollywood mogul's spines and also shocked analysts. It's also a big blow to 20th Century Fox, who fears the illegal copy and potentially skewed reviews could hurt the movie's revenue. Being an avid movies fan, I'm tempted to download it. On the other hand, I know it would be bad for my karma. Should I surrender? I (and many others) won't be buying our tickets when the time comes.

Google goes HAL with CADIE in April Fool's prank

A brief press release posted at 11:59:59pm last night has ignited a slew of controversy. Google's announcement was of a new artificial intelligence named CADIE, which stands for Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. She's a HAL-like computer with her own homepage and YouTube channel wherein she demonstrates the full extent of her HAL-envy, and Google's continued appreciation of April Fool's Day jokes.

Sony lowers Playstation 2 price to $99

Sony had claimed it would be making a big announcement this week, but didn't give consumers any hints. Speculators and analysts assumed we'd be seeing a significant decrease in the price of the PlayStation 3. What Sony has now unveiled does not involve the PlayStation 3, but instead the PlayStation 2. The company plans to reduce the consoles price by about 25 percent, down to $99.

Another price hike for Netflix Blu-ray users

Don’t say you did not see this one coming. An economy in recession, slowing subscriber growth and higher cost of Blu-ray media means what for your Netflix subscription? Yes, a price increase. And depending on your plan, you may be paying up to $9 per month extra for the privilege of watching movies in high-definition.

Study: Video games can improve eyesight

A recent study conducted by the University of Rochester and published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, concludes that playing shooter-type video games is a great tool for improving one's eyesight. That means all of that violence, guts and gore could quite possibly be contributing to healthier eyes.

Are you prepared to give Wii a mental High Voltage makeover?

If you think the Wii console is just for old people and little brothers, then you're in for a change come June. At least that's the case of a new High Voltage game called Conduit coming out at that time. The game makers promise an action-packed adventure that's more typically found on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Nintendo at GDC 2009: It’s the software, stupid!

There is no doubt that Nintendo is currently dominating the console gaming world and the company isn’t exactly shy of explaining its rivals why that is the case: Software sells hardware, said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during his keynote at GDC 2009. While that is not exactly news for many people, he gave conference attendees an idea just how much effort the company puts into developing entertaining games.  

Blockbuster unveils OnDemand for TiVo, hints at Apple deal

TiVo is under pressure to deliver more products to consumers to be able to justify its pricing structure for its subscription-based service. Now the company has landed a deal with Blockbuster, which could set it apart from the less-expensive DVR competitors and is yet another sign how movie content will be delivered to homes in the future.