Computer games 'as addictive as drugs'

German psychologists claim that playing computer games is as physically addictive and anything you might inject.

Chinese hackers attack Melbourne Film Festival

Chinese hackers have attacked the website of the Melbourne's International Film festival, apparently furious that it was going to screen a documentary about exiled Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer.

9% of U.S. households subscribe to Netflix

Netflix has shown solid growth in the second quarter and now has 10.6 million subscribers, or about 9.1% of U.S. households. The San Francisco Bay area leads the nation with a share of 20.7%. Blu-ray adoption still isn’t great as consumers are moving toward cheaper subscription plans and Redbox appears to be emerging as the main rival for Netflix in the movie rental market.

Peter Jackson reveals District 9, Hobbit details

Peter Jackson has revealed that 'District 9' cost $30 million dollars to produce. Jackson explained that he had to "sign off on everything" to raise the money after independently financing the project for six months.

James Cameron previews 'Avatar' at Comic-Con

James Cameron has offered Comic-Con attendees a sneak peak of his animated 3D 'Avatar' film.

Carmack: Rage a "console" game

Id Software founder John Carmack has confirmed that Rage is designed to be played on console platforms. Carmack explained that the "largest chunk of our market's going to be on consoles."

Microsoft unleashes Halo Legends on Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced plans to create a series of anime short films based on the Halo universe. Halo Legends will be produced by Microsoft's 343 Industries and is expected to feature "creative direction" from anime pioneer Shinji Aramaki of Appleseed EX Machina fame and Mamoru Oshii, director of the Ghost in the Shell movies.

43 million killed by Battlefield 1943 players

Electronic Arts today proudly announced that its Battlefield 1943 customers have killed more than 43 million enemies in just one week. And you can join the shooting frenzy for just $15 and get "endless value". Is it just us or is there something wrong with this picture?

Disney movies to appear on SD cards

Panasonic and Walt Disney Home Entertainment have inked a deal to distribute Disney movies on Micro SD cards.

Claws out in Splinter Cell snub catfight

A Ubisoft designer has insisted that the decision to designate Splinter Cell: Conviction an Xbox 360 exclusive was 'purely business.'

Carmack: PS3 offers "theoretical" raw performance

John Carmack has opined that the Playstation 3 offers "a little bit more theoretical raw performance" compared to other consoles. Carmack - the founder of iD Software - also told GameInformer that more "sweat equity" was required to develop PS3 titles.

3D movie downloads due in Q4, says Sonic

Sonic Solutions is planning to offer consumers a new way to watch 3D movies at home by the end of the year.

Steal from my Kindle, please

Analyst Opinion - Once upon a time, I wanted to buy an electronic book reader. After Amazon’s recent Orwellian adventure, now I’m not so sure.

Apple bans Zombie school shooting app

Apple has reportedly banned a school shooting app that managed to sneak past snoozing censors into the company's iTune's store. "Zombie School" - developed by Retarded Arts - cheerfully encourages players to shoot cheerleaders, principals and sports jocks.

Microsoft: Mobile Xbox device inevitable

A senior Microsoft executive has confirmed that the release of a mobile Xbox device was inevitable. However, the executive conceded that Microsoft remained unsure how to enter the mobile market.

US game sales down 31%

Sales of video games in the US dropped to $1.17 billion in June - almost a third down on the same month last year - the biggest drop for nine years.

Amazon takes a page from 1984, deletes Orwell books from Kindles

We all have our bad days, but it seems that Amazon had a week of particularly bad decisions this week. First it was a $200 replacement fee for broken Kindles and now we hear that the company may have taken George Orwell’s visions of a future world literally and remotely deleted books from Kindle ebook readers. Meet Amazon, your Big Brother.

Analysis: Microsoft prepares to dominate global console market

Analysis - The Nintendo Wii is currently the number one selling console. However, there are indications that Microsoft has unleashed a carefully devised strategy to ensure its global domination of the console market.

Hard core gamers shun Conduit for the Wii

Hard core gamers have reportedly shunned the Conduit FPS (first-person shooter) for the Wii. According to NPD, High Voltage Software and Sega have only mananged to sell 72,000 copies of the over-hyped title.  

Deaf hit by end of TV subtitling service

The UK's Teletext analog TV text service is to close next year - two years ahead of schedule, leaving large parts of the UK population without subtitling for the hard of hearing.