Who needs a supercomputer when an Xbox will do?

It's always nice to get a bargain, and one researcher is currently rather pleased with himself for realising that an Xbox chip could be used to save the University of Warwick thousands of pounds on parallel processing.

Apple retires 40GB TV model, lowers 160GB version to $229

Club Cupertino has slashed the price of its 160GB Apple TV by $100. The unit - which stores up to 200 hours of video - is now available for $229.

iPorn girls ask Apple execs to improve bum deal

Miffed at Apple's less-than-enthusiastic attitude to its iPhone app, iPorn is threatening to send five of its iPorn girls into the boardroom.

August game sales caught in downward spiral

The NPD Group has confirmed that August game sales declined for the sixth consecutive month. However, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich told TG Daily that he expected September sales to show a "double-digit" lift.

Apple lines up against Palm, Microsoft. And Apple

Opinion This week was the big Apple iPod refresh and the interest was almost as focused on what Apple didn’t announce as it was on what they did.   I think the overarching news was that despite looking incredibly thin, Steve Jobs performed the long program flawlessly.  You can use a number of tricks to make someone who isn’t healthy look healthy but getting them on stage with energy generally means they are able to function and Steve Jobs clearly showcased he is on his game again.  

Tesco and Microsoft bang another nail into DVD's coffin

A supermarket giant has teamed up with a software giant to offer 'DVD-quality' downloads, bringing the inevitable demise of the DVD a little closer.

Microsoft, Bungie sued over Halo 3

A court case started in a California district court alleging that popular game Halo 3 doesn't work with the Xbox 360.

Confusion reigns as Apple bans Commodore emulator again

Apple has banned a Commodore 64 emulator just days after approving the iPhone application. Club Cupertino yanked the retro emulator after users managed to access a banned BASIC interface.

Exclusive content boosts game sales

A new study says that exclusive content plays a significant role in driving video game sales. The Xbox 360 version of Fallout 3 - which boasts exclusive paid DLC - outsold the PlayStation 3 SKU by nearly 2.5 to 1.

Monopoly goes global with online Google Earth version

Google has teamed up with Hasbro to develop a version of Monopoly for people who really like to indulge their megalomania.

Apple approves Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone

Apple has finally approved Manomio's Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. However, the retro company was forced to drop BASIC support after Club Cupertino rejected the application for violating the iPhone SDK Agreement (3.3.2).

Freedom is slavery and here's $30 from Amazon

A spokesman for the Ministry of Truth today announced that Big Brother Amazon would be issuing $30 gift vouchers to citizens inconvenienced by the accidental non-deletion of novels from the Kindle e-book reader.

Twitter makes you dumb, says psychologist

Facebook users can boost their intelligence, while microbloggers are tweeting their brain cells away, says a Scottish scientist.

Japanese first lady abducted by aliens

Japan's space program has received an unexpected boost with the news that new first lady Miyuki Hatoyama visited Venus on a UFO thirty years ago.

Australian faces jail for video cleared by censors

Aussie police want to jail a site administrator for 20 years for showing a video of another man swinging his baby around on his video sharing site, LiveLeak.

UK music videos return to YouTube

Tens of thousands of music videos will start returning to YouTube today, after a deal with the UK's Performing Right Society (PRS).

Microsoft ditches 'classic' Zune models

Microsoft has finally decided to retire its "classic" Zune models, including the 8, 16, 80 and 120. According to Paul Thurrott, the upcoming Zune HD will be the "only" MP3 device type sold by the Redmond-based company.

Falcon Xbox 360 touch controller helps rehabilitate injured soldiers

Novint Technologies and SimQuest have announced plans to collaborate on a rehabilitative video game that will help improve cognitive, motor and sensory performance in soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Lego house takes shape in England

A rather unusual residence is starting to take shape in Dorking, UK. A British television presenter is building a two-storey house from Lego, and says he plans to live in it.

Donald Duck ensnares Spiderman

The Walt Disney Corporation has paid $4 billion to buy Marvel Entertainment, meaning that Spiderman will waltz with Minnie Mouse, and Captain America will be on nodding terms with Bambi.