That new Xbox for 2010 … real or fake news?

Opinion – It appears that there has been a lot of chatter about what Steve Ballmer told an audience of 1500 Chicago executives yesterday at a luncheon of The Executives Club of Chicago. Ballmer mentioned a new Xbox for 2010. Whether it will be a new SKU or a Project Natal-equipped device, we have no idea. What we do know, however, that it is too early to speculate. Any such speculation should be taken with with a grain of salt at this time.

Activision demands immediate PS3 price cut

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has demanded that Sony implement an immediate Playstation 3 price cut. Kotick explained that the the PS3 has lost "momentum," while the Wii and Xbox "are just selling better." Kotick also noted that Xbox games generated a higher ROI (return on investment) in comparison with PS3 titles.

RIAA awarded $1.92 million in file sharing case

A woman has been ordered to pay $1.92 million for downloading 24 tracks from the Kazaa file sharing site - $80,000 per song.

DoD confirms worldwide deployment of America's Army 3

The DoD (Department of Defense) has confirmed the worldwide deployment of America's Army 3. The game reportedly offers players an authentic Army experience by "reflecting" the training, technology, actions and career advancement of a US soldier.

Amazon offers MP3 albums for 47 cents

I've always had a soft spot for Amazon. Perhaps too soft. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have purchased a number of items from the online megastore in the early hours of the morning when I was perhaps too, err, relaxed, to know better, only to find a day or so later that I already owned the CDs and DVDs that had just dropped onto the doormat.

The Great Digital Scam: TV is irrelevant

Analyst Opinion - It’s been almost a week since the last U.S. analog television signals finally faded to black. By now, if you’re not among the vast majority of viewers getting content through a cable or satellite subscription, you likely find yourself in one of three situations.

Futuremark hunts for Shattered Horizon testers

The Futuremark Games Studio said it is hunting for beta testers for the Shattered Horizon game.

Unlimited music downloads announced. No price yet.

Virgin Media and Universal Music announced plans to offer unlimited music downloads for a flat fee. It isn’t quite the groundbreaking idea it is made up to be, as similar thought came up after the shutdown of Napster back in 2002. Now the music download environment seems to have matured enough to roll out such a service. We just don’t know how much it will cost. How much would it be worth to you?

Microsoft eyes major Xbox upgrade as Nintendo Wii sales plummet

Microsoft is reportedly eyeing a major upgrade for its Xbox 360 console. According to 1Up, Natal - Microsoft's controller-free motion control technology - will be integrated into the upgraded unit. However, the company is also expected to distribute the new controller as an add-on for existing Xbox 360 consoles.

Sony claims iPhone is just "a phone"

Sony has rebuffed claims that Apple's popular iPhone may negatively affect PSP-Go sales. "At the end of the day, the iPhone is a phone," Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America told CNBC. "At the end of the day, we're a game system. If the iPhone gets you interested in gaming, that's good for me, because it gives me a chance to sell you a PSP."

Wii games help improve coordination in Parkinson's patients

A recent study funded by the National Parkinson's Foundation has concluded that Wii games help improve coordination, reflexes and other movement-related skills. "The games require visual perception, eye-hand coordination, figure-ground relationships and sequenced movement, so it's a huge treatment tool from an occupational therapy perspective," explained Dr. Ben Herz.

Game sales fall sharply as recession bites

Hit by the recession, consumers are saying 'game over', with purchases of consoles down 30 percent on this time last year. Sales of games were down 17 percent.

Nintendo claims victory in Wii patent lawsuit

A US District Court judge has summarily dismissed a patent-infringement lawsuit brought by Guardian Media Technologies against Nintendo's Wii. "We are very pleased with the Court's decision," said Rick Flamm, Nintendo's general counsel. "Nintendo vigorously defends patent lawsuits. At the earliest stages of this case, Nintendo convinced the Court to dismiss this case as Guardian's patent had nothing to do with Nintendo's products."

Escalation Studios resurrects Doom for the iPhone

Escalation Studios has resurrected Doom for the iPhone. The latest version of the classic title will utilize artwork and core engine technology developed for Doom 3 in 2005. Nevertheless, Resurrection is expected to offer fans a completely "new play style," with plenty of gory challenges for both novice and experienced gamers.

French authorities block illegal download law

France's highest legal authority has overturned a ruling that would have allowed a new state agency to cut off internet access for those who download music illegally.

WebWars launches new browser-based gaming platform

WebWars has launched a new browser-based platform that offers a "layered reality" gaming experience. The platform utilizes Flash to create interchangeable themes, advanced gameplay mechanics and social networking features.

Sony eyes massive PS3 price cut as EA preps Madden NFL 10

Sony is reportedly eyeing a $100 price cut for its high-end Playstation 3. According to Industy Gamers, the price cut could be timed to coincide with EA's (Electronic Arts) release of Madden NFL 10 in August.

iPorn offers Apple users free adult videos

The Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference probably isn't the best place to pull, which may be why a company called iPorn is hosting a 'Bikini Girls' party there tonight and offering free adult videos to users.

High Voltage brings death and glory to the Wii

Nintendo fans seeking the confirmation of new hard core titles left E3 with a distinct feeling of relief. Their voracious appetites for destruction had been utterly sated by the gritty Grinder and bloody Gladiator AD.  

Would you pay for Hulu?

A News Corp executive confirmed that he may be looking into ways to diversify the video site’s revenue base. At least some of Hulu’s content could soon be only available to subscribers.