Thief reboot en route

The Thief franchise of games popularized and defined the stealth action adventure, starting with the first one Thief: The Dark Project back in 1998.

Doctor Who’s return in stills

BBC One has released a set of production stills from the next new episode, plus a closer look at the Ice Warriors.

Dark Horse to carry the Mass Effect torch

Fans of the popular Mass Effect franchise may be lamenting the fact that the last game in the trilogy has been published while the last DLC for ME3 was recently announced.

Tomb Raider film will be rebooted

About two years we learned that Tomb Raider would be rebooted - both as a video game and film franchise.

Beats plans to spin out Daisy music streaming service

Apple's reportedly in talks with Beats Electronics - the high-priced -headphone maker founded by hip-hop producer Dr Dre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine - about its planned Daisy music streaming service.

Skyrim update toughens up the monsters, fixes bugs

Bethesda Softworks has announced a major update to its most recent single-player, role-playing adventure game.

Original creator joins new X-Files comics team

In the opening story arc, Believers, readers will catch up with Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, living normal lives together under secret identities.

Assassin’s Creed IV trailer earn Blackbeard’s respect

Ubisoft has released the first trailer for this year’s entry in the popular franchise.

Game of Thrones season 3 extended trailer lights the pyre

HBO has posted an extended version of a recent trailer teasing the upcoming season of its dramatic fantasy serial.

Xbox 360 gets first exclusive movie

A British independent film is to become the first ever to be released exclusively on Xbox Live, rather than through movie theaters or DVDs.

Upside Down clip hits the mountain (and Kirsten Dunst)

Studio 37 has released a clip for its upcoming sci-fi romance.

Doctor Who’s Ice Warriors, old and new

Classic Ice Warriors remade. Fresh Ice Warriors revealed.

In the Flesh (zombie) trailer is ready to return home

The BBC has released the first trailer for its upcoming zombie-centric mini-series.

In defense of in-game micro-transactions

You may not recognize the name Cliff Bleszinski, but if you're a fan of Epic's Gears of War franchise, you undoubtedly have seen his work.

Sony's PlayStation 4 to support 4K video (but not games)

Are you one of the very few who ran out and dropped a cool $20-$30,000 on a 4K resolution Ultra HD TV? Well, you may want to pick up the long-awaited PlayStation 4 when it finally launches.

Alternate history Sixth Gun finds its Becky

Laura Ramsey takes the lead in this supernatural alternate history serial.

How gaming could help cure cancer

Amazon, Facebook and Google have teamed up with Cancer Research UK to design and develop a mobile game to accelerate cures for cancer.

Action gaming boosts dyslexics' reading skills

Dyslexic children could one day get carte blanche to spend all day playing video games - it seems it does more to improve their reading ability than many traditional educational programs.

Defiance trailer emerges from the Shadow War

Defiance is an upcoming cross-media sci-fi story from Syfy and Trion Worlds. The television serial and video game of the same name will be tied together by the movement of characters between the environments, so that the actions of one affect the other.

Bioshock Infinite featurette sympathizes with Songbird

Irrational Games has posted a design featurette showcasing the creative origins of some characters in the dystopian adventure.