US medium-size LCD TV shipments growth strong in Q2 07

iRobot rolls out a new family of vacuum cleaning robots

Burlington (MA) – Cleaning your floors in style means that you aren't pushing around a vacuum yourself, but rather leave that task to a robot. And to keep pace with new technology, iRobot has introduced new flagship models that, according to the company, will vacuum in your house twice as good as the original Roomba.    

Samsung unveils compact HD camcorder

Samsung will announce a new HD video camcorder at the upcoming consumer electronics trade show IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany. Few details about the camcorder have been revealed so far, but Akihabare News learned that the VP-HMX10A will be equipped with a 10x optical zoom and record videos in 1280 x 720p resolution.      

Sony introduces 1080p HD projector

Tokyo (Japan) - Sony has unveiled its latest high definition projector, claiming a contrast ratio of 35,000:1. Using SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) technology, the new HD projection unit carries more than double the contrast of its predecessor, the VPL-VW50. The greater contrast ratio is attributed to the projector's use of Advanced Iris 2, a technology that more clearly regulated the amount of light going through the projector's lenses.

Vizio becomes leading LCD TV company in the U.S.

Within less than three years of its founding, Vizio has become the largest supplier of LCD TVs in the U.S., outshipping its closest competitor, Samsung, by 130,000 units in Q2.

Canon introduces EOS 40D digital SLR

Costa Mesa (CA) - With 6.5 FPS continuous shooting, a new auto focus feature and a 10.1 MP sensor, Canon's latest DSLR camera is ready to hit the market. Canon's EOS 40D, the successor to the EOS 30D, takes significant advances over the previous model with new technology that Canon introduced earlier this year.  For example, the 40D incorporates Canon's DIGIC III processor, which allows for nearly instantaneous camera boot-up and advanced color rendering.

Feds pick IBM for digital TV coupons

Logitech introduces new high-end iPod speaker system

Fremont (CA) - Logitech's latest holiday offering for 2007 will be an iPod sound system with high definition tweeters controlled by motion sensitive technology. The Pure-Fi Dream Premium Bedroom Music System includes an AM/FM radio, dual alarm setting, and of course an iPod dock.  Logitech describes the system as the company's "most sophisticated design" to date.

Sharp introduces new slimmer LCD TVs

Nike gets FCC approval for wireless iPod Nano remote

Chicago (IL) – Nike apparently is gearing up to release a wireless workout kit that will consist of remote control for the iPod Nano and a receiver of a wireless sensor in certain Nike shoes.    

Onkyo to launch $900 HD DVD player

Disney goes for the teens with Flix video camera and LCD screens

Disney is launching a new line of inexpensive video camcorders and LCD television sets to further cement its lock on your kids.

XM announces split-screen portable radio

Washington, D.C. – XM will be offering a new radio that will make browsing through through XM channels more convenient.      

Samsung Blu-ray Disc player available for $425

Samsung's BD-P1200 is available now for $425, the first time a widely available standalone BD player is selling for less than the Playstation 3.

Ford prices Microsoft-developed "Sync" at $395

SlingMedia gets FCC approval for new Slingbox

Chicago (IL) - SlingMedia has received the FCC nod for a redesigned Slingbox, according to documents published on the commission's website today.    

Digital photo frames becoming more functional

Panasonic says its 1080p plasma displays will last at least 42 years

How long long do you plan on keeping your next TV? Panasonic says that its 1080p plasma displays are good for a viewing time for about 42 years - that is, of course, if the rest has not fallen apart by 2049.

Toshiba releases third-gen HD DVD players

Wayne (NJ) – Toshiba today released three new HD DVD players with prices ranging from $300 to $500.    

Chrysler first to offer Sirius TV for its 2008 minivan family

Auburn Hills (MI) – Minivans may not be able to shed their soccer mom image, but there is apparently still lots of demand for the roomy family haulers. Freshly divorced from Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler has just launched its new 2008 Dodge Caravan and 2008 Chrysler Town&Country, with a boatload of new features, including the industry's first implementation of in-car Sirius TV.