Tablet rivals outperform iPad mini display

The recently launched iPad mini hasn't been on the market for all that long, yet Apple has already managed to sell a huge number of units.

AMD's C-70 chip powers Foxconn's AT-5570

Foxconn rolls its own uber-mini HTPC.

These $600 Android-powered Oakley goggles are so cyberpunk

Some days it really seems like Google's wildly popular Android operating system is popping up everywhere and anywhere.

Report: Redmond wants a Microsoft-branded smartphone

Microsoft is reportedly testing an indigenously designed Windows 8 smartphone with a number of Asian hardware suppliers.

Lenovo eyes budget Android tablet market

Lenovo's A2107 probably won't win any performance accolades, but is very reasonably priced at approximately $150, with similar Android devices weighing in at around $199.

Archos 80 Cobalt tablet runs Android ICS with an 8-inch screen

The Archos 80 Cobalt boasts a slightly larger screen than the budget Android tablet norm at 8-inches, but its retail price will ultimately help determine the fate of the device.

Wikipad delayed, we try to stay calm

I'm sure I'm not the only gamer out there who is super stoked about the upcoming Wikipad, an Android-powered mobile gaming console. 

Acer pushes back its Windows RT plans

Acer says it does not want to be a guinea pig.

Boxee TV is going mainstream

Boxee TV is slated to make its premiere appearance at Wal-Mart stores across the country tomorrow for $99. 

LG rolls out 23" touch-screen monitor for Windows 8

The hype surrounding Microsoft Windows 8 has been centered primarily around tablets and laptop hybrids.

Nexus 4 SlimPort supports tethered display sharing

Google's recently announced LG Nexus 4 Android smartphone features a SlimPort that supports tethered display sharing.

Nexus 7 sales nearing a million per month

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is truly the definition of success.

Dual booting Nook Tablets with Android Jelly Bean

Interested in dual booting your Nook Tablet with Android Jelly Bean?

Livescribe touts Sky WiFi smartpen

Livescribe has been around for quite a while, offering a lineup of slick pens to convert your hand-written notes to digital format via a cable and PC - a scenario which seems rather outdated in 2012.

Apple's iPad Mini sells out, Amazon tries to do the same with its Kindle HD

The iPad Mini is yet another winner for Apple.

Pictures taken with "Nexus 10" surface

The Nexus 10 may have been outed by none other that Google's senior VP.

LTE iPad Mini coming November 23?

The more expensive version of Apple's iPad Mini that comes with high-speed mobile data will be available on November 23.

White iPad Mini pre-orders sell out

As expected, consumers have flocked to get their hands on the cheapest new iPad model to date.

LG wants an Open webOS-powered television

HP's Open webOS has certainly been making the rounds in recent weeks.

LG launches 84-inch "Ultra HD" TV

If you have $20,000 to blow, you can now get the most advanced consumer TV on the market.