Elysium extended trailer available now

Yes, now! 3:44 minutes of glorious class warfare and Sharlto Copley as a badass. Yes, Sharlto Copley as a badass. Yes, now. Yes, extended trailer.   

New Elysium clip online: robot firefight

There's a new clip from upcoming sci-fi actioner Elysium. Matt Damon battles robot minions in his exoskeletal robot gear. Fair match. Can't wait for August 9th release date to come around!

Riddick 3 brings Pitch Black writer full circle at Comic Con 2013

At Comic Con, word is there is potential big news coming about Vin Diesel and The Avengers 2. But, in the meantime, we bask in all the gore and glory that is Riddick 3. The frachise gets back on track with a killer red band trailer.   

Spiderman 2 gets a panel and some reveal at Comic Con 2013

Yet another superhero franchise, but bearing in mind that there are few people who can't kick Andrew Garfield's butt in the universe, the reality distortion field surrounding Spiderman has never kept us from being anything but, meh.    

The technology of Elysium

This summer has been brutal on big, sci-fi action movies, but Elysium may be the exception. Director Neill Blomkamp, who also made District 9, is probably the most understated blockbuster guy in the movie business. Check out the latest featurette on the technology of this dystopian future earth (is there any other kind).  

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) bigger than Hollywood

We've been geeking out on Pacific Rim, but GTA5 looks like it is going to make more money than anything Hollywood puts out this year, and the latest gameplay video shows you why.

Pacific Rim is hours away: Giddy Girlish Glee

Guillermo Del Toro says, this is a movie made by people who love giant robots and monsters for people who love giant robots and monsters. OMG! Why is it not happening today!

5 reasons George RR Martin hates men

The self-proclaimed feminist author who sucked us into the Game of Thrones and then kicked us in the nether regions with the Red Wedding has some explainin' to do.

Video: LEGO expands Mindstorms EV3 model kit lineup

Lego has confirmed it will be rolling out three new Mindstorms model kits just in time for the summer.

Report: Valve experiments with eye tracking and sweat response

Thinking about the staff roster at a major game developer such as Valve, I would expect to see computer programmers, graphic artists, and all sorts of other executives and workers on the list.

AMC green lights Line of Site sci-fi series

AMC certainly boasts a respectable lineup of shows on its network roster, including the wildly popular Walking Dead and Mad Men.

Video: "Hybrids" short is classic sci-fi

Anyone who routinely watches short films or fan made projects on YouTube knows all too well that most end up falling rather short.

SyFy eyes Ringworld and Childhood's End

Does anyone remember when SyFy was actually called the Sci-Fi Channel and offered up some really cool shows for their viewers?

Iron Man 3 is going 4DX in Japan

Fans of Marvel Comics all around the world are excitedly waiting for Iron Man 3 to hit theaters next month.

Twitter music service goes live for iPhone and web

Yesterday we reported that Twitter had offered certain musicians and other celebrities early access to its new music app. Today Twitter #Music went live on the web and iOS devices.

Twitter offers musicians early access to its #music app

Twitter apparently has its very own music app in the works. Although it remains unclear when the platform will go live for the masses, the site has already granted early access to a number of prominent musicians.

Video: Duck Hunt pinball combines classic gaming with metal balls and flippers

Are you a gamer who grew up in the 80s? If so, you'll almost certainly remember Nintendo's Duck Hunt.

This gigantic LEGO alien city has 200,000 bricks

Quite a lot of us never really gave up building with our beloved Lego bricks. Then again, most of probably never spent the time or effort designing a gigantic custom project.

Dark Horse Comics adapts original '74 Star Wars script

Like many of you, I was a child of the 80s who really liked science fiction, so you can bet  I grew up on everything Star Wars.

NASA talks holodecks and motion-controlled rovers at GDC 2013

One of my all-time favorite science fiction series is Star Trek The Next Generation. And to be honest, I've always preferred the episodes where the holodeck played a major role in the storyline.