'Heroes' tops illegal download list

Visits to torrent sites have doubled over the last year, with TV drama Heroes the most popular illegal download, according to research firm Big Champagne.

Microsoft hits 'sweet spot' with new Xbox 360 prices

As predicted, Microsoft has lowered the price point of its Xbox 360 Elite console by $100 to $299.99. The Redmond-based company also slashed its Xbox 360 Pro console by $50 to $249.99.

Video makers to earn with YouTube

From now on, everyone can get paid for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Updated: Analyst confirms imminent Xbox 360 price cut

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has told TG Daily that Microsoft will lower the price of its Xbox 360 Elite to $299 this week. According to Divnich, the Pro model will likely be discounted to $249 and phased out within 90 days.

Hard core gamers crash and burn

The golden age of hard core gaming has drawn to an abrupt close. According to Rich Hilleman of EA, the industry is experiencing a significant demographic shift, with casual and social gamers outnumbering their hard core counterparts.

Web trackers know more about you than you think

Social networking sites are routinely making specific personal information on their users available to tracking sites, according to a report.

Viewers still want analog mobile TV

Despite moves towards digital television, the use of free-to-air analog mobile TV is set to increase by a massive six times in the next four years, according to a report.

Holy monk joins shadowy ranks of Diablo III

Blizzard Entertainment has introduced the 'holy' monk - a highly anticipated fourth playable class for Diablo III. Although the character is influenced by classic pen and paper RPG archetypes, the monk reportedly incorporates the development team's 'love' of arcade-style fighting games.

Apple unlikely to launch game console before 2015

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told TG Daily that Apple is unlikely to launch a game console before 2015. According to Pachter, Club Cupertino is 'way behind Microsoft' and may not be able to 'ever' catch up.

Realnetworks proposes iTunes alternative

Realnetworks is hoping to get its Rhapsody on-demand streaming music application made available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Skank blogger demands $15 million from Google

The delightful woman behind the Skanks of New York blog is demanding $15 million damages from Google, the company that hosted her rants against her ex-friend, Canadian model Liskula Cohen. Google is accused of 'breaching its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity'.

Compile your iTunes library with care

People are quick to jump to conclusions about each other on the basis of their musical taste, research from the University of Cambridge suggests.

Blizzard showcases Cataclysm at BlizzCon '09

Blizzard Entertainment kicked off BlizzCon 2009 by showcasing its third World of Warcraft expansion. Cataclysm - which introduces two new playable races - is expected to bring 'sweeping changes' to Azeroth.

Nintendo claims credit for Apple DS simulator ban

Nintendo has claimed credit for Apple's removal of a DS simulator from its iPhone app store. The company also warned potential offenders that it would 'vigorously' protect itself against all forms of copyright infringement.

Microsoft defends infamous red ring of death

Microsoft has responded to a recent survey that claimed the Xbox 360 was plagued by a 54 percent failure rate. Although Microsoft termed the Xbox 360 a 'superior console,' the company conceded that it was 'constantly improving' the unit's design.

Full Beatles catalog may be coming to iTunes

Rumor has it that the entire Beatles catalog could be available via iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

Claws out as Skanks of New York blogger named

The woman behind the 'Skanks of New York' catfight has been outed as Rosemary Port, an unemployed 29 year old night club hostess.

Amazon limits pre-order sales of 120GB PS3

Amazon has limited pre-order sales of the 120GB Playstation 3 to one unit per household. The online retailer explained that it had experienced overwhelming demand for the slimmed down console.

Video ads to hit bookstalls next month

Video ads for CBS shows and Pepsi will appear in print editions of Entertainment Weekly next month.

Microsoft Fable promises tyranny, poverty and injustice

Microsoft has announced Fable III at gamescom in Germany. The new game will be available on the Xbox 360 in time for Christmas.