Sony CEO considers HD format war to be in a “stalemate”

Sony chief executive Sir Howard Stringer gave surprising comments about the situation about the ongoing high-definition format war between Sony’s Blu-ray and Toshiba’s HD DVD technology. Sony was winning, he said - until Paramount switched sides.

Archos does a Tivo

Chicago (IL) – Archos is gearing up to launch a Tivo-like digital video recorder, documents published by the FCC revealed Thursday.  

Scotland Yard warns public to hide their iPhones

HP dumps digital camera business

Hewlett-Packard (HP) said that it will stop building digital cameras and is looking for a “partner” to develop and sell digital cameras under the HP brand.

Infocus launches gaming-centric HD projector

Wilsonville (OR) - Digital projector specialist Infocus today launched the Play Big IN1, a high definition DLP projector designed specifically to support HD video game consoles.The IN1 contains inputs for composite, S-video, and component video.  On the audio side, it has compatibility with L/R stereo, two-speaker stereo, and supports seven watts per channel.  It also has a headphone out jack.  

Toshiba sells nearly 100,000 HD DVD players last weekend

Toshiba has announced that it sold 90,000 HD DVD players between last Friday and Sunday, thanks to sub-$100 players offered by Best Buy and Wal-Mart, according to trade publication Video Business.

Best Buy follows Wal-Mart with $100 HD DVD player

Almost immediately following the announcement of Wal-Mart's one-day sale where Toshiba's HD-A2 player would be marked down to just under $100, Best Buy changed its permanent price to match.

Wal-Mart to sell HD DVD player for under $100

Just days after it began selling an HD DVD player for less than $200, budget retailer Wal-Mart has announced a sale to take that price down to just $98.

Digital TV shipments estimated to total 101 million units in 2007

Canon releases two new projectors

Blu-ray Discs to get picture-in-picture technology

The line between the competing HD formats is about to get a little blurrier, as picture-in-picture video features, a previous exclusive to HD DVD, are coming to Blu-ray.

Wal-Mart sub-$200 HD DVD player a reality

After a long period of speculation, Wal-Mart has answered rumors of an HD DVD player for under $200, making it the cheapest next-gen DVD player to date.

PDP makers revive 32" panels

Samsung delays Blu-ray player to work on hybrid device

Samsung has removed the BD-P2400 Blu-ray Disc player from its holiday lineup in order to work more devotedly on its first Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player.

Hitachi moves into record book with slimmest LCD TV

Hitachi announced today that it is ready to launch a new line of LCD TV sets that are thinner than any of their predecessors.

Sandisk moves into video download market

Sandisk, best known for its USB flash drives and low-cost MP3 players, has announced that its next project will be a portable media hub that users can use to transfer video from a PC to a TV.

Corning thinks 65" LCD TVs best for North American households

Sony cuts price of 80GB PS3, announces 40 GB version

Joining the PS3 club is going to be less costly beginning in November. But there’s a catch.

LG.Philips LCD to launch ultra-slim 42" full HD 120 Hz panel in 2008

HDMI aims for more transparency

HDMI Licensing, the group behind high definition multimedia interface specifications, today announced a new specification and licensing standard for high-def devices, which aims to make the features of HDMI devices more transparent.