Are you ready for some Xbox One?! Here's the first ad

The new Xbox One ad has hit the airwaves in the US to coincide with the beginning of the NFL season. We may be wrong, but it looks more like an ad for a consumer PC experience. Ah, remember the living room PC? It's like deja vu all over again.

Keanu Reeves is highly underrated

People should stop ragging on Keanu. He is a talented, sincere guy who may be on his way to becoming a great action director. We submit the trailer for Man of Tai Chi. This is not your geezers in a park Tai Chi.

First official Robocop 2014 trailer is online now

Joel Kinnaman is the man ever since he broke through with Snabba Cash in Europe and The Killing in the US. Robocop could propel him into the A list, but the first official trailer doesn't quite make you geek out. See what you think.

Gravity has a new trailer; this movie does not look sucky

Clooney and Bullock are lost in space. Gravity has a new trailer. They're talking Oscar nominations and buffo box office. The anticipation is building.

Google founder, Sergey Brin, is in a circular triangulated quadrilateral relationship

This has been the greatest week ever because we get to write about affairs, and scorned wives, and hottie home wrecker babes. And this story is not going away because apparently lesbians are now involved in a conspiracy that reaches the lowest levels of journalism. I kid you not!

"You keep what you kill, Riddick!"

New footage on show now in a new featurette for Riddick. The movie is out on September 6. Juices flowing? Check. Bad ass bald dude being bad ass? Check.

Google goes all TMZ: founder Brin, departing exec Barra, and worker bee hottie raptus regaliter

The Internets are burning up because Sergey Brin may be having an affair with a woman who may have been the paramour of the mobile exec, Hugo Barra, who is defecting to Chinese mobile phone upstart Xioamia, leaving Ann Wojcicki, who is the sister of yet another senior Google exec, Susan Wojcicki. Meanwhile Lamar may, or may not, be having drug abuse issues leaving us all wondering whether Khloe is going to put on weight again.

47 Ronin: a new trailer of awesomeness for an otherwise dull day

The greatest Keanu Reeves movie ever has an international trailer. 

The Divergent trailer is here: yet another dystopian future full of heroic teens

Divergent is set in a future world where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities. Tris Prior (Woodley) is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents, she must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it's too late. Yadda, yadda, yadda. No vampires, witches, aliens, or invisible alt-worlds. So far.

Monsters: Dark Continent: the international sleeper hit gets a sequel

If you saw the original Monsters in 2010 you were lucky to witness the making of Gareth Edwards, who is now helming the Godzilla reboot for 2014. Monsters: Dark Continent is being helmed by Brit Tom Green. The teaser trailer has us pretty excited by the possibility of the extension of the universe that Edwards created.

Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) offers Klingon translations on its site

Obviously, the economy is so far in the tank now that full employment can only be achieved by invading the Starfleet Federation. Or, if this video is to be believed, IDES employees are so bored because the good times are just rollin' through that they need to drum up traffic for their website by pulling a stunt like this and promoting Star Trek movie franchises.

Yay! Console Smackdown: PS4 launching Nov 15 and Xbox One November-ish

Round 1 to Sony which has momentum on its side with a solid launch date for the PS4, a clear upgrade and downgrade path for older, newer, whatever games and consoles and gizmos. And a pretty stellar line up of launch titles. Meanwhile, Microsoft kind of is there, but kind of isn't firm enough with its intentions. But MS did talk up its stellar launch titles at Gamescon 2013. It's all about the game. So, we won't hate on the playahs.  

Elmore Leonard is dead. RIP.

He wrote some of the greatest crime novels of the last 50 years. His books were, depending on how he felt about them, butchered or done right by Hollywood. He gave us Get Shorty, 52 Pick Up, Hombre, Killshot, and Valdez is Coming, to name but a few.  

Jobs deflates at the box office

Why would you make a film about such an iconic person and treat it like a Lifetime movie of the week and put Ashton Kutcher at the head of the cast? This should have been an earth shattering biography.    Instead, as Deadline tells us so succinctly and beautifully:    

300: Rise of an Empire trailer puts Persians in a pickle

Well, it seems the Persian Empire need only have not given itself up to the dreams of a buff, oiled up, hugely pierced, Speedo wearing king and they would have done just fine. Or, graphic novels are not historically accurate. We are confused by all the man candy on display.

Filmmaker pretends to read TG Daily: we screen his oeuvre anyhow

Oh, Adam Marisett, you hustler, you. We were so taken with your email of love for TGD that we decided to highlight your, ironically enough, well made, special effects laden, short movie, AMP. You owe us, buddy.

Her, a movie about loving a Siri-like vixen OS

Yup. Finally, an OS you can make love to. It's a new movie from Spike Jonze starring Joaquin Phoenix so, it is likely to be very conventional and ordinary. Yup.

Awesome Thor: The Dark World trailer available now

Why are you wasting time on this teaser? Go see the damn trailer!

John Carmack becomes CTO of Oculus - OMFG!

The press release is out and the news is out of this world. The guy who defined the first person 3D gaming universe. The guy behind Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. The god of games, Mr. John Carmack, has gone all Oculus Rift on us, y'all.  

Machete Kills full length trailer blows our mind

The awesomeness of Danny Trejo and Machete Kills is now available in a full trailer that includes Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States, Mel Gibson as the bad guy and Sofia Vergara's machine gun boobs. Yes, that's what I said!