Xbox 360 GPU to go to 65nm in fall

Gaming kid saves family from house fire

9-year-old Davien Hayden wakes up early every morning to play video games and that habit probably saved his family from a fast moving house fire.

New Xbox 360 debuts Sunday

Microsoft’s new version of its Xbox 360 will hit retail stores this Sunday.

Wii helps push Nintendo profits up 77%

Nintendo attempts to block Wii modchips in newest console revision

Nintendo has altered the circuit layout of its Wii games console in order to block the increasing use of modification chips (modchips).

Xbox 360 v2 found, codenamed Zephyr

Ever wonder why Microsoft hasn't released an HDMI cable for the Xbox 360, or whether the AV port was really capable of digital out?

PS Store offers Gran Turismo HD concept free for PS3 owners

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced the December 24 North American release of Gran TurismoHD Concept, available for free download, exclusively on the PS Store for the PS3 computer entertainment system.

iRobot Create: Roomba hacking for the everyman

As much fun as vacuums can be, it looks like iRobot has sensed the true spirit behind its Roomba fanbase: hacking.

PS3 problems abound as second batch to hit shelves in December

While Sony is preparing to deliver its second batch of PS3 game consoles in December, consumers who are currently enjoying the new gaming device reportedly have encountered problems with the console, including overheating, inability to start up the console, and a lower display resolution from its Blu-ray Disc (BD) player, according to market sources.

PS3 has trouble with some older games

Sony's Playstation 3 game console, which went on sale in Japan over the weekend leading off a global launch, can't play some of the older games for the original Playstation and the upgrade Playstation 2 , a company official said Tuesday.

Nintendo to release DVD-enabled Wii in 2007

Nintendo of America has confirmed that a DVD-enabled Wii is indeed coming to the U.S. Previous reports suggested that this may have been a Japan-only promotion. Sonic Solutions will be providing the DVD navigation software for the Wii.

Sonix to start shipping video controllers to Nintendo in December

Despite monthly revenues slipping by 17% on month, Sonix's prospect in the fourth quarter should remain positive with its video controller ICs for Nintendo slated to start during year-end of 2006, according to industry sources.

480p a go for Wii launch

Nintendo last month revealed that its new Wii home console would ship with composite cables for standard resolution televisions.

Armed Assault (think unofficial Operation Flashpoint sequel) gets publisher for Q1 2007

Bohemia Interactive, the developers of "Operation Flashpoint", have signed a deal with UK-based publisher 505 Games to release their latest soldier sim, "Armed Assault", in Q1 2007.

Sony denies PS3 technical problems

Sony has spoken out against analyst reports issued earlier this week suggesting the PlayStation 3 suffers from technical issues stemming from its inherent design.

Desperate Housewives game released

Buena Vista Games (BVG) today announced Desperate Housewives: The Game. Based on the Sunday night ABC series, the game puts players in the shoes of a new Wisteria Lane resident in a "lifestyle simulation" environment much like The Sims. Images from Desperate Housewives: The Game ...

Rockstar signs L.A. Noire

Rockstar has signed a deal with Getaway creator Brendan McNamara's Team Bondi to publish next-generation crime thriller L.A. Noire.

Online play dropped from key PS3 launch title

Developer Neversoft has dropped online play from the PlayStation 3 version of Tony Hawk's Project 8, a key third-party launch title for Sony's next-gen console.

Sony to release new PSP bundle

As the holiday season fast approaches, Sony is set to launch a new bundle pack for its PSP handheld. The pack will be released this month and is called the PSP Entertainment Bundle.

Microsoft to offer Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD drive

Microsoft has started designing a new-generation of Xbox 360's equipped with an internal HD-DVD drive and is selecting manufacturers in Taiwan to build the drive, according to sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive (ODD) industry.