An untimely end for Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Bad news for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Yes, the Lucasfilm animation team responsible for storylines and the creation of the series has been disbanded, as the show won't be returning for a sixth season.

Over 400 Dark Horse Comics hit Google Play Books

Are you a fan of genre comic books and graphic novels who happens to own an Android device? Well, Google Play has some good news for you, as over 400 comic books from Dark Horse were recently added to the Play bookstore.

Crossbones begins casting

Crossbones - the title refers to a design element typical of privateer flags - will follow the escapades of an assassin for the British government from the American colonies, sent to infiltrate the inner circle of the infamous Blackbeard in the Caribbean.

Pentagon eyes alternate-reality games

The research arm of the United States intelligence community is known as IARPA, an acronym for the Intelligence Advanced Research Agency.

Veronica Mars conquers Kickstarter

Kickstarter is typically associated with new video games or consumer electronic projects hoping to cross over from the murky world of vaporware.

Doctor Who’s first regeneration gets unlost

The animated remake brings the first doctor’s story to a close.

Human finds its human

Urban to take lead role in new sci-fi procedural drama.

Syfy greenlights Helix

Syfy recently ordered a 13-episode season of Helix, a new sci-fi series by Battlestar Galactica creator, Ronald D. Moore.

The future of animation at Lucasfilm under Disney

Star Wars fans, especially those who follow The Clone Wars serial, have been wondering what will happen to Lucasfilm’s CGI animation studio and related universe lore.

Old-school Donkey Kong mod puts Pauline front and center

Never underestimate the power of love and video games.

Video: Catch-up on Game of Thrones with this recap

HBO has posted a lengthy recap video for season 2 of its popular epic fantasy drama.

Spymaster Orcasub is the perfect escape vehicle for your villainous oceanfront lair

Underwater exploration is very intriguing since it's one of the few places left on earth where true discoveries can still be made.

New Trek teaser disregards the rules

The new Star Trek trailer showcases just how epic a Star Trek story can be - if it has the proper budget and talent.

EA offers free game to grumpy SimCity players

Electronic Arts says it's close to fixing the problems that made the launch of SimCity such a disaster last week, and is offering a free PC game to anyone affected.

Oz: The Great and Powerful sequel already in development

The Wizard of Oz prequel film will be getting a follow-up.

The CW redevelops The Selection

Casting has begun for the dystopian fantasy serial retooling.

Game of Thrones showrunners talk season 3

Game of Thrones fans are all trusting the two showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss to adapt one of literary fantasies modern classic epics, George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

Report: Record labels displeased with Apple's streaming royalty rate offer

Rumors have been circulating for years about how Apple is planning to offer a streaming music subscription service.

Psst... wanna used iTunes collection?

Apple is at least considering a system to allow customers to sell or lend their iTunes content.

Neal Stephenson's Reamde headed to Fox

I am a fan of quality science fiction-action TV shows. However, I'm not exactly thrilled with Fox because the network has a long history of hyping genre shows and then unceremoniously canceling them.