Warner Brothers buys video game publisher

Another shot a social gaming on the Xbox 360: Scene It?

Guitar Hero III rakes in $115 million in revenues

Microsoft hits families with Xbox 360 ad campaign

LucasArts and Bioware develop “interactive entertainment product”

Nintendo not planning to reduce Wii’s price

Valve releases update for Orange Box 360

Warhammer PSP demo goes live

MySpace to add casual games channel in 2008

Xbox to get an integrated HD DVD drive?

Radiohead album: Stolen anyway

M3 Challenge sign-up open to 1005 drivers


Office Depot offers Premium Xbox 360 for $300, sorta

Office Depot’s most recent Sunday ad offers shoppers a Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium console (including a 20 GB hard drive and a wireless controller) for $299.99, which is $50 below the current suggested retail price of $349.99. So, what’s the catch?

IGS and Game Flier to introduce South Korean online games

Nintendo market value soars to 10 trillion yen

Oasis, Jamiroquai to follow Radiohead and give album away for free

Star Trek urn, casket announced

Eternal Image, a company that specializes in brand name funerary products, said that it will be offering Star Trek branded urns and caskets by the end of this year. The company will offer initially an urn that “is reminiscent of the 24th century styling of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet.”    

Xbox 360 to get two free games

World of Warcraft reaches 800,000 concurrent users in China

Command & Conquer series released, once more