Serial iPhone jailbreaker claims massive PS3 hack

Serial iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz claims to have hacked Sony's Playstation 3 in just five short weeks.

Pay it with Facebook

After years of trying to come up with a half decent revenue model to justify its billions of dollars of “worth”, it seems Facebook is turning to agriculture to make some moolah. And when we say agriculture, we mean, of course, Farmville.

Halo: Reach pushes Xbox 360 to the limit

The creative director of Halo: Reach has confirmed that the game will push the Xbox 360 to the limits of its current processing capabilities.

Modern Warfare 2 generates $1 billion in global sales

Activision confirms that sales of its popular Modern Warfare 2 video game have exceeded $1 billion.

Sony develops next-gen Blu-ray format for PS4

High-level Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida recently told Play3 that the future Playstation 4 will use optical storage discs such as Blu-ray for its game library.

Word of the "decade" is Google

It's not the end of the decade yet but the American Dialect Society has decided that for it the word of the decade - that hasn't yet finished yet - is Google.

Cyberlink touts 3D Blu-ray experience

Cyberlink is showcasing its 3D Blu-ray platform at CES 2010.

Vuzix debuts augmented reality eyewear

Vuzix has debuted an $800 pair of video eyewear that offers users access to 67-inch displays of mixed and augmented reality.

Some North Carolina TV stations turn off analog signals

As February 17, 2009 has now passed, the question on everybody's mind is undoubtedly: What's happened with our analog TV signals? Well, if you live in North Carolina you may be finding out that they just don't work anymore. Digital is the way to go for at least ten local TV stations.

DivX announces Mobile Theater Certification Program for HQ video

Today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, and in a parallel event in San Diego, CA, DivX announced a new Mobile Theater Certification Program for their video codec to enable "A home theater-like experience at standard definition resolutions on a variety of mobile devices."

Survey: 49% of football fans would visit in-laws for HDTV

 Yesterday, Samsung issued a press release citing a 1,011 respondent survey they commissioned from Kelton Research which states: "More than four in ten (43%) football fans would be more likely to visit their in-laws if they had an HDTV to watch the game. Among this group, men are more likely than women to visit the in-laws if there was an HDTV waiting for them (50% vs. 34%)"

AMD announces software toolkit for social issue game development

{mosimage} Today, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveiled a new software toolkit entitled, Let the Games Begin: A Toolkit 4 Making Social Issue Games. The move is part of the AMD Foundation's AMD Changing the Game initiative, which includes examples from successful games to help would-be developers get started more quickly on key game-design concepts.

Microsoft records biggest year ever for Xbox

Wii Sports becomes best selling game of all time

Vaporware 2008: And the winner is ...?

Humor: Top 18 reasons why Steve Jobs won't give keynote

Netflix service on TiVo boxes goes live today

YouTube Now in HD

Musicians concerned that white spaces devices will interfere with microphones

Netflix to stop selling DVDs