Sony unveils first wireless Cyber-Shot camera

Las Vegas (NV) - Sony's new DSC-G1 is the company's first Cyber-shot camera to incorporate wireless sharing technology.  The 6 megapixel camera will be available next month. The G1 is equipped with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capabilities, which allows users to send pictures from the camera wirelessly to another camera or computer.

Vivitar unveils 6 megapixel underwater digi cam

Tempe (AZ) - At a digital photo convention in Arizona this week, Vivitar introduced the Vivicam 6200w, a new 6 megapixel underwater digital camera. The camera can withstand water pressure and prevent damage as deep as 30 feet.  It also has a 2" LCD and a digital zoom of up to 4x.  It writes to SD cards and sports a rugged exterior armor.

Update: Sandisk, Kingston unveil new 8 GB SDHC cards

Milpitas (CA) - Sandisk has unveiled its highest capacity SD card under its "Ultra II" line with HC (high capacity) specification, right alongside three new 8 GB cards from Kingston. Kingston 's new cards come in three different recording speeds, at level 2, 4, and 6.  They are all now available, with prices ranging from around $110 to $130.

Panasonic DSLR camera to get Leica 10.7x telephoto lens

Panasonic and Leica today announced that the two firms have developed of a new telephoto zoom lens for Panasonic's first DSLR camera Lumix DMC-L1.

TomTom adds Curt Schilling's voice to GPS systems

quot;You’re almost home! Slide! Slide!" is what owners of a TomTom GPS system can now hear when they reach their destination, spoken by none other than Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling

Archos releases portable media player with integrated camcorder

Archos, a leading maker of portable media players, has released their 404 player with an integrated camcorder. The seven ounce player has a 30GB hard drive and a 3.5-inch LCD screen that can display 320 by 240 pixels.

New Sony digital cameras get HD link

Sony announced three new mainstream digital cameras that come standard with a high-definition component output interface

51 GB HD DVD disc rivals Blu-ray capacity

Further blurring the line of which format is technically superior, Toshiba has announced that it has successfully created a triple-layer HD DVD disc that holds 51 GB of data.

Sony Bravia IPTV link gets priced, dated

Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, which was the company's main attraction at this year's CES, has been given a finalized price and street date.

Apple TV gets pushed back to March

The Apple TV is not yet ripe for picking, as the manufacturer recently confirmed that the release date has been pushed back a few weeks.

Marriott hotel rooms get gadget connectivity

To meet the increased demand for technology during travel, Marriott announced today that it has developed a new technology that allows guests to link various devices to in-room television sets.

Sony ready to drop Blu-ray entry-level player to $600

There is a good chance that Blu-ray will be shedding its image to be the more expensive option among the two high-definition media formats. According to media reports, Sony will release a new Blu-ray player that will cost only half as much as the current BDP-S1, while offering an improved feature set.

Burning DVD remote prompts Best Buy recall

Minneapolis (MN) - Best Buy has issued a voluntary recall of nearly 10,000 remotes that came bundled in its DVD players after it was reported that the remote could overheat, causing a burning hazard. The remote in question comes packed in with an Insignia DVD player/100W shelf system.  Insignia is Best Buy's licensed brand for low-end electronics.  The affected model number is NS-A1113, which is printed on the front of the player.

First DVDs with HD capability produced

High definition home video does not necessarily translate into HD DVD or Blu-ray. As the two formats continue to battle each other, another high definition format has quietly surfaced. Sonopress announced that it has replicated the first 3x DVDs with HD capability last week.

"DRM increases value" - Macrovision writes to Jobs

Macrovision, most well known for its VCR anti-copying protection, is getting on the open letter game by publicly telling Apple's Steve Jobs that DRM can actually increase consumer value.

Sharp develops technology for cheaper Blu-ray

With Blu-ray Disc hardware notoriously more expensive than the competing HD DVD players, Sharp has developed a new technology to bring down the cost of BD recorders.

Chicago Autoshow spices up coverage with webcams

The Chicago Autoshow is revving up its coverage with the addition of remotely-controlled webcams.  The webcams are spaced throughout the show floor and provide coverage of major booths like Ford, Chrysler, and Volkswagen.

DRM group wants Steve Jobs to join

The Coral Consortium, a DRM interoperability group, has publicly asked Apple boss Steve Jobs to join.

Nextel releases wireless toy for Nascar fans

Nextel has released a new high-tech toy for Nascar fans. The company said that its Fanview device, essentially a video streaming handheld, is available for purchase.

Samsung upgrades Bordeaux TV

Televisions and wine don't mix, or do they? Samsung has upgraded their Bordeaux television set which now has a transparent base that looks like a crystal wine glass. The television has a high 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and will be available in 32-inch and 40-inch models.