8 million people watched Live Earth concerts online

No more bones and skeletons in Chinese WoW

World of Warcraft players in China are getting a friendlier version of the game after a Chinese distributor removed all bones and skeletons.

MSN claims to have reached record online video audience with Live Earth webcast

MSN said that its webcast of the Live Earth concert series had the “the most simultaneous viewers of any online concert ever.” The website did not disclose how many simultaneous users it recorded today, but mentioned that it had delivered more than 10 million video streams between Friday 9 pm and Saturday 3 p.m. EST.

AOL launches video search portal

Microsoft announces game lineup for E3

Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 6 to 1

The Nintendo Wii has a virtual stranglehold over Sony’s PS3 in Japan and has outsold its rival console by six to over over the past month.

Microsoft and Amazon help 1000 indie films to make the jump to HD DVD

Company behind Burger King Xbox games sets up advergame studio

Addiction experts say video games not an addiction

AP: Blockbuster to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD

Sanyo introduces new ultra-short focus LCD front projector

Wikipedia listing of “Sopranos” creator vandalized

Apple in talks to launch film rental service: report

Microsoft mulls Xbox 360 price cut

NBC to let other web sites link to NBC video

Lego Star Wars coming to Wii and PS3

Fans of the Lego Star Wars games can rejoice because the games are now being ported over to the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3.

Microsoft covers up Halo 2 nudity with patch

Microsoft has released a patch that will cover up some partial nudity that was discovered in copies of Halo 2.

Production cost of PS3 could be cut by $100

Xbox 360’s GPU may go 65nm

The folks over at Digitimes claim the Xbox 360 may go to a 65 nanometer process next month.

Brain waves could power future games

Future games could be powered by our thoughts according to a NeuroSky, a biofeedback manufacturing company.