Panasonic launches $600 Blu-ray player

Secaucus (NJ) – Panasonic today introduced the second generation of its DMP-BD10 Blu-ray player, which offers virtually the same feature as its predecessor, but sells for less than half of its price.   Market overview: Blu-ray players ...  

Mitsubishi busts out with nine 1080P DLP television sets

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America is introducing nine new television sets that sport 1080P resolutions and very large screens.  The smallest televisions in the lineup are a “mere” 57 inches and go up to 73 inches for the largest sets.  Mitsubishi claims their DLP technology allows them to make larger sets for thousands less than competing LCD and plasma televisions.

Blu-ray/HD DVD demand to rely on game/consumer applications

Sony unveils two series of digital music players

Desktop Factory to bring out commercial 3D printer

3D printers, previously used only by doctors and architects, are headed to the mainstream market.

AACS vows war over leaked HD DVD key

The head of the Advanced Access Content Protection licensing group says the leaking of the HD DVD processing key goes beyond free speech.

Creative debuts $40 MP3 player

Singapore (Singapore) - Creative has announced the Zen Stone, a one gigabyte MP3 player that many have already begun comparing to the same-capacity iPod Shuffle. See all of Creative's Zen players here...

Bose to launch high-end media center for Ferraris

Chicago (IL) – Bose has long been the choice when it was about purchasing the ultimate audio system for your new car. But the company has fallen behind the trend when more than consumers began asking for more than CD playback capability in their car. Bose has now received FCC approval for a media center, apparently developed exclusively for Ferrari sports cars, that will cover digital music, satellite radio, TV, navigation and a new intelligent music selection tool.

Altec Lansing intros mini-theater for the iPod

Milford (PA) – Speaker specialist Altec Lansing has announced a “mini theater” iPod dock that not only pumps out sound, but also displays video on a small screen.By now we have seen virtually any imaginable iPod audio enhancement – ranging from floating speaker cases for the swimming pool all the way to toilet paper holders with a slot for your music player. But we really don’t have a choice yet when it comes to speakers that also have a video screen that can visualize the videos stored on the iPod.  

SlingPlayer makes its Macintosh debut

Net radio stations win two month reprieve on fees

The Copyright Royalty Board is postponing higher royalty payments for Internet radio broadcasts by two months.

Total Access cuts Blockbuster’s earnings

Movie rental giant Blockbuster reported lower than expected first-quarter earnings.

Cyber-riot hits Digg

Culver City (CA) - Several thousand years in the future historians and archeologists will wonder why a certain number in 2007 was so popular.  Lawyers and even the administrators of, a popular news aggregator, tried to stop the spread of the AACS processing key, but in so doing made the 32-digit hexadecimal number the most popular number in modern history.

Cease and desist letters backfire horribly against MPAA/AACS

Lawyers for a high-definition video licensing authority have opened up a Pandora’s box of Internet fury after serving several websites with cease and desist letters in an attempt to block the spread of an encryption key.

Americans spend billions on gadgets

Americans are continuing their gadget spending binge, according to a new survey by the Consumer Electronics Association.

HD DVD experiences playback problems on Xbox 360

A new HD DVD designed to help calibrate HDTVs has hit a problem with the Xbox 360, apparently because the disc manufacturer failed to test it extensively on non-Toshiba players.

Congress tries to save Internet Radio

Two congressman are working hard to cut Internet radio royalties with a new bill.

Mattel turns Barbie into an MP3 player and online avatar

Mattel is seeking to turn around flagging sales by bringing Barbie into the 21st Century as an MP3 player and online community avatar all rolled into one.

Sony announces super small HD camcorder

Park Ridge (NJ) - Sony has revealed the HDR-CX7, which it claims is its smallest high-definition camcorder to date.  The camcorder records videos in 1080i direct to a Memory Stick cards. The AVCHD-based camera weigh 15 ounces and cuts down on size by eliminating a hard drive and a spinning media bay for DVD or MiniDV burning. 

HD DVD shipments "near" one million

In a direct rebuttal to Blu-ray's recent sales announcements, the HD DVD promotional group is saying that its movie sales have nearly crossed the one million mark.