OnLive no longer charges a monthly fee

Online streaming gaming service OnLive has scrapped its monthly fee after realizing it could sustain itself on a free-to-play ad-based model.

Finally buckling under pressure, EA changes Taliban game mode

After months and months of unending negative press over the upcoming Medal of Honor game's ability to play as a member of the Taliban, that feature has been completely pulled.

Nintendo blames the media for high 3DS price point

If you think the 3DS is expensive, then blame your favorite video game magazine because their positive hype helped lead to Nintendo deciding to make it the company's costliest system ever.

All six Star Wars movies getting 3D facelifts

From Jar Jar Binks to Obi Wan Kenobi, every single Star Wars movie moment you've grown to love or hate will be getting redone in a meticulous 3D process that George Lucas assures will be better than most 2D-to-3D conversion.

Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in US in March

Nintendo's next handheld system, the first ever portable 3D gaming platform, will be hitting store shelves in six months as the first new system to come out in more than four years.

Gamestop listing outs a new Wii Remote design

A product listing on game retailer Gamestop's website seems to show that Nintendo has a new controller for the Wii in the works, which fully integrates the Wii Motion Plus technology into the Wii Remote.

Netflix is "embarrassed" by rogue actors in Canada

Yesterday was a big day for Netflix as it launched its streaming video service in Canada, but the company has some egg on its face after it appeared as though it paid actors to pretend to be excited during the announcement.

Microsoft opens up preview to next Xbox 360 update

Microsoft is planning a sweeping update to its Xbox 360 online service, and for a limited time is letting users get a sneak peek at the new features it has in store.

No 3D for next Twilight

Even though star Kristen Stewart has gone on record saying she wants the next Twilight movie to be shot in 3D, the film's production company has spoken out saying it won't be done.

Michael Jackson gets his own massively multiplayer online game

There's World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Ragnarok, and...Michael Jackson?

IGN gives indie game developers a free place to work

In one of the most generous moves ever seen for independent game makers, online publishing company IGN has introduced a new initiative that will give developers free 24/7 access to their offices and facilities.

Halo: Reach pulls in big numbers, big technical flaw

The final installment of the Xbox 360's blockbuster Halo series has become the fastest-selling in franchise history. Reaching $200 million in sales in just 24 hours, it has attained the second highest launch sales of any video game.

PS2 backward compatibility may come back to PS3

Anyone who bought a PS3 over the last couple years is green with envy over the fact that they can't play PS2 games but their early adopter brothers can. That might actually change.

2011 Indy 500 will be first to go 3D

Do you think that professional car racing is boring? Or do you love being part of the fast-paced action? Either way, the next Indianapolis 500 will be filmed in a way that could give you a brand new experience.

New Kindle ad disses iPad

If you can't beat 'em...attack 'em. Nothing delivers a marketing message quite like making fun of a competitor, and with mounting pressure from other e-reader makers, that's exactly what Kindle has turned to.

Super Mario Bros turns 25 years old

On September 13, 1985, a little game called Super Mario Bros was released for the original Famicom system in Japan. 25 years later, few games have ever become as iconic.

Sony blatantly rejects rumors of Playstation-branded phone

High-flying rumors that Sony was working on a "PSP phone" have been put to rest by Sony, sort of...

Sony explains "Marcus Rivers" ad campaign

You've probably all seen the latest PSP commercials with 12-year-old actor Bobb'e J. Thompson, known as the character Marcus Rivers. The goal is apparently to attract much, much younger gamers than the PSP's original late-20s demographic.

Disney-Sony pact further chokes Blu-ray 3D market

Disney and Sony have just announced a pact to bring Alice in Wonderland and Bolt on Blu-ray 3D exclusively to Sony 3D TV customers, adding to a tangle of exclusivity deals that is ultimately afflicting consumers.

James Cameron's next 3D film? An Avatar rehash

So when you create the highest-grossing movie of all time, what do you do for your next project? For James Cameron, the answer is: use the exact same story.