Amazon Kindle Fire hits 6 million unit sales

The Kindle Fire is getting about as much traction as the original iPad did.

Apple wants a universal remote

An interesting new patent application filed by Apple in September 2011 has surfaced.

Apple sells 350,000 e-textbooks in 3 days

According to a new report, Apple has sold a whole bunch of digital textbooks since it announced its new initiative in the nascent market.

One in five US adults now owns a tablet

Spurred by a strong holiday season, tablets have pushed their way to a strong presence in the US market.

McGraw Hill exec: iBooks 2 was Jobs's "vision"

Creating a more interesting textbook platform is not the sexiest thing Apple has ever done, but it was one of Steve Jobs's final vocalized goals.

GM teases etheral Windows of Opportunity

I would bet that just about everyone went on some type of road trip as a kid, or have at least taken their children on one by now. 

AOC touts $300 flicker-free 3D monitor

I have always believed that more 3D video games and accessible content will help accelerate the adoption of the rapidly evolving medium in American living rooms. 

Rumor: iPad 3 will be revealed early February

The latest scuttlebutt in the Apple community is that Apple is planning a major event for the early part of next month.

Apple pushes for iPads in school

Apple would rather your children carry around an iPad than a bunch of textbooks.

Report: iPad 3 production has begun

Another day, another rumor about the iPad 3.

Amazon pushes for e-book enhancements

Amazon wants publishers to take their e-book efforts to the next level.

Polaroid introduces Android camera

This isn't your grandma's digital camera.

CES 2012: Voice-actived TVs are here

Being able to control your TV by simply talking to it may be one of the differentiating trends at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Transformer Prime bites into Ice Cream Sandwich

The Transformer Prime tablet has been upgraded to Android 4.0 a bit earlier than scheduled.

Sony introduces glasses-free 3D TV at CES

Despite being one of the biggest players in glasses-required 3D TVs, Sony is stepping outside the box.

Lenovo introduces Ice Cream Sandwich TV

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of Google TV as it stands now, Lenovo is ready to jump outside the box.

Check out the solar-powered Kindle charger

Amazon likes to talk about the power of the cloud, but here's something that also takes advantage of the power of the sun.

Rumor: iPad 3 and iPad 4 both launching this year

If you were craving another Apple rumor, here's an outlandish one for you.

AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

AOC has debuted a new and very cool monitor that will work with your PC or Mac - and also includes a  docking station for an iPhone or iPod.

3D to have muddled CES presence

3D products and content, which had started to become the bread and butter of CES, will have a much more muddled showing this year.