PhoneJoy wants to turn handsets into consoles

We've seen quite a few smartphone game controllers turn up on Kickstarter and other sites in recent months.

Redbox Instant wants to take on Netflix

Netflix faces new competition with Verizon's Redbox Instant platform rumored to launch on December 17, 2012.

Portal 2 USB Sentry turret defends its sector

Anyone who's ever played Portal or Portal 2 is clearly familiar with the ominous sentry turrets that target players when they approach.

Retro gaming with Raspberry Pi uber-mini arcade cabinet

The slick Raspberry Pi developer board certainly isn't the most powerful computer on the market. In fact, it's downright underpowered when it comes to traditional gaming.

Sega Rally arcade cabinet controls RC cars using Arduino

If you're a true child of the 80s and spent time at the arcade, well, you probably remember classic driving games such as Sega Rally.

Nintendo: Wii Mini to roll-out on December 7

Cheaper Nintendo Wii Mini ditches Internet connectivity and GameCube compatibility.

Android powers this remote control car

It's definitely fun to see the projects people manage to cook up with open source software and hardware.

Video: Minecraft app taps augmented reality

Minecraft is a wildly popular game that spans multiple platforms, including mobile devices. 

Robot Combat League brings the mechanical beatdown

A long time ago, I used to watch a show called Robot Wars that featured  little remote-controlled 'bots.

Video: Halo Spartan Ops episode 4 goes live

Fans of Halo 4 eagerly await a new piece of DLC content each week.

Minecraft is headed to the Raspberry Pi!

Minecraft: Pi Edition will make the Raspberry Pi one of the cheapest game development platforms around.

Comcast Xfinity adds offline viewing

Xfinity TV Player users can now download and watch videos offline.

Split screen ESPN app hits Xbox Live

If you're an avid sports fan, odds are you spend a lot of  TV time watching ESPN.

Video: Arduino-powered robot tags walls

We've definitely come across some strange robots over the years designed to perform all sorts of interesting and unusual tasks.

Analyst says Apple HDTV launch likely in 2013

Analyst believes design will be the prominent selling point for Apple's upcoming HDTV set, along with  support for unbundled TV channels.

Network IDs shackled to a single Nintendo Wii U console

Shackling network IDs to a single Nitendo Wii U console doesn't seem to make all that much sense.

Star Citizen hits $2,134,374 on Kickstarter

Star Citizen has far exceeed its initial funding goal of $500,000 on Kickstarter, with a total of 34,397 backers pledging an impressive $2,134,374.

Rockstar not ruling out GTA V for PC and Wii U

GTA V may eventually arrive on Windows PCs and Wii U consoles.

Report: Wii U consoles bricked after failed launch day update

A number of Nintendo Wii U owners are reporting some serious issues with their new consoles related to  a 5GB launch day update.  

Projecteo shines your Instagram pics on the wall

Projecteo is part projector and part Instagram hack.