The Dune That Wasn't

Dune has always been a famously problematic book to adapt to the big screen. The 1984 version was so silly, director David Lynch ended up taking his name off it. The subsequent mini-series versions, Dune and Children of Dune, didn’t hit the mark either.

VFX Artists To Protest Obama's Visit

Early this year, FX artists faced a bitter irony. Life of Pi won Best Director and Best Visual FX at the Academy Awards, but the FX company that created the incredible visuals, Rhythm and Hues, had just gone bankrupt. It’s hard to imagine FX companies going out of business, but they’ve been going through a hard time lately, which is thanks to studios underbidding movies, and outsourcing jobs.

Who Wants to Star in Star Wars, Terminator 5, and Ant-Man?

As we’ve reported here on TGD, the next Star Wars film, to be directed by JJ Abrams, is currently casting, and it has a December 18, 2015 release date. As a number of tent pole films are gearing up to start shooting next year, they’re all trying to nail down their casts as fast as possible so they can start shooting as soon as possible. 

Will Spider-Man Have Spin Off Movies?

It may not last forever, but right now superheroes have never been hotter. There are still a number of superhero films in development, and 2015 will be a crucial year with Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Batman Vs Superman, which has a long way to go to prove itself with the fans. 

Almost Human is a DVR Winner

A week ago Almost Human debuted, and it got good reviews, as well as pretty strong ratings. And like a lot of shows these days, Almost Human has gotten a nice boost from DVR ratings. 

Can Jurassic World Recapture the Dino Magic of the Original?

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Jurassic Park came out and became a huge box office smash. It was a hell of a game changer for FX, ushering in the age of CGI, and it also took Michael Crichton’s career into the stratosphere as a “mega author.” 

Doctor Who Hits the Big 5-0

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, finally came on November 23, and Google even redid their page to celebrate. What’s remarkable is that after five decades the show is still growing by leaps and bounds all over the world. 

Hunger Games Has a Huge Weekend, But Iron Man Still Reigns

Everybody knew The Hunger Games was going to be an enormous movie, that’s a given, and it indeed pulled in an enormous haul of $307 million world-wide. While it clearly beat the original’s opening weekend by a good $9 million domestically, it still hasn’t beaten the current record set by Iron Man 3.

Xbox One Sells Out First Day On Sale

Xbox One just came out on November 22, and it completely sold out, sending a strong shot across the bow in what we call the console wars. Xbox One is trying to appeal to more people than gamers, and even though it costs $100 more than Sony PlayStation, it looks like Xbox One has reached their goal. 

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Produce the Big Screen Version of Sleeper

If you’re not happy about Ben Affleck taking over as Batman, and who is really?, this story may not encourage you, but apparently he’s coming back to the comic business, adapting the DC title Sleeper with his old buddy Matt Damon producing as well.

Gran Turismo Movie is Headed to the Big Screen

It looks like Hollywood is no longer afraid of adapting video games. The movie adaption of World of Warcraft is slated for a December 2015 release, and many other titles are on the fast track for development. Now it looks like the big screen version of Gran Turismo has a screenwriter, and it’s somebody who understands genre well.

Fans of Hunger Games and Twilight Don't Mix

The next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, opens today, and the box office pundits predict it could end up making $160 million this weekend. You may not be nuts about the Hunger Games, but thank God it replaced Twilight as the hot young adult property.

The Star Wars Holiday Special: 35 Years of WTF?!

After all these years, I still have faint memories of seeing the Star Wars Holiday Special when it aired on November 17, 1978. It was the only time this special was ever shown, and George Lucas has said he wishes he could destroy every bootleg copy he could get his hands on with a hammer. 

Comics Have a Strong Year

Comic books have been doing amazing business at the movies, and they’re also doing well at the newsstands too. And oddly enough, actual paper comics are still selling better than digital editions, much like actual paper books still haven’t been totally eliminated by Kindle.

Thank God These Sequels Never Happened

Hollywood’s great at coming up with stupid ideas because the people who run the industry aren’t very creative. The bean counters always want to prove they can put their “stamp” on something, and often times, when you see a very stupid idea in a movie that feels wedged in, apropos of nothing, it’s usually something some idiot studio executive insisted on it until it finally became a reality.

Xbox One Goes For Wider Appeal

So the console wars have officially started, and even with the factory defect issues, PlayStation 4 got off to a great start, selling a million units the first day in stores. This week, Xbox One will hit stores, and where PlayStation is trying directly for gamers, Xbox One is striving for a wider audience. 

Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt Star In The Sandman?

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is set up to take over the crime fighting dynasty as Nightwing. But as Levitt and Christian Bale have stated over and over again, the Batman trilogy is it, it’s done, and whatever comes afterwards will be a whole new thing. 

Star Wars Video Games Update

Last year, when Lucasarts got shut down, it was supposed to mean the end of Star Wars games. This was really a shame because the Star Wars had been making terrific progress, especially with The Force Unleashed.

Mad Max Fury Road is Now a 2015 Contender

The reboot of Mad Max, Fury Road, hasn’t had an easy time heading back to the big screen. The film was supposed to have wrapped back in December 2012, but as we just reported here on TGD, it just had to go back for some recent reshoots. 

JJ Abrams Says No New Star Trek Series?

Recently a rumor hit the web that there may be another Star Trek series in the works, and why not? There have been many incarnations of Star Trek on the big and small screen, and considering Trekkies can’t get enough, a new series could totally go like gangbusters.