Apple TV runs Mac OS X, review reveals

Apple TV is shipping to customers and the first reviews are beginning to reveal more details about how the system works.

NBC and Fox plan rival YouTube

Television networks NBC Universal and Fox are to combine their TV shows into a single online video site which will counter the popularity of video-sharing sites such as YouTube.

Hi-def Matrix goes to HD DVD this spring, Blu-ray later

The Matrix is aiming to be one of the most elite HD DVD box sets yet, with an eight disc, format-pushing presentation for more than $110.

Music fee hike could bankrupt Internet radio stations

Internet radio stations are hopping mad over the Copyright Royalty Board's ruling that music fees should be hiked.

Blu-ray player breaks $500 barrier at Amazon

For the first time, Amazon has marked down the price of one of its Blu-ray Disc (BD) players to less than the price of a PS3.

INHD to change its name to Mojo

INHD, the flagging high definition channel owned by major cable operators, is about to get a name change.

Apple TV preorders begin to be shipped - reports

Media reports are coming in that people who pre-ordered the Apple TV are seeing that their orders have been shipped.

Panasonic shows off SDHC Camcorder

Panasonic at Cebit showcased a new compact camcorder that will be using flash memory cards as storage media.

Panasonic updates Blu-ray player

Hannover (Germany) - Panasonic rolled out its second-generation Blu-ray player at Cebit today. The new DMP-BD10A replaces the DMP-BD10 and improves the audio capabilities of its predecessor. According to the manufacturer, the new player supports the 7.1 channel surround sound formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. In the case of TrueHD, the company promises studio-master sound quality delivered by the lossless audio codec.  

Nero disc burner software gets PDF copy protection

Nero, developer of a popular disc burning application with the same name, today announced that the April update of the software will add PDF protection as part of its DRM technology SecurDisc.

Warner bringing three new movies to HD DVD and Blu-ray

Warner Home Entertainment has announced its latest additions to its hi-def lineup for May. Road Warrior, Battle of the Bulge, and The Fountain will hit both formats in a couple months.

Lionsgate working on double-feature Blu-ray Discs

In the first big move for high definition formats this year, Lionsgate Films has announced that it will start making Blu-ray Discs that contain two movies on a single disc.

CeBIT: Sharp announces new LCD TVs with 160 GB hard drive

Hannover (Germany) - Sharp today announced two new Aquos LCD TV's that support a 1080p resolution and provide the functionality of a digital video recorder - thanks to a built-in 160 GB 2.5" hard drive.

Sharp to put 108" LCD TV into production

Hannover (Germany) - Sharp has brought all three of the firm's existing 108" LCD TVs to Hannover. Previously shown at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, the company now said that it is planning to sell "customizable" versions of the TV.  

Plastic, say retailers, will not replace cash in near future

Cash will not be replaced by credit and debit cards in the near future, the British Retail Consortium has said in response to comments made by the Chief Executive of Visa Europe.

Whoops! Hit-and-run drivers caught with long-lens camera

Culver City (CA) - The driver of an Acura RSX might have made a slight tactical error when he made a run for it after allegedly crashing into another vehicle whilst being watched by the owner of a long-lens camera.  

HD Tivo price drop coming this year

The price of Tivo's Series 3 HD DVR is headed for a drop, according to recent statements made by the company's CEO Tom Rogers.

IPod tailored "Play List Jacket" comes out this month

Bagir announced today that it has finished working on its iPod certified "Play List Jacket," which it claims is the only jacket specifically designed for the Apple device.

Blu-ray edges out HD DVD in February

For the second month in a row, Blu-ray Disc (BD) sales were about double that of HD DVD, according to recently released February sales data.

GE unveils digital camera family

Las Vegas (NV) – General Imaging today introduced eight GE-branded digital cameras at the Photo Marketing Association's annual conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas.