Hyperkin breathes new life into old games

Has all the hype and chaos of E3 left you feeling nostalgic for the old days of 8 and 16 bit gaming? Do you have a sudden urge to play The Legend of Zelda or Golden Axe instead of waving a Wii controller, holding a vibrating Xbox 360 pad and dreaming of the new PSP Go?

Nintendo pours scorn on Sony, Microsoft controllers

A senior developer at Nintendo has displayed total unconcern at Sony and Microsoft's attempts to catch up with its Wii controller system.

Animations set to make a splash

When computer animators discovered how to render hair, suddenly movies were full of cuddly creatures instead of plastic toys and reptiles.

Indie developers help define a new generation of gaming at E3

The E3 playing field was undoubtedly dominated by veteran industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. However, a consortium of independent developers known as "IndieCade" showcased a number of titles that could help define the future of alternative gaming.

Iron Will Technologies debuts sensory glove for gamers

Iron Will is currently showcasing a new PC peripheral at the E3 Expo. The Peregrine gaming glove, which is powered by advanced TouchPoint technology, offers a "direct link" to real-time strategy (RTS) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles.

Microsoft claims E3 victory as Nintendo stumbles

A supposedly neutral third-party analyst has predicted that Microsoft will experience a "strengthened" market position for its Xbox 360 game console. Strategy Analytics games analyst Martin Olausson explained that Microsoft had clearly "pulled ahead" of  Sony and Nintendo "when it comes to offering next generation online entertainment experiences."

Sony confirms Agent, debuts Assassin's Creed 2

Sony has confirmed that Agent will be available exclusively for the Playstation 3. Agent, devloped by Rockstar of GTA fame, is an espionage game that takes place during the 1970s when bell-bottom jeans and dangling cigarettes were all the rage.

DXT shows off advanced console gear

Digital Extreme Technologies (DXT) is currently showcasing its advanced console gear at the E3 expo. We spoke with DXT reps about several notable products, including the Reality Pro Game System, Sensor Handgrip and Black Widow Keyboard.

THQ demos Darksiders, showcases MX vs. ATV

THQ has unveiled a number of new games in honor of E3, including MX vs. ATV, Homefront, Space Marine and Darksiders. The company also released its long-awaited Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Sony’s new PSP is definitely a Go

With a suggested retail price of $249 and an October 1 debut date, the PSP Go is a smaller, more mobile version of the PSP, geared toward those who – no surprise here – “lead a digital lifestyle”.

Sony debuts PS3 Motion Controller

In keeping up with Nintendo and Microsoft who launched motion sensing controllers, Sony debuted an impressive device, the PlayStation Motion Controller which works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye during its press conference. The device is set to hit the shelves in spring 2010.

Nintendo snubs E3 with recycled games and hardware

Hopes were indeed high for Nintendo's keynote speech at E3. However, Nintendo fans and industry watchers waiting with bated breath for earth shattering news were instead forced to make do with a slew of recycled games and hardware.

Nintendo reveals plenty of new games at E3

Nintendo brought a lot of software news to E3. In an attempt to continue to grow the gaming population and cater to everyone, the company believes that all new titles would find their audience.

Nintendo debuts Wii Motion Plus and Wii Vitality Sensor

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America took the stage during the E3 Nintendo Keynote to talk about the Wii MotionPlus, an attachment which delivers precise and distinct motion control.

BT throttles YouTube, iPlayer

Britain's biggest ISP is restricting download speeds on its cheapest packages without warning users.

Microsoft bleats Beatles Rock Band, says yeah, yeah yeah to Project Natal

Microsoft kicked off E3 with its world premier of Beatles Rock Band. The company also confirmed the existence of sensor-based technology - codenamed Project Natal - that will be capable of influencing or controlling an on-screen character based on a player's facial expressions and movements.

BBC and YouTube may launch international iPlayer site

The BBC and YouTube are believed to be in talks over launching the BBC's iPlayer catch-up TV service internationally.

Qore leaks new PSP details before E3 debut

GamersConsoleNetwork has managed to snag the first official images of the PSP Go from Qore. Qore, a subscription-based interactive online magazine for the North American PlayStation Network, apparently published its June 2009 edition slightly ahead of schedule.

Live TV comes to the Xbox

British broadcaster Sky has signed a deal with Microsoft to bring live television to the Xbox 360 for the first time.

Apple eyes entry into game console market

Apple has apparently expressed interest in entering the game console market. "There's also a new entrant in the business, Apple, with the iPhone. And we don't think they will stop there," said Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in a conference call reported by Kotaku. According to Guillemot, the Apple TV set-top-box, along with other devices, could provide a new range of console platforms as the product becomes "more powerful."